Falling & Falling Beds

I will not be putting up a tree. I will be decorating in little vignettes around the apartment. 

I no longer have the skinny-minny tall tree. I only kept the red tabletop one. But I just don't see where it would go at this point.

Until this morning, when I woke up to the head of the mattress falling to the floor. This happened last week, and has happened several times in the past few months. 

So I try to pull myself up out of the position where my feet are up and my head is down.

Every time I mention that I don't expect them to do anything except out of kindness, they remind me that they are not a senior complex. Click goes the phone.

I cannot ask Charlie next door because he has a bad back.

Speaking of falling, I have fallen three times, oddly enough, in the past 12 hours. Once when I was trying to carry a bowl of cereal last night and steer the scooter. Again in the middle of the night going to the bathroom, when the scooter hit the bathtub too fast and I nearly went head first over the handle bars. Everything around me went into the tub. 

Then this morning, since I can't be in bed, I'm in the living room. I got up and reached for the handlebar of the scooter, and somehow the chaise shifts since I moved it out before surgery to clean underneath it, and it shifted while I was reaching and down I went again. My knees are sore. And at this point I don't know whether to laugh or sit and cry!

Don't things happen in threes? Perhaps this is it for awhile. 

Charlie is miserable because I took the bedding off the bed so that my friend won't have to fool with it when she gets here, and Charlie has nowhere to hide from the treacherous mean fly that is still in here somewhere. 

Lordy, lordy!

Duraflame 750 Black Electric Fireplace Stove with Remote Control - DFS-750-1

I have decided I will not be at the mercy of the heating system again, or at least not in the night hours when no one is around to help me. 

A reader ordered a Duraflame stove for her home on the river. I got to looking at them online at QVC, and the one I wanted was out of stock. So I went toodling over the internet to see what was available. 

I decided on two of what you see above. One for my living/dining space, and one for the bedroom. I know exactly where I want to put them. They are not hot to the touch and the tops can be used to put decor, etc., on.

My hope is that I can turn the heat down at night (the apartment, if at all insulated, is not sufficient. In fact I've heard them talk of someday adding some. I'm not waiting for someday. I have asthma and must pay for the heat that seeps through the windows.) 

These only came in black, but I liked the old-fashioned look of them. They cover, or so they say anyway, up to 400 square feet. My apartment is only 725. At the little blue house, I could put my heat on 68 and be perfectly warm, and it was bigger in terms of square footage. Here I have to put it on 72 to get through the night. And I'm one of those people who is usually hot.

I want to keep my utility bills as low as I can, so I am hoping these will help. During the day I could use the one in the living/dining area. At night the one in the bedroom. It has a remote control to control flame-look and heat. 

You got a better price to buy two, and I paid with Paypal and Google will back up and protect my purchase. 

So we will see how this pans out in the months to come. 

Hope you have a nice weekend and do not wake up to find your head near the floor.


  1. My mom has those form OVC, she loves them. Sorry about the falls. Yikes be careful.

  2. Dear Brenda I don't often comment purely because half the time my life is not my own but belongs to the Teaching college I work for. I adamantly wish to comment this time as I have the imperative need to say I rather think who mans the management in your apartment is nasty and needs to go on a people skills training. Have they never heard of "helping your neighbour"!!!
    That´s all I have to say except of course.... take care!!

    Amanda :-)

  3. I am so sorry to hear you are falling. I hope the third fall was your LAST. I love those fire places. I can't sleep with the heater on. Infact, I am still sleeping with a fan on. I love a cold room...especially with the menopause. My little dog, won't even sleep with me anymore. Even if I bundle her all up, she does not like that huge fan blowing cold air. She is snug as a bug in a rug on the couch with her own quilt. I am glad Judy stopped by and you two had pizza. Have a wonderful weekend. Get well. No falls.

  4. Hi Brenda!

    I have followed your blog for a while now and love the way you write and how matter of fact you are about many things. You have lots of wisdom to share. ;)

    I agree with Amanda that your building management's people skills leave a lot to be desired. Very not cool.

    But I mainly wanted to let you know how you inspire me. First of all, you inspire me to want to start a little garden next summer. I live on a bay but our back yard is more of a hill with a lot of critters so I need to get creative about where/how I will plant. But hoping to even do vegetables too!

    But lastly, you inspired me to be brave and start a blog of my own. I have so many blogs I love so much and inspire me (like cozy little house) and your tips about blogging got me energized enough to do so. I'm trying to be brave about mingling and commenting more and hope I can figure out linking so I can attempt that too. My blog is VERY new and basic and I know I'll learn over time.

    I would really love it, though, if you get a chance to check it out and share any tips or wisdom with me. I would value your input!

  5. I hope your falls are a thing of the past. I know saying please be careful is not a good thing to say, as most falls happen so fast you don't know why you went down.
    Hope your bed gets fixed, that must have been a real shock to find yourself in that position. Get well, soon.

