Year Round Cleaning Tips

Seven Tips For A Spotless Home

It's holiday time. There will be lots of people coming and going to and from your home. And as your mother probably told you: Cleanliness is next to godliness. It's also much healthier for you and your family, especially during cold and flu season. If you're worried about germs, or if you're just preparing for a big dinner party next week, here are seven tips to help you clean your home like a pro.

1. Have a Plan

Start in the furthest corner of the room and work your way towards the door. Not only will this keep you focused and efficient as you tidy up your space in a clockwise motion, but you'll also essentially be cleaning your way out of the room.

2. Devote Time to the Windows

Many homeowners run a duster over their blinds and call it good. If you want a squeaky clean room, however, you'll need to spray the glass, vacuum the blinds, wipe down your weather stripping and put the curtains in the washing machine. The effort will be worth the beautiful result. And it doesn't have to be a venture just for spring either!

3. Beat Your Rug

Take your rug into the backyard and beat it like an old-fashioned washerwoman. You can also have a professional Green Choice rug cleaning done if you've allowed it to accumulate dirt beyond your capacity to clean.

4. Scrub Between the Tiles

When's the last time you took a toothbrush to your bathtub? Buy a professional-grade bathroom cleaner and tackle the entire room from top to bottom. Clean the rust from your shower head. Reorganize your medicine cabinet. Wipe the faucets until they shine.

5. Polish Your Silverware

An immaculate kitchen will still look grimy if you're cooking with dull, dirty-looking utensils. You don't have to own antique silver to merit a polish; any kind of vigorous rubbing will improve the appearance of your cutlery.

6. Use Your Tools Correctly

Did you know that you can damage your furniture by dumping chemical cleaners right onto their surfaces? Put the cleaner on your rag instead; then wipe them down. The same goes for windows, tile and hardwood flooring.

7. Paint Your Walls

This is a little beyond spring cleaning, but if you truly desire a spotless home, the scribbles and stains and fingerprints on the wall need to be eliminated too. Slap on a fresh coat of paint. You might be surprised by how much it brightens the entire room.

These are just seven tips for banishing all dirt from your house. Move over, Martha! A new woman is in town!

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  1. I am too tired from Christmas shopping and Crossfit to do all that! Ha ha ha

  2. Wonderful tips as always dear Lady! Merry Christmas to you and your adorable poochies. xo

  3. I know it's crazy but I actually enjoy cleaning g my home and thank you as tips are always very welcome x

  4. Great tips here. Before I had chronic illness one of my greatest joys was a deep cleaning weekly and being proud of my apartment. I hope to get back to this soon. I enjoy cleaning and find it gives me a sense of self respect. I put music on and enjoy the process.

  5. Cleaning my home is relaxing to me. I use my washer as a timer. Wash a load of clothing and clean house. Dry that load while resting. When I get up to fold that I put in anothe load in to was and begin cleaning house again. I clean from the laundry in a circle right to left through the house.

  6. Perfect fit! for someone like me who's fascination is reading blogs . I can mostly relate . Keep sending them please


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