Market Trends For 2016

Now I don't tend to let trends dictate what I do. However, trends are what stores will be selling, from what they see at market. 

So here are just some of the styles predicted to be big in 2016.

Benjamin Moore's Color Of The Year is Simply White.

I think this is could be part of the simplification process many people are wanting to bring into their lives. 

Shiny is in style.

An Influx Of Birds

Yesterday I heard a rustling sound and went to the patio doors to investigate. There were dozens of birds on the tree branches. I had never seen them here before.

I think they are waxwings.

Tweak It Tuesday #173

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday...

Best Photography
The Gifted Gabber - Christmas Lights

The Artistic & Talented Helen Philipps

If you haven't found this woman in Blog Land yet, you are in for a treat! I found Helen years ago. She is without doubt the most talented person I have the pleasure of knowing as a blogger. 

So get ready for some very colorful eye candy!

Pouring Rain & Gray Skies

I sit back here on my bed, Abi and Charlie next to me, listening to the constant chirping of birds. It is a somewhat frantic chirping, perhaps because it has been raining and raining for days. 

I go to get another cup of coffee and stand at the patio door, where I see a cluster of birds, dark against the gray sky, huddled on the bare branches. Then, without preamble, they all suddenly fly away into the clouds.

How I Celebrated The Holidays

Well, I did not do the conventional things most of you probably did on Christmas Eve and Christmas, but I've never been quoted as being conventional anyway. 

What did I do? I painted my kitchen, living room and dining room. Bright white. 

Why bright white? Because it is what I had, what I had painted the kitchen cabinets with some months ago. And I don't like to waste paint. 

The only thing in its proper place this morning when I woke up was my coffee station. No way was I not having my coffee!

Merry Christmas To My Readers

To all of you who have been there for me; held me up when I was down, and remained my loyal friends, I wish you a very Merry Christmas! I cherish you all.

Merry Christmas Eve...

Ready For A Drink?

Everybody is beyond tired. Tuckered out. 

Your feet hurt from standing in stores and then for hours in your kitchen. 

And then there was all that cleaning!

So put the kiddos to bed if you have any. And make yourself some drinks!

Will Cook For Friends has a White Chocolate Peppermint Bark martini...

5 Scrumptious Hot Chocolate Recipes

Hot chocolate just hits the right spot this season. The wind is blowing outside and it is cold. Cue: Hot chocolate!

Oh my. Raspberry White Hot Chocolate by Sugar Hero.

Tweak It Tuesday #172

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday...

Best Photography
Frugal Little Bungalow - Nature Shot

Last Minute Christmas Cookies

You've got the presents wrapped and the cards sent out. But you haven't found time to bake cookies yet. And you know the neighbors will be stopping by with goodies. So turn on the oven!

How about some Red Velvet Cream Cheese Thumbprints by Something Swanky?

10 Random Holiday Stops Around Blog Land

We're just five days from Christmas, and holiday decorating is finishing up. 

I went over to see Debra's home tour at Common Ground and thought I'd share it with you.

10 Pinterest Board Tips

Just pinning and moving on isn't all there is to Pinterest. Pinterest is a very important social media tool these days. So it stands to reason that you'd want to keep your boards in tip-top shape. 

Paying It Forward & Wayfair

December is the month of giving. It's a time when we should be thinking of our loved ones and even strangers we don't know. Actually we should be doing this each and every day. But Christmastime is when it seems to be most thought about.

And we need to change that. The concept of giving should be all year long.

Paying it forward is a simple gesture from one person to another. The gesture we make does not have to be a big one. Just a thoughtful one. 

Plans For My Kitchen

I have plans in the works for my apartment kitchen. Because no matter what I do, I just don't have enough storage space. 

Since I don't have a stove, I have lots of small appliances I cook with. Crock pots (regular and casserole-size), a panini maker, a toaster, an electric skillet. You get my drift. 

So here is my Christmas present to myself...

Tis A Mystery

Today is wash day. I wash my clothes and bedding. Real exciting!

Do you have a specific day for household chores?

I'm anxious to get things decluttered and cleaned up around here. But I have to sit next to Abi, so I'm not getting much done. If I take my hand off of her that dog will somehow get into trouble.