  6. Yes- Yes- Yes- Things happen in threes. You are done now, you hear? lol How miserable...because you are already feeling out of control with your limitations

    I am glad to hear that Judy stopped by. That was good for both of you. I hope she is doing okay and wish I could do something to help her get through the next few days, weeks & months. I think the Holidays will be especially difficult for her.

    I hope you have a good weekend and it will be interesting to see how those little heaters work out for you, It is amazing that they don't get hot on top, etc. xo Diana

  7. Brenda: the Duraflames are the best. We have an insert that goes into our wood burning fireplace. And my parents have the one the looks like a fireplace mantel. They work great. We don't have to put our heat up nearly as much. Hope you are feeling better, so sorry to hear about your falls. Get well soon!!! Luanne

  8. Good Grief! I would've liked to have been a fly on the wall to see all of this commotion going on over at your place. Well, maybe not. Guess I would've been sizzled. LOL! I hope you don't fall anymore! You're going to break something else now! Glad to hear that you'll have someone come over and fix your bed slats for you. Otherwise, I guess you would be sleeping on your sofa. I love the firplaces you're going to get. They are pretty and I think you will enjoy the heat they put out.

  9. The adventures of Brenda! You can't make this stuff up! Thankfully you weren't hurt badly! Glad Judy and you got to spend some time together. Re: the Duraflame, my daughters share a rented townhouse that also has no insulation, and we got them one last Winter and they loved it! They are on a tight budget, too. Just keep the bottom, where the heating element is, open and clear.

  10. Brenda, I hope this is the last of your falls and I have to second Amanda's thoughts!! The front office mgt. people are nasty!! If I lived near you, I'd be there in a heartbeat. I'm so glad you and Judy had a nice visit and I also second what everyone is saying about the Duraflame heater. Everyone I know who has purchased one loves it and has had no regrets about it. TAKE CARE of yourself and your sweet babies!!

  11. Glad you and Judy were able to get together. Good for both of you. I can't believe how cold it is already. I hate the cold, but I stay nice and toasty in my bedroom. Hope there are no more falls, my friend. xo Laura
    P.S. You are on my blog today :)

  12. I totally understand the falling bed. Our spare room had one of those. My husband finally went to home depot and got a piece of wood the size of the bed and laid that on the slats. Then came the broken box springs, and then the mattress. It works. We cannot afford two mattresses at this time so the spare room remains and so does my main bedroom. Your apartment may be small and drafty, but you are not alone. The first 26 yrs of our married life we lived in a 900 sq. ft. home with one bathroom, two bedrooms and two kids. Talk about small. Now our house is 2,000 sq. ft. and is too big for me to clean anymore. Go figure. Please try not to fall anymore, you could really mess your body badly. As for the mgt. office, they need to consider their tenants. Doesn't anyone have compassion anymore? Take care.

  13. Yes, more escapades by Brenda. And of course these things happen when we are helpless, so to speak. So glad Kay is helping you out. My daughter has an old cast iron bed that is from 1906, and every so often the slats give out on it. I need to have a piece of wood cut just for it. So glad to hear Judy came over and you two got to spend some time together. How kind of her to get your Christmas stuff out. Can't wait to see what you do. I think decorating w/out a tree is just fine, and I'll probably do that one day myself. Please be careful.

  14. I'm glad you got a visit from Judy! Oh no about the bed and so glad someone can come and help you. Liabilities...bah humbug. NO one wants to just help someone anymore. I hope the heaters work, my apt stays super warm so my utilities are pretty low. In that aspect I'm really lucky. Take care and I hope the falls are over also.

  15. OH MY!! I'm so sorry to hear of your falls and your bed falling! But I love your blog and got a good laugh at the image of the dogs hiding under the covers!

  16. I have one of those heaters Brenda and I like it, they do only keep one room warm though so you should be good with two. Glad to hear Judy is getting out and staying busy. Wow be careful with the falling, not like you plan it though, but anyway hope you don't do anymore of that.

  17. Ah Brenda, I'm so sorry that you are having such a hard time, and falling...ouch. Please be careful, I know...

    I have one of those little heaters in our bedroom. We used it to heat our very cold brrrr...little condo. I loved it, the air blew, and the heat flew, it was and is wonderful. And guess who else loves it every night when I turn it on? The Boo, he crawls under it to soak up all of the heat. So your pups will totally love it!


  18. Please do keep us updating on the heaters. I think we could use a few of those in our house. It's a brick ranch that is older and spread out. Come late December or January when the sun isn't enough to warm the bricks during the day the house is cold constantly!

    I hope for your sake that falls only happen in 3's and that you're all done for now!!!!

  19. Glad you didn't get hurt when you fell. An electric blanket will keep you warm and using it to 'preheat' your bed is WONDERFUL!

  20. I hope you had your boot on when you fell. I would hate for you to hurt your ankle after all you have been through with it. Or hurt anything else in a fall.
    I have thought about getting one of those fireplaces. Is this one electric?
    I am so very glad that Judy came for a visit. I am sure swatting at flies took her mind off of everything else.

