Infographic Mystery

The Winchester Mystery House Infographic

Thought this was an interesting bit of trivia. Imagine inheriting all that money. And continuing to build on a house till the day you died. 

A mystery it shall remain...


  1. I've toured the house - it's fascinating.

  2. This story has fascinated me for years. Also, I downloaded a sample of The Good Girl and I am hooked. This is definitely on my must read list.

  3. I toured the house. It was late spring and it was so hot, because I don't think there is AC in it. It's a strange place.

  4. The History Channel featured this house several years ago. Fascinating and sad all in one.

  5. I love mysteries. This is fascinating. xo Laura

  6. It certainly does not sound like a cozy little house! It sounds like a sad life for her. But, she did keep a lot of people employed over the years. Makes me wonder if the medium was a relative of one of the contractors!

  7. This house is near where I live and it is interesting to visit!

  8. That's what happens when you get yourself mixed up with "mediums" and seances and such. Works of the devil for sure!

  9. She was a fascinating women and often portrayed in the media as "crazy". because she was independent and smart for her time. She was groundbreaking in that she was standing on her own two feet . She did a lot for San Jose in her lifetime and gave millions to charity. The house is interesting and something to go see once and ponder. I think it was just a result of to much money and nothing to do with it. Nothing more. Now its surrounded by a city of more then a million, leave the Westfield mall and its right across the parking lot! Seems so sad and lonely now.


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