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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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Spice It Up With Red

The color red has always just made my heart sing. It is spirited and bold and full of fun.

Often people think mostly of red when it comes to Christmas, but at my abode, red is very popular year round.

One thing I've never had are red kitchen cabinets. That would be the cat's meow for me!

This vintage bureau is a beauty all by itself. But given red paint it is a stand out. A one of a kind piece of furniture.

I'm crazy about coffee. I'm not one of those types that drink it all day. Just morning. 

Some of you may remember I had a red kitchen sideboard in my Texas kitchen as my coffee station. I sure wish I still had it.

When I was just a child, I recall loving the combination of red and yellow together. I still like it just as much. 

To me it says: French Country, bold and beautiful, fun and zesty.

Do you have a room decorated with lots of red? 

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Cozy Little House
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  1. Red and yellow have always been 2 of my favorite colors together !

  2. totally with you on this, the red and the yellow ... hope your recovery is going well.

  3. I'm right there with you Brenda! I have some red in every room of our house. Fortunately, my husband loves it as much as I do. My friend in Oklahoma and I were talking about current decorating trends and the white look that is popular. We both like that look but agree that red just evokes good feelings for us. I guess that's not true for everyone. In spite of trends, you have to stick with what you love. Decorating is about a feeling as much as a look. :)

  4. I painted my great room yellow a few years ago and love it. Just makes me smile in the morning w/the sunshine streaming in. Red is an absolute must! Great pictures.

  5. I LOVE red and use it throughout my makes me happy! That last kitchen is a stunner!!

  6. I love the dresser painted in that color red. Looks beautiful. Stay warm.

  7. I, too, love red. Many years ago I fell in love with some wallpaper with red and yellow tulips that I desperately wanted for my kitchen. As a very broke newlywed that paper was not within my budget but I found a less expensive similar one and loved it for many years. Still love red and yellow together, especially in the kitchen. The only red thing I would never again have in my home is red carpet. My parents indulged me as a teenager and put red carpet in my bedroom. (Truth be known, my mother loved red as much as I did!) The carpet was pretty but EVERYTHING showed on it - light, dark, and everything in between. Ugh! Now I just stick with red as an accent color. Yummy!

  8. I don't have red walls, but the bath is red and white, the laundry/pantry has lots of red and white picnic checks, and the living room is sage green and claret red. I love red. When I had my business, we painted lots of red furniture. The red furniture always sold well. My favorite was an old wooden tv cabinet redone into a halltree dog box. I took out the tv parts, put a mirror, shaped kind of like a big wide dog bone, above it, with hooks around the mirror, and put a cedar dog pillow inside. We took it to a show, and no one even looked at it until I made a sign saying Halltree/ Dogbox. Someone bought it right away for her old Border Collie that didn't want to be inside, but was too old to stay outside at night. It was fun to make and I loved the look of it.

  9. I forgot to say we painted the halltree/dog box red. We did whole bedroom sets, china cabinets and chairs in a cranberry red, with black stain rubbed on and quickly rubbed off. I loved them all, and I don't have any red furniture now.

  10. My kitchen is done with red. (Cherries) I would love to find a big red island or kitchen table . I am always hunting for either one for my tiny kitchen. I thought of re-doing my kitchen motif...but the cheerfulness of it all always makes me smile.

  11. Oh, I could move right in to that house, and my husband would be in "hog" heaven. Red is the favorite color for both of us. Hope your ankle is doing well.

  12. I have red in my decor in our den and media room. Always a great color to work with.

  13. I prefer a red that is a bit on the rusty side, not a true red or a cherry red. I guess you could call it brick red, or garnet. It goes well with blues and greens and yellows. In the last home we owned, we had a living room in an old gold shade, with brick red and blue accents, and a touch of green. I loved that room, and would love to have walls that color again. Don't think I'll ever have red walls or cabinets. I prefer the red in small touches!

  14. Red with yellow, amazing, so cheerful, and happy, warm and welcoming. I do have some red and yellow in a couple of my upholstered chairs!
    Stay warm, I am just a state away in Texas, and it's very cold, Brenda and we are not used to this!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I love red! I have a red car, a red front door on my house, red and beige plaid and floral furniture in my living room, and red accents in my kitchen including my set of everyday dishes in a gorgeous shade of red. I do prefer a more burgundy shade of red as opposed to a bright Christmas shade of red.....
    I do love the Reds in all of the photos you shared here, Brenda!

  17. oh oh I remember those red kitchn caabinets,, they belonged to Barb from everyday home blog.. they were photographed and in a country magazine which I cant remember the name of... was a great layout though.

    and those 2 red ticking wingbacks could move right into my living room TODAY and I would be thrilled.
    heck I'd even take a couple of white ones and add red nail head trim and red ticking pillows-- umm I think I got an idea:)::)
    this was a great post Brenda.. I love how you diversify your blog and keep it interesting everyday...