  21. We have one of those little heaters and you will be surprised at how much heat they put out! A great investment.

  22. Never a dull moment at the Kula household! Charlie shivering over a fly, imagining you with your feet up and head down in bed, falling not once, but three times...you need to take this act on the road! lol

    Sounds like Judy's visit was therapeutic for both of you. I hope she's doing well.


  23. Wish I lived closer so I could help you out! We have a cute little fireplace heater that I use to heat up our back bedroom from time to time. We have a wood stove as our main heat. I like the security of it.

  24. Yes they say things happen in three's so no more falls for you!! I love the electric fireplaces you ordered...can't wait to see them in your home. Have a good weekend Brenda!

  25. For flies who scare dogs (and pester humans) ~ I turn on the bathroom light and turn off all the other lights. Once it goes to the light, I close the door and kill it. My Sprocket (rat terrier) has a love hate fly relationship. He wants to get them but is also scared of them. I figure he must have been stung by a bee when his previous people made him live outside. Be well Brenda. I enjoy your blog and wish I had a for real friend like you near by.

  26. Hope you are getting stronger every day. Your information about the heaters was interesting and now,
    I am thinking about getting the same one for my small home. The hydro rates in Ontario, Canada
    are unreal and they are supposed to be going up annually until who knows when!

    Thank you for your blog, you and Claudette are my daily must-reads.

  27. Please excuse me while I take both feet out of my mouth! I meant to type Claudia not Claudette.

  28. I know it's not funny but I have to smile when it comes to the flies. Then to add to the scene Judy chasing with the fly zapper. I hope the two of you had a chuckle. Now the bed.....not funny. Can you talk Kay into blogging so we can thank her for taking care of you.
    I thought I was going to cry when I read Carrie B.' Comment. You mean so much to so many. Do you think it's your balance with the new boot and the scooter throwing you off.
    I bought ones of those heaters last year.I love it. I'm not using it for a heat scource soley. They are wonderful.
    I got a great deal on mine . Everybody that sees it wants it.
    Have a good weekend. Stay safe.
    P.S. That maintenance man stinks.

  29. First of all that picture of Charlie just broke my heart. Poor baby!! I do hope your falls are over. Sore knees are bad, but you could hurt yourself really badly- especially if you go over those handlebars head first! I'm really interested in your electric fireplaces. Do give us a report on how they work out for you. Blessings and peace to you and the pups. I hate to say I hope the fly dies soon, but I do. :)

  30. Ouch...be careful. Love those stoves. Check Amazon to compare prices.

    Jane xx

  31. I do believe firmly that things happen in threes...so maybe you'll be in the clear for awhile! I would love the link of the Duraflame; have seen these and wondered....we live in 725 sq. ft. as well!

  32. This day sounds like The Comedy of Errors! And that apartment manager needs to be horsewhipped.

    You will have to let me know how those stoves work. I think I am going to need one for my garage/studio if the winter this year is like last year's. The space is pretty tight with the replacement door we did about a year and a half ago, but still -- even with full sun all day and a tighter door, it was too chilly to sit in here and paint the last few days.

    Be careful about falling -- I had some nasty ones thanks to my knee. You can hurt yourself really bad if you aren't careful.

  33. I have a Duraflame in my garden shed. I turn it on and 15 minutes later I can work out there and it is comfortable. I did not like the black so I painted the outside a sage green. . . . Just FYI it is coooold here in the piney woods of east Texas.

  34. Hi Brenda,
    Yep things do happen in threes so hopefully you are done now. Hope you can get your bed fixed. I had to laugh about the fly. My basset hound Libby is so scared of flies and if one is in the house she totally freaks out and that is saying alot because basset hounds don't get excited. Unless of course there is a fly in the house lol! Have a good week end hope the stoves will help with your heat this winter.

  35. Brenda, I do hope your falls didn't cause any serious damage. Poor baby, it isn't easy to live alone and go through difficult times, even if you love your solitude. Glad you and Judy got to spend some time together. I always thought that was a very special friendship.

    I saw one of those little stoves in a picture a while back on AshTreeCottage, only it was white. I searched and searched for one in white, but no luck. I got a black one and love it anyway. I didn't know I could paint it. Thanks to your commenter Ann, I may be painting it. :-) I love getting up early, turning on my little fireplace, fixing my morning coffee with a single square of dark chocolate and enjoying my AM devotions. I hope you love your little fireplaces too.

    Do take care, Sandra

    PS I found a small fake fireplace mantle at a garage sale last month and am looking for ideas of how to spruce it up to put behind my little electric fireplace. Wish I could post a picture on here with my comment. LOL

  36. Hi Brenda ~ I've enjoyed you blog for quite some time, since Texas....I look forward to reading your updates, thank you for being so honest. I was wondering if you could give an update on how the electric fireplaces have worked out... would you buy them again?


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