Centerpieces For Your Holiday Table

What gorgeous and glitzy table top decor atop a simple burlap runner. Gold paint gives pumpkins and pine cones some formal shine.

Moving away from the traditional fall Thanksgiving colors to a brighter hue of flowers with the addition of greenery and acorns.

This centerpiece evokes more of the natural look with veggies and flowers and things found in nature.

A simple yet elegant centerpiece with pretty plates and pumpkins or gourds.

And a rather non-traditional look with blue and white pieces holding various types of flowers. 

Use the unexpected. You don't have to have your table top decked out in the typical fall look. Think outside the box and mix it up. Have fun!

{See you later for Tweak It. Might be a tad off schedule, as I have PT this afternoon at 2 p.m.)


  1. Beautiful Brenda!! I love anything natural these days.

  2. Love, Love the cabbage. Those colors are vibrant and cheerful!

  3. Those are some great ideas! I love the 2nd picture with the dark orange roses and acorns. Good luck with PT this afternoon.

  4. They're all beautiful Brenda...I love the third one down with the cabbage!!

  5. Like them all. Happy Thanksgiving.


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