Tweak It Tuesday #171

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday...

 Best Photography
Everyday Living - Lights Of Christmas

Abi Got Her Staples Out

I just got back from having Abi's staples taken out at the vet. They said the wound looked good. They don't want a bandage on the leg so she can start using it. 

A Pivotal Day In 2007 When I Started Blogging

It was the last day of the year 2007. I still remember sitting in front of that computer, trying to make a decision.

I can't recall why I decided to start blogging that day. I had been reading blogs. Daisy Cottage (what an icon with her cozy home and cheerful colors!) and several others. So I had been exploring the blogging world.

I felt drawn to this world, like a moth to a flame. But I just wasn't sure I had what it took.

Easy Holiday Candle Decor

This is a super easy holiday candle DIY. 

Abi Update & Spring Weather

I woke up to a bit of rain. I could see splotches of it on the concrete patio. But I haven't seen much else happening out there. It has been in the seventies the past few days here. Not December weather!

I think my two little white birdies are so cute, sitting on the red truck where the sheep live in the back.

Thinking Outside Of The Box...

I don't like traditional tree skirts. I guess because they're too traditional! 

I like to come up with my own creations.

Life . Here

I was on the floor in the bedroom doing stretches. When I got up, I saw this...

It's Time For The Holiday Link Up Party!

Debra and I can't wait to see what all you have come up with to decorate your homes! 

Tweak It Tuesday #170

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday...

Best Photography
Just Jan - Nature

The Vintage Children Themed Tree

I took some close-up photos of my "vintage children" I printed free off the internet and turned into mason jar lid ornaments. 

Christmas In The Bedroom & Sly Little Abi

Last week it got cold. So I moved my bed into the middle of the room away from the windows. Then I was faced with moving the quilt that was hanging on the wall over it. 

Christmas In The Living Room & Abi Update

Here's my living room holiday decor this year. I'll just let the photos tell the story.

Abi On Friday

Well, we made it through the night and got plenty of sleep (thank goodness) and Abi apparently did not chew on her bandaging. As you can see, this time around they dressed it very well. 

When they first sent her home, it was open. So of course she was going to gnaw it. The surgeon did that, and I question that he sent her home with no dressing at all. He clearly did not know this dog.

When I went back the second time and they had to re-staple some of her wound, her regular vet was there and did it up like you see in the photo. 

He has been a vet for a very long time, has a shock of completely white hair, and gives his all to his furry patients. 

I trust him and that's why I keep driving over there even though I've moved.

The other vet, Dr. Wendy, is so sweet and compassionate and I love her too. But neither was apparently there when I first picked her up yesterday.

The dogs always sleep with me. Yesterday about 6 p.m. I put her on the floor and was taking the quilts and trying to make us all a bed here in the living room on the floor. 

I took my eye off her maybe three seconds. And she had flown down the hall and hopped up the steps to the bed. I question if she had a witch's broom.

I am a very compulsive creature, and I guess my dogs know my daily schedule as well as I do. They knew that we go back into the bedroom at night and watch TV or I read. 

Abi was having none of this "changing of the schedule."

I'm just hoping that, with this strong dressing, she can't hurt herself, because she isn't supposed to be going up steps. What do you think by looking at it?

So we all slept in the bed as we normally do. She was right next to me, and only woke once that I know of.

This morning I brought her kibble bowl to her here on the couch. She just looked at me, as if to say: "Why isn't my kibble bowl in the kitchen where it is supposed to be?"

But I needed to give her her morning medication, a Rimadyl, so I put a few bites in the palm of my hand. 

She looked at me again askance, but then she thought it was pretty cool to actually get hand-fed, so she ate quite a bit. This drug must be given with food.

Of course Charlie wanted in on the action. So I went back and forth hand-feeding them. I hope they don't think this becomes part of our schedule once she's well!

I'm so glad I went ahead and got the holiday decorating for the linky party done ahead of time, because I'm not very good with one eye looking through the camera and one eye on her. 

I so appreciate all your concern and advice. It meant the world to me to have you all commiserating with me and doling out ideas. 

