Learning Restraint

Yet another holiday collage I made. I'm trying very hard not to be up and about too much. My doctor said I do too much and I have to think about things before I get up and overdo. 

So I am trying very hard to listen to his instructions, and that of my physical therapist. Because the whole point of this is an attempt to make my quality of life better. And in my doctor's words: To be able to drive with an ordinary shoe on. And not a boot.

Yes, I am tenacious, but sometimes to my own detriment. I don't seem to know when to stop. When I'm doing too much. I have a lot of energy and just keep moving till I drop, oftentimes. I have to learn restraint. 

It is a nice sunny day outside, I see through my bedroom window. I noticed when I was getting my cereal that pretty much all the leaves are off the tree in the far corner. And they are piled in various areas around my flower pots. 

The other tree, which is technically not in my yard, but the branches help shade my seating area, is apparently green year round.

Normally I would be out there sacking those dead leaves up. Not going to do that this time. Restraint and all that. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I am trying to prove them wrong!

If you are out and about in the flurry of Christmas shoppers, do be careful. Exercise due diligence while crossing things off your shopping list. 


  1. It is so hard to not do things I know! But as you say this is for your quality of life and you must rest as much as possible. It is so easy to overdo! Take care and hugs the pupsters for me!


  2. my hip has chosen to give e fits this week, so while have accommplished some things, others are on the slow as ya go list. Like you, I'll get it done, just not all in one day:)
    I am so hoping that after your therapy you will again be able to walk and drive without the boot and maybe only use it occasionaly if your foot hurts. wouldnt that be GREAT~!

  3. I know it's so hard to sit still when you want to get things done. Take it easy and listen to the doctor! I know it's hard to do. I'm the type of person who could never sit. I wish I knew how to relax. The problem is I don't. Hope
    your feeling better.


  4. hallo, brenda, danke für die inspirationen, einen schönen 1. advent wünscht angie

  5. If you continue to follow the doctor and physical therapists orders this time next year you should be up and doing what you want to. The older you get the harder it is for your bones to mend when your ambulatory more than you should be. I'm 56 and have foot problems. I just try to stay off it as much as I can it is getting better.

  6. I guess it really confounds me that you, who has the most amazing insight into people and situations of just about any person I know of, would do things that could jeopardize your recovery. You're still a young woman with lots of wonderful times ahead. I think your life has evolved so dramatically that you are just beginning YOUR life. You've been given a second chance with your ankle! A second chance! How many times have we said to ourselves if only I had a second chance. Please, we beg you, take loving care of yourself.

  7. Pretty collages, Brenda. And I agree with the other comments ... I especially like Kari's thought that your life has evolved so dramatically that you are just beginning YOUR life. I think many of us can probably identify with that. Your best years are ahead of you! Have an awe-inspiring weekend, while you rest, of course! Bess

  8. I have been loving all your collages over the past couple of days. I know it's hard to just sit and rest, but I see you are doing lots of creating on the computer and that's a good thing! Perhaps a couple weeks spent writing a book will keep you busy and off your feet. Hint, hint *smile*

    If you spend a short time off you feet now, think of all the time you and the pupsters can roam outside when the weather warms up. Happy, healing thoughts to you! :-)

  9. I discovered your blog about a month ago. I'm not sure how I made this discovery, but I'm enjoying reading your thoughts on a daily basis. Sorry to hear about your ankle, but I will say do as the doctor and physical therapists say and things will be better sooner than you think. A few years ago, I broke my left ankle and dislocated my right knee in the same accident. It was a real challenge to get around and it seemed like forever before I was back to normal, but doing as I was told was the real key. Enjoy your pups, get a great book and keep on blogging while you rest and recover. Take Care

  10. I'm glad that you're trying to follow the dr's instructions. Hopefully, it will pay off and you will start feeling better and get more mobility back. I know it's hard though when you live by yourself and you're the only one that can get things done. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

  11. I wish you a faster recovery with your foot, so you can be up and about. At my age I am beginning to think Holidays are over hyped!! It was best when my kids were much younger!! Hugs and keep on keeping on....slowly.

  12. Your Black Friday can be right from your computer while sitting in your PJs. That's how most of my shopping has been done this year. I've got too many other things going on--mostly baby showers:)

  13. Those leaves have a way of taking care of themselves which is exactly what you're doing.. Glad you are learning to take it nice and slow and to listen to your body, I know it must be hard for you but the end result will so be worth it Brenda.

    As for the shopping I'm doing all of mine online this year and to tell you the truth there really won't be much shopping at all. I'm so over all the fuss and running up the plastic card. .

  14. I am like you I go until I drop, and then for the next couple of days I just can't go. Another I do that's drives people mad is I move at top speed. To the point of being breathless. Just doing ordinary household jobs. However, you do need to do you are being told. Relax, enjoy, and savor this down time. Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to start the book you have wanted to write.

  15. I understand completely. I am trying to make myself relax this weekend, but I am failing miserably. Please take it easy. There is nothing more important than your healing right now. xo Laura

  16. Brenda, please remember we are only as old as we feel. Kari is right. You have many years ahead of you. Years that could be fulfilling, joyful and productive, but YOU need to know that. You're not an 'old dog', and you can indeed learn new tricks. So take care of yourself, and as you say, exercise restraint, because this next phase of your life is just beginning and you need to be mended to embrace all that it will bring.

  17. I am sure this is killing you cause I know it would me. We both like to be busy and putter around the house,

  18. Yes Brenda - do take it easy. It's tough I know -- but in the long run maybe you'll be better off for it! Slow and steady wins the race! Slow and steady girl!

  19. It's hard to "stay put" when you're told to and boy, you pay for it if you break the rules! On the other hand, I think I am going to climb back in bed on this gloomy Sunday, even though I planned to clean the mums and pansies off the front porch. I feel like a vampire sucked all the blood out of me overnight. Take care.

    Jane xx

  20. Hi Brenda, I have a very hard time staying still when I know things need getting done. I'm not good at resting or pacing myself. I am trying and learning,but it has always been a challenge for me. I can so relate to you in this way. I hope you can kick back (no pun intended) and rest so you heal promptly and correct. I give this advice better then I practice it. LOL
    Happy December!!

  21. It's hard to take it easy or exercise restraint when you are a "doer". That I know. I somehow hurt my ankle going up and down the ladder painting my living room, but I couldn't put it off any longer. Just had to get it done. So I was looking for my tube of Voltaren because that helps with inflammation (but raises my blood pressure) and realized....I never packed our medicine cabinet at the old house! So I didn't have any. Thankfully I had brought over the really important stuff myself. But we never thought to look in the medicine cabinet when we did our final check!


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