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Sizing Photos To Fit Content Area In Blogger

Someone yesterday asked me how I manage to get my photos to all be the same size and fit into the content area. For instance, my content area is a bit over 700 pixels; something like 716. So I go to Picmonkey and resize my photos to 700 pixels for posting. Click on the paragraph title above to get the info.

Beginning Lesson In HTML

We are all, I think, a bit intimidated by code/HTML. Here are some beginning lessons that might help you a bit. Click on the paragraph title above to get the info.

Mad Mimi Gets Subscribers Their Daily Posts

I was getting constant emails from frustrated readers who were not getting my emailed posts each day with Feedburner. I switched to Mad Mimi. And do you know I've garnered about 20 new subscribers a week since doing so? 

I was quite surprised by this added bonus. I have had 468 new sign ups since switching to Mad Mimi back in late spring.

Mad Mimi Email Marketing
Click On Graphic To Check Them Out

I don't have an Etsy shop. But many of you do. Did you know you could sync your Etsy shop listings so you can easily add them to your newsletters? Another way to advertise! Read about that here.

I pay $26 dollars a month. It is well worth it to me. My reader are happily receiving their daily emails. I've only had three readers email that they were not getting theirs. I got in touch with Mad Mimi on Chat, and within minutes was able to tell the readers that the problem was on their end, and what to do.

Where Do I Design My Blog Headers?

Picmonkey! I pay for the premium, which I think cost me $24.99 a year. And boy do I get my money's worth! 

I take the graphics I buy on Etsy and bring them into Picmonkey under Overlays. You simply pay on Etsy, and will be given a download. I then take it to Picmonkey and do what I want with it. Easy-peasy!

Click on the banner below to go see what I'm so excited about!

Just think of all the fun things you can do on Picmonkey for Christmas!

Where To Find Blogger Templates For A Quick Redesign?

If you get tired of the same old Blogger templates, I'll tell you where I get mine. On Etsy and Envye. Currently I'm using Envye. Yes, they have a price. But in comparison with having your blog designed, it is a mere drop in the bucket. I've never paid more than $35.

Here is the link to Customizable Blogger Templates. This means they will work with Blogger's Custom Designer. You will find this on the left-hand side. This is on Etsy.

Here is Envye's URL.

Here is a tutorial on switching templates. It also gives a lot of other valuable information for bloggers.

Where Do I Find Blog Graphics For Blog Design?

I'm often asked this question as well. I just go to Etsy. And in the Search, I write something like "Blog Graphics." If I'm searching for a particular graphic, say for the holidays, I might type in "Blog Graphics For Christmas," or "Christmas Blog Graphics."

I love to support small business owners and Etsy. So I give my business to Etsy as often as I can. As Martha Stewart would say: "It's a good thing."

For everyday tips on HTML, CSS, etc., you can go to my blog tips blog. It is Brenda's Blog Tips. Go to the navigation bar and click Tips & Tricks.

If you are just starting a blog, or want to start one, you can find information here, at StartBloggingOnline.com.

I don't post here often. Because it's a matter of when I learn something new, and think you might want to know of it. Then I will post it to this blog. 

Now, for you readers that are not bloggers, the above info will be of no use to you. So I've found some printables to share for Thanksgiving...

Find here...

Find here...

Find here...

Find here. There are various colors.

Find here. Downloads at end of this original post.

And one more for good measure...

Find here...

I know it's a bit late, but most of these would be quick crafts to add to your decor.

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  1. Brenda,
    I love your posts with advice to other bloggers on Blogger. I think I have read every one. :) I have recently discovered Etsy, and ok now I am hooked. I had no idea you were able to buy templates there. Some even offer free templates. I do love envye designs also. I have read all of her blogging advice also!
    I will look into Mad Mimi.
    Thank you for the tips.

  2. I always love your blog tips advice...helps a lot! I love etsy and have bought some.. I'll look into MadMini.

    Have a great thanksgiving!

  3. More wonderful info and advice! Thanks so much Brenda - it's greatly appreciated. ;)

  4. You make me wish I was on Blogger! Such great tips and tricks Brenda. I'm sure I can learn a few things though, even though I'm on WP. Thanks for your willingness to help your fellow bloggers.

  5. Always ready to lend a helping hand...thanks so much Brenda! On this special Thanksgiving Day I'm especially thankful for YOU!

  6. You have always given me such wonderful tips for my blog. I so appreciate it very much. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Hugs. Karie

  7. Thanks so much for always sharing such great information!

  8. I am bookmarking this post to come back and follow up on your ideas. I am playing with my header. I think I NEED PicMonkey! Sheila


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