It's Snowing Outside!

It is snowing. I stood at the open patio door, knee perched precariously on the scooter, and took these photos. 

I have been telling myself for months: Just think how cozy it will feel when it snows. And I can sit on the sofa and watch the layers of white cover my patio. 

But I am not comfortable in there right now with pillows stacked under my foot. It's harder getting up from the sofa. And the dogs love it back here in bed. I will indulge them just a bit longer as they burrow under the blankets. So that will have to be another day. 

And, I tell myself, my old-fashioned black Duraflame heater stoves have shipped. And just thing how much cozier it will feel to have that in my view as I stare out at the snow falling. A Hallmark moment perhaps?

I go back to the doctor tomorrow, so I hope the precipitation will be gone then, although I have a 4-wheel drive vehicle (doesn't mean I know exactly how to use it), but Kay will be driving.

Hard to believe that my surgery was two weeks from this coming Wednesday. But I'm so glad to get farther along in my recovery. This has been a long and difficult ride.

Watching the snow through the window in my bedroom, I tell myself once again that, to have a rich life, you don't have to have money. It is the simple things that give me such joy. 

The snow falling outside, the smell of coffee perking its way to completion. The birds chattering out on the patio. Watching the ornamental grasses, which is about all that is left, waving in the wind. 

In fact, some of the richest people I know are miserable. Money grows on their trees. But they get no real satisfaction from it. Because they focus on it and spend their time thinking about how they're going to spend it. 

And in the meantime, just look what they're missing. 

My ex made lots of money, but he would never have paused to watch a bird up in a tree. Or stopped to examine an intricate spider web. All of this would be lost on him. And people like him, for there are many. 

No matter what he had, and bought, and bought again, it did not bring him a morsel of happiness except for the few moments when he was purchasing it. 

And as we all know, money can't buy you love. 

NOTE: Bloggers, I am working on a post that will be published in the next few hours that examines money and blogging. It is a series I am kicking off: The Frugal Blogger's Guide

I've been asked a lot of questions lately about how to make money, and heaven knows I don't make all that much. But I will tell you how I work the blogging revenue angles. 

Just wanted to get a post up for the non-blogging readers!


  1. I hope all your snow is melted off the roads by tomorrow...I hope all the snow is melted off MY roads by tomorrow, too! Can you tell I hate winter driving??? I wouldn't mind snow if I never had to leave my house or scoop sidewalks...

    I am SO excited to read your series!!! You are always so helpful and encouraging. Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Enjoy the snow Brenda. I wish we have snow here from time to time.

  3. I love to watch the snow, too, Brenda...makes me feel so peaceful and cozy. We had 3 inches fall slowly all day yesterday. Glad you are doing well in your recovery!

  4. Brenda you are such a blessing and a joy! Your blog is wonderful. The outlook that you have for enjoying the small things in life is so refreshing. I have many blogs that I read each day and as of lately so many of these people are just so negative about every little thing in life. It has been a little depressing to me.

    Coming to your blog and reading your posts makes my day. With your surgery and not being able to get around right now you could easily be upset and complain about the snow and how it will complicate your situation. But you choose to find the beauty in it and the simple things.

    As I grow older each day it is the simple things that mean the most to me. The smell of a fresh pot of coffee, pumpkin bread in the oven or snicker-doodle cookies, my cozy little house, the love of my dog and my husband - those are the things I adore.

    Enjoy the snow with your babies and stay warm! I pray you get a good progress report from the doctor. Blessings to you!

  5. I know you love your "sanctuary". I'm so glad you have it. I'm jealous that you've has snow before we've had any in Va. But am glad you can enjoy seeing it fall on your patio..
    I hope your trip to the doctor will be a very positive one.. I'm going for a mammogram tomorrow.. UGH !
    Take care.

  6. Brenda, I like your photos. I wish you a safe trip tomorrow and a good report too. Bless you,xoxo,Susie

  7. Brenda, this is a beautiful post. I have always said it's the simplest of things that make me happy...spying a a hawk in flight as my dh and I drive home, a clear, high sky, the leaves of a Fall tree and so much more. I think many of us "get it", while so many more miss what's right in front of them. YOU are such a gift to all of us and I just want you to know that. I pray you'll receive a great doctors' report.

  8. Brenda, I am thinking of you and the pupsters tucked into bed warm and cozy!

  9. Hi Brenda I am roughly 900 miles straight North of you. I wondered how far south this storm went. Now I know. Happy it isn't a blizzard for you as it is for us. Hopefully it will be gone by Wednesday. It's rough for sure when we are by ourselves when an operation takes place. In a way it is a blessing in disguise as in my view anything that makes us slow down and truly see what is around us instead of going full tilt forward looking for happiness elsewhere. Very much enjoy your blog. Been reading for a few years now, long before you moved from Texas. Hope all goes well on Wednesday.

  10. It's been snowing here in northern IL too, though not much is sticking. Looks pretty much like your photos. I hope the Duraflame heaters work for you. Even though our house is 26+ years old, the insulation must be pretty good...I keep the heat at 67-68 during the day and turn it down to 63 at night.

  11. I too have come to the time in life where I appreciate "the little things" the most..I really do believe that they are "the big things" just takes time and experience before we realize it..Good luck tomorrow Brenda..

  12. Hi Brenda: Good luck at the doctors today. I just love sitting quietly looking outside, it could be the breeze on the leaves of a trees or rain, snow falling. There is something about those quite moments where you can truly feel your happiness from within.


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