Christmas Collages & Terrified Dogs


I amused myself yesterday making collages and playing around on Picmonkey. I had a turkey meal from the deli that was picked up for me Tuesday, and spent a quiet day with the pupsters.

No, I haven't begun decorating for Christmas. They are photos from last year I put into collages. Just not in the mood yet. And it seems a little soon, although I'm seeing Christmas ALL over Blogland! So I guess it isn't.

We're experiencing a little unexpected glitch with our new black Duraflame stoves. Abi is terrified when I turn it on. Which means it isn't on long. She high tails it out of the room and won't come back. 

If I let her out, she won't come in. Do you think there are two more neurotic dogs in the land? 

Flies, anxiety-attachment problems, and now the Duraflame stoves. I tried just putting the heat on, no flame. Nope, she wasn't having any of it. 

You know the pupsters rule this home. For now, I'll just sit and look at them, I guess. And dream of a time when I can actually figure out a way to use them without a dog going berserk.


  1. You do such a beautiful job with those collages! Have you thought about ear plugs and masks for those two crazy dogs? LOL They have such an adverse affect to the strangest things. Hopefully, they'll get use to the stove.

    Stay brave!


  2. OH NO about the stoves/pups. That's AWFUL. You know I am sending up some prayers for you today, Brenda. You don't need this on top of worry after worry. I am so sorry.

    As for your collages, they're inspirating and gorgeous and it's after Thanksgiving, so not too early! : - )


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  4. You may want to check into Jackson Galaxy's safe spaces spray for the pups. I have used several of his remedies and they work.

  5. Oh gosh they are terrified of the stove? I'm with Judy leave them on all the time, they'll get use to it. First time and unexpected sounds are scary. Love your collages! Love picmonkey!

  6. Your collages are beautiful. Dogs always do have their strange ways, don't they?

  7. Pretty collages! :)

    Took the fall / T-giving stuff down this morning but no Christmas stuff out yet...and I just ignore all of the too-early stuff in blogland :) If it is something about making a gift ahead of time or things like that, it makes sense. If people are decorating their houses for Christmas in the middle of November I ignore.

    Just DO IT, says Nike. And looks like we are all saying JUST DO WHAT JUDY SAYS :) She should make a banner :)

  8. liebe brenda, danke für die inspirationen!!! einen schönen 1. advent wünscht angie

  9. Oh no about the stoves and the dogs! Yikes! I know my Charlie is weird and reacts strangely to things so I get it. Hope fully a little on at a time and he will get better with it. Love the collages. I'm going to start to decorate this weekend as I've got a busy month ahead of me and want to get it done and enjoy it. Do it at your own pace I say.

  10. Oh my goodness! Maybe you should just let the dogs get used to them. I couldn't imagine not using them after you bought them. I'm sure they would make the room feel good too. Now that Thanksgiving is done, I officially declare it Christmas season! I started decorating today. I can't believe that Monday is already December 1st! I think Thanksgiving was late this year.

  11. I wonder why they would be afraid of the new heaters? Do you think the pups in some way associate them with the bug zapper that you had. Maybe there is some similar electrical sound or scent that their sensitive doggie noses or ears can detect? I can't believe that Thanksgiving is over already and we are heading toward Christmas so quickly.

  12. It is taking longer to load your posts than normal. Is anyone else having this problem?

    1. Yes, I have been having trouble.. My comment gets erased if I sign into Google.. Don't know what has gone wrong..

  13. Oh Brenda, I had visions of you and your pups basking in the warmth, sight and sound of the Duraflame stoves. Hope Abi gets over her fears. Maybe there is some herbal tranquilizers you can find for your dogs. Got to be something that helps them.

  14. I'm sorry to hear that Abi is afraid of your Duraflame stove.. Maybe putting a fire screen around it would make her feel more secure, I have one of the stove in my fireplace with a screen around it . Our kitties walk right by it.
    I think it's time for Christmas to come to Brenda's house.. We all want to see your creative ideas.. Deck the halls, the walls, the counter and table tops and of course your front door.. Fa la la la la la la la la !
    Christmas hugs,

  15. I too agree with Judy.. Turn it on, enjoy it and Abby will get used to it.. Its just a noise she isnt used to yet..

    lovin all those holiday vignettes.

  16. One of our cats was terrified of the ceiling fan. We wrapped her firmly inside a blanket and sat in the room with her, snuggling. Eventually she became used to it - enough so that she'd hop up on the mantle and knock things off while the fan was going full blast - something we tried to keep her OFF the mantle! Good luck! Pets are quirky, but I still prefer them to most people! lol

  17. Yep, they "just" need to get used to it. It truly will be harder on you.... if you turn them on and leave them on, for an entire day..... I will bet her wanting to be with you will over-power her being afraid after 6 or 8 hours. It will be a LONG 6 or 8 hours,,,, but I am thinking having heat for you and the pups will be a good thing, PLUS saving money using the stoves. It is just like w/ our kids. We have to be the grown ups who know best no matter how hard they fight us!! When we know we are doing it for THEIR good it does help! (Have you ever tried a Thunder Shirt for them? They really do help!!)

  18. Your collages are so pretty...they sure are getting me in the mod for a little red, white and green! I'm going to do bit by bit until I can get a tree, I have about a 3 week window before it starts to die. I noticed your new blog design, I really like this a lot.

    Poor puppies. Poor you! When my dogs get rattled, I get rattled. It's just natural. I hope she gets over it, but I have a feeling it will get worse before better. Puppies never forget anything.

    Jane xx

  19. very pretty./ Brenda do not let the dogs stop you from enjoying your stoves. They are just nervous because its something new that is a new noise. They will get used to it. It may take a week but they will adjust. I would turn it on and leave them be. Let them come out and explore it on their own to adjust. I just love the image of you relaxing with your foot and a book in front of the lovely flickering lights.

  20. Pretty collages!
    My cats are scared of the vacuum cleaner, but they just run and hide until I am done. I'm sure that your dog will get used to the stove soon.

  21. Goodness!!! Those pupsters. I would have to agree with the turn it on and leave it on. I think they will eventually "warm up to" the idea. Sorry, couldn't resist :)
    xo Laura

  22. Leave your stove on when Abi's in the house. You may have to turn it off to get her back in the house, then turn it right back on. She'll adjust. Animals will adapt but you have to give them time and allow it to happen. She may hide for a few days but after she realizes it hasn't hurt anyone, she'll be fine.


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