  18. Hi Brenda! I wanted to let you know about my new linky party as well called Found & Foraged. After being an active participant for the last few months in parties, I’ve decided to try hosting as well! I think this post would be absolutely perfect for it! We debut Saturday night at 8PM at I really hope you can come. <3 Kyla

  19. My kitchen and living room are painted red and mustard yellow.. I love it!

  20. My husband and I both love red. Our bedroom, family room and dining room are all done in red, the living room has red as an accent color. We love using red on the covered porch as well, it started out very Americana and has gone through many changes but the one thing that always remains the same is that it has red. Planning on doing it in red & white polka-dots for the winter. Even if it's too cold to sit outside, it makes me smile just to walk across it on the way to & from the garage. Our next big project will be our kitchen, our home is 50 years old and still has the original kitchen cabinets. We still aren't sure whether we'll paint them or replace them but the one thing I do know is there will be a lot of yellow and red in there! Red is such a happy color!

    Hope you are getting around better, each day!

  21. I don't have any rooms with red, but I sure do love it!


  22. I just adore that last picture! I swear I must have popped over here at least 37 times this afternoon just to gaze at it! It is the absolute epitome of cheerfulness--how could someone not be happy sitting in that gorgeous room, sipping a cup of coffee? Thanks so much for sharing!

  23. I love red! I have versions of it in almost every room of my house. No red walls but in upholstery and curtains. But I have gotten a little strange about red in the past few years. The red bothers me in the summer, it makes me feel hot just looking at it. During the Christmas season I have found the red decorations drive me crazy in my living room, so I have really limited how much I use or I can't stay in the room!

  24. I don't wear red but it's my favorite color to decorate with. My living room is red :)

  25. I think red is full of energy and fun. The red bureau is gorgeous...makes me reconsider my fetish with the color blue. Really enjoyed this post!

  26. Those are such beautiful photos, full of bold and beautiful red! I love that vintage bureau. I've seen so much white on blogs lately, and I like it, but that bureau is the first that has inspired me to actually paint my old bureau. I love the color! My former schoolroom/now library has hardwood floors and red pepper walls with white bookshelves along one wall. I've never regretted it. It's warm and cheery.

  27. Not a lot of red... but little smidgens of it here and there. The next to last picture with the black painted pallet is AWESOME! It sings to my re-purposed heart!

  28. I love a red front door. Inside I have to have subdued colors, but I love looking at in on other people's homes. xo Laura

  29. Beautiful photos! I just love red! :)Enjoy your weekend! Maria

  30. My kitchen is red and yellow. You were my inspiration.

  31. Red accents are my very favourite! I've thought about adding them into my neutral decor- especially for the holidays :)

  32. Hi Brenda, I like to have a pop of red here and there and also have a guestroom with red toile and plaid chair in red. My front door is also red!! Enjoyed your photos.
    Have a nice weekend.

  33. You know you had me at the title, before I ever saw a photo! I had three red rooms (different shades) in my last house. There is a lot of red in my kitchen, but in accents and fabrics. I wanted to paint the cabinets red but chickened out because I thought it would have to be redone to sell the house. Painting them was so much work, I just couldn't see having to do it again. I am doing up my tree in red and white this year, and it will be in the kitchen. (Yes, something is coming out)

  34. My heart is singing too after looking at your pictures here! I've seen ideas to jot down in many of them.

    Like one commenter above I too have a red car and a red front door. We have a red leather sofa that will even be squeezed into a nursing home someday if I have anything to say about it. And the walls in the living room of this 1920 house were covered in brown 1970s paneling when we moved in, as were two other rooms. One by one they were painted and in the living room my husband put up a chair rail for me but not at the normal height. I had him put it at almost shoulder height, painted white below like the windows and trim, and painted red above. That was 10 years ago and I still love it. Sometimes in summer I'm tempted by pictures of white rooms I see as the red can be a little too warm then, but come autumn and winter and it makes me happy again.

    After seeing your pictures I'm looking at my brown library table that is begging to be painted red. As the piano and 2 other pieces of furniture are a dark cherry finish, I think that plain brown library table would handle another touch of red in the room.

    A cheerful post, Brenda, for a very cold day here!

  35. My kitchen is red, yellow and blue...all the primary colors. I started with real 1940s wallpaper and those were the colors of that era. All of my vintage kitchen things are the right colors. I have multiple pairs of white curtains that I have made from 1940s white damask tablecloths. Fabulous fabric and they look crisp and clean. Probably because I change them about once a week with two cats that sit in the windows!

  36. I've been adding bits and pieces of red over the past couple of years. Tonight I am paint two old shutters red to hang on my dining room wall (to hide a bad patch of wall that can't be fixed right now) to hang family pictures on. I honestly never thought about adding red to my decor until I started following your blog Brenda. I've let my hair down and do a lot of things differently decorating now. Thank you!

  37. My kitchen has a lot of red in memory of my favorite Aunt, who loved red and had lots of red in her house, including red kitchen countertops. Her house looked amazing at Christmastime!

  38. I got my love of red and my boldness from you. I just don't much care for the blue, and only once in a while a pop of golden yellow here and there.

  39. My mom is going to love this collection! She snagged up a chest of drawers I made over with a rooster and she didn't have room for it but fit it in. She has that red gingham going on too. I must say, I have a couple of favorites here too even though I haven't done it yet. I still have the cream with red roosters going on. These lovelies can persuade me. :)


I always enjoy reading your comments and having you join the conversation here at Cozy Little House. It is like having a gathering of friends sitting in my cozy apartment. Enjoying coffee and dessert, chatting and having a good time. I appreciate each and every one of you!

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