Small Space Decor For The Holidays


Those of us living in small homes have to sometimes think outside of the box when decorating for the holidays. Look at every nook and cranny for decorating possibilities.

Just look at this frame of ornaments on ribbons. Very creative. 

If you happen to own a lamp base that you can put things inside, think about adding pretty sparkly ornaments. They'll be even more decorative when the lamp is turned on. 

We're quite familiar with going vertically in small spaces. This arrangement of red and white plates on the wall, with a little holiday cheer in the center, will make people smile when they walk into your home.

Looks especially fantastic with a buffet table just below it.

If you're a stitcher, consider sewing up a fun pillow of words of Christmas for the holiday season.

We know that mirrors are our friend in small spaces. But utilizing them for Christmas decor takes it one step further. 

Do you have any small space Christmas decor ideas you'd like to share?


  1. Cool ideas. I live in a smallish condo with no floor space to speak of to put anything other than the necessities. At Christmas it is always a challenge to find a space to put the tree. I could do away with the tree and get a mini one or a "tree like" plant I saw one rosemary bush that looks like a Christmas tree wrapped at the bottom in red sparkly cellphone. I'm thinking of getting that for a friend. But one could have a mini tree and put it on some precious flat space. Every year I put a wreath hanging from my fireplace mantel, one on the dining room mirror and one on the wall by the patio doors. I also hang something sparkly from the light fixture in my dining room and on the inside of my apartment door. Other than that I decorate the mantle and a smallish tree (4'5"). Maybe next year I ditch the tree and get a mini one.Happy Holidays!


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