Pretty Bottles & Wonky Trees

For those of you who have complained about truncated posts and then the Read More, and you have to click to another page, you now have full posts. And if you see any ad that intrudes upon the post, let me know. I try to listen to your concerns. 

Just got back a bit ago from physical therapy. I had errands to run, so got my hair cut at Super Cuts, drove through the bank, drove through the pharmacy, and went to PT. 

By the time I got there and unwrapped my Ace bandage, my foot was so swollen you couldn't see any bones anywhere near the ankle. Tomorrow will have been a month since surgery. 

Even driving in the boot, it's just hard. I sure hope it gets better. And maybe one day drive without that boot. 

I haven't got a whole lot of holiday decorating done. This is one of the few. Just had this little dipper and nailed it to the wall. Then put a candle in it. 

But then I walked past it the other day and idly picked up this Christmas ornament. And traded it for the candle. The tree is a little wonky, after years of being carried around in plastic tubs from place to place.

But somehow that makes it more endearing to me. 

So have you got your decorating going yet?


  1. No... and I so wish I did. I'm still painting and will be for the next several days. Hope to have a tree up before Christmas. Hope your foot gets better soon.

    Hugs from Blanchard,


  2. I can't imagine coming here to complain? :) Good grief ! LOL! Well pls. accept a virtual hug to balance that ..)

  3. No. I hope to soon. I hope the swelling subsides. xoxo

  4. ... hang in there Brenda! i am ten days' post surgery for the left hand (right done already) joint replacement and got my cast off yesterday. i was surprised to see more bruising--omg it looked ugly--and this one has been far more painful than the right hand was ... i feel lesser along the way than i should be but trying to keep it together ... i'm softer "casted," so to speak, with a form-fitting plastic brace built for me in the physical therapy unit yesterday ... i think some of my Xmas projects will be sideline, unless the left hand can click it up a notch in healing, strength and range of motion. i admire your will, and perseverence including trying to drive with that dang boot. i know it helps that you have your enormously comfy and arranged spaces and your pups, but i feel you when it comes to the frustration of not being able to do anything about the leaves cluttering your deck or a dog stuck outside--yesterday in the freezing weather, i couldn't get my dogs clipped to their leads to go outside, as the little metal clasps were frozen, and i just felt like the biggest loser, having to rub them with a warm cloth to get them to unthaw so i could get the pups in and out of the house ... it's a trial and ridiculous tribulation these days, but your bit of decorating with the saucepan and the vintage Christmas village house made me smile through and through ... i have some of those same type of houses passed down to me from my grandmother, and it's unlikely, i'll get them out of the closet this year and arranged, so you gave me the vintage village fix i needed. may you continue to heal, grasp on to the positives in each day and keep on keeping on, sharing as you do, which does us all so much good.

  5. hope the foot keeps getting better and better!

  6. I decorated this past weekend...kept it simple and left half of it still in the totes - if it doesn't make the cut next year - it's going..gone are the days of elaborate decorating, I'm more into simple...much like your dipper and ornament!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  7. I hate to hear that your ankle is so swollen. It hurts me to think about it! I hope you're elevating it and using ice. I have almost finished my decorating. I'm at the point of just making subtle changes/additions to it right now.

  8. No. Don't know that I will either.
    Hope your foot continues to heal better...and the therapy and surgery is worth it for you. ;)
    I can only imagine what that boot must feel like...

  9. My tree isn't up yet and I'm afraid to put it up because I am "fostering" my daughter's little chihuahua and he is bound to snatch ornaments off the tree and run with them. He is still a puppy and in the chewing stage. I was down to my 2 old pugs until she moved out and to an apt. and can't have Shermie. Do your pupsters get things off the tree?
    I hope you heal well fast and soon.

  10. I love the little dipper, so adorable. I hope you get that swelling down soon. You know what my decorating looks like and I love every inch of it. Off to Florida tomorrow for a much needed vacation with my cousins.

  11. Nope. No decorating really. Just my mantel, and that's all I'm doing. When we moved here, I got rid of most of our decorations.

    Feel better!

  12. Your little hose with the "wonky" tree is very original and so cute.
    Christmas, this year, just doesn't have the same appeal that it has in years past.. I've decorated but my heart just in it.. I've enjoyed watching the Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel but have shed a few (more than a few) tears.
    I hope that, soon, you'll start seeing more improvement in your ankle..
    Thinking about you ! :O)

    1. The word should have been "house" not hose. AND, my heart just isn't in the decorating.. I should be a better proof reader..
      Wishing you JOY !

  13. Brenda, I think you have just created a new decorating idea -- a little scene in an old enamelware pot or ladle. That is adorable. The only decorating I have done is to get out my Christmas dishes, which are green and white spongeware from the early 1990s. I did go through my ornaments and gave my daughter some. She's in her late 20s, and this is the first year she has felt settled in enough to want to do some decorating. This weekend I will get out some decorations. I make up a couple of displays of rather cheap but dear things. For instance, I have a collection of five or six of those tiny brown plastic manger scenes from the 1960s. Those were my favorite decorations when I was a child. I also make a little village of tiny painted wooden people and little houses. And now, I will be on the lookout for an old enamelware saucepan or ladle to make a little display. I do have some old enamelware mugs which just might work!

  14. I hope the therapy helps and you continue to get better. The little ornament is so cute in the ladle. So funny...I'm getting ready to truncate my posts. I've always had the most recent one in full and the rest excerpts.

  15. I'm about done with decorating. As I got into it this year I once again decided I had too much stuff and I'm not going to put it all up anymore. So I still have lots out but I think I'm going to keep downsizing it all. Glad you can drive now, but hope your foot gets much much better then before!

  16. Hang in there Brenda! I bet it's frustrating to not heal as fast as you'd like. Sending you warm thoughts. Love your charming dipper decoration!


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