Creating Hot Chocolate Stations

Can't you just see the delight on a child's face when they spot a hot chocolate bar at a friend's house. 

Not only for the holidays, this would be a great theme for a birthday party. And I hear they're all the rage at weddings these days.

This one looks mighty snazzy all decked out in gold. You can decorate the jars and make them shine and sparkle for the holidays.


Kevin And Amanda sure found some adorable mugs for their hot chocolate station.

This one by Stephanie Lynn (Under The Table And Dreaming) is outdoors. A wonderful place to place your mittens around some hot chocolate to warm up.

Infarrantly Creatively shows you how to style one of these hot spots. There are so many creative ideas!

Take a gander at this one by The Crazy Craft Lady. She's all ready to serve her guests in style.

Don't you just adore those cute little wooden scoops from Pen & Paper Flowers? I don't know if I'd know when to stop piling these sweets on.

Go here to print off these cute labels for your hot chocolate bar. How sweet it is!

Are you considering one of these for your gathering?


  1. I set up a hot chocolate station this year, but mine is not nearly as cute as these! I have it beside my Keurig with hot cocoa mix, peppermint, marshmallows and chocolate spoons in Mason jars. We have really enjoyed it. The chocolate spoons were a project I did with my granddaughters. They really got into that!

  2. so many pretty samples.. If I watch for items to use maybe I can do one next year.

  3. I keep meaning to set up a coco station and love all the ideas out there!

  4. Brenda-those are all such cute ideas. I need to do this for the kids when they come to visit. Hope you are having a great week, Brenda. xo Diana

  5. I love Kevin and Amanda's mugs! They give me an idea to pull out my Made in Japan chipmunk mugs and pitcher to use in a hot chocolate bar. This could even be great for a cold January day, couldn't it? When I'll need the warmth and cheer of your pictures above. Thanks!

  6. I love all of the Hot Cocoa Stations I see, but I don't need to have treats out in front of me all the time.

    Our son and his fiancee are not having a cake at their wedding. Instead, they are doing a McConnell's Ice Cream Bar. McConnell's is a Santa Barbara ice cream company and it is heads above any other ice cream we taste. I love that they are not doing a "cookie cutter" wedding.

  7. Looking at all these pictures makes me want to add a hot chocolate bar to my kitchen! I do have some jars filled with marshmallows and hot chocolate tied with red and white twine, but that's about it. I don't have the cute labels and all the other stuff to go with it. Thanks for sharing all of this great inspiration.

  8. This has given me the idea to kind of make a hot chocolate bar as a gift. I have some snowman mugs to give my sister. I think I will add some marshmallows and other items along with the mugs.

  9. What lovely and festive ideas for hot chocolate bars. There are so many fantastically creative people out there!

  10. These are really nice but if I had all those goodies sitting out in front of me my butt would grow 10 inches this

  11. Brenda, I've pinned your whole post today to my Pinterest board! LOVE LOVE It! so many great ideas - I can't wait to get started to incorporate some of these ideas before my kids get here for Christmas! Thank you for sharing your blog with us. May you feel God's peace and joy this season and in the coming year!


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