Right now they are where they like to be in the daytime: Abi on the right side of me on the couch, and Charlie on the right. 

And so right now all is well with our world.

I'll keep you updated. 

I've got to start showing you all the Christmas decorating I've done! So that will come next, barring no "yesterdays."

Abi Is Home. Sort Of.

Abi is home now. I brought her home in the little crate, but of course she wanted out. 

I got those two sentences written, sitting on the floor on a pile of quilts with Abi next to me. And I heard a tear. She had torn two of the staples out and blood was gushing. 

I called the vet. They said bring her back. My nice neighbor Charlie drove me and Abi in my car back across town. His wife is pretty sickly and doesn't go out much. 

As we went out the door to my car, Charlie Ross went tearing out at a fast clip when the attention was focused elsewhere. Abi was back in the crate, so I ran after him. I finally caught him after several blocks, and brought him back. 

Took Abi, bleeding, back to the vet. They had to replace several staples and wrapped her entire leg in thick gauze. They put a cone on her head and put her back in the crate. 

We started for home. She was thrashing around inside of the crate. 

When I got back home, I opened the door of the crate and she had torn the cone in half. I was at my wit's end. 

I AM at my wit's end. 

The only way I can type this is to hold her between both my legs and try to be ready if she leaps back up again.

She will not be still two seconds. She can't get comfortable with this all the way up to her belly. I try to find ways to cushion her, but she is not a happy camper. She refuses to sleep.

Meanwhile neighbor Charlie is headed to Petsmart to get a different kind of cone that is supposed to be more like an inner tube. If she tears that one off, back she goes to the vet.

How on earth am I going to keep this on her for two weeks when she is determined to get it off? Every few sentences she attempts to rip at the gauze.

The neighbor's daughter is sick in Nashville in the hospital, so they're probably going to have to go there. Short of calling Israel, I will be alone with this. But he has to work. 

I'm one-handed while I carry her around everywhere I go.

Still they say it is too dangerous to sedate her. 

I'm ready for someone to please sedate me.

The Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Package Arrived

I wrote about ordering Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products after several blogging friends told me how much they liked them. The box arrived yesterday evening. 

This is what I purchased. I haven't had a chance to use any of them yet. What you see above cost me about $30 total.

I was very impressed with the packaging.

Each product came in it's own cardboard box segment. Plus individual plastic baggies closed tightly.

Each spray cleaner is taped.

I'll let you know how I like these cleaners. But I already know I like how they send them. They used the utmost care in sending these products to me. 

Sometimes I'll get a Walmart box of household supplies and one side of the box is open!

I did not receive any product or compensation for buying or using these products. I merely want to have a "green" household that is safe for me and my pupsters.

Speaking of which, I haven't heard from the vet's office yet. I will be calling here soon to get an update on Abi and whether I can go pick her up.

It was a very quiet night with just me and Charlie Ross!

Abi Didn't Get To Come Home

Well, I got to the vet's office at exactly 4 p.m. I was anxious to see my girl. 

I paid the bill. They went back to get her with the crate I'd purchased. I had a blanket in it for her. 

I waited and waited.

Then I watched as they came back down the hall without the crate, my heart doing flip-flops.

They asked me if they could keep her overnight. I asked if anything was wrong. I'd called and they'd said she was okay.
They said she seemed to be in a lot of pain, and didn't seem to want to be moved. That when they reached in to get her, she tried to bite them. And they really thought it was best if she had a little more time there.

I was so looking forward to seeing her. And I hate that she'll be alone tonight. 

They said to call in the morning. I guess I looked like the bottom fell out because the older lady who works there came over and hugged me. 

They asked if I wanted to see her, and of course I did. But I knew it would upset her, so I said no.

I walked out the door and burst into tears. I cried all the way home.

It would have been different if I'd called and they'd told me this. But I was expecting to see her. I'd told Charlie I was bringing her home. 

I hope she's okay tonight. I told Charlie we would just have to wait a little longer.

The Tree With The Homemade Jar Lid Ornaments

I don't know if you saw the ornaments I was making on Sunday. I made some in the usual silver mason jar lids, and there were some red ones at Walmart I picked up too, just to be a little extra festive. It's too cold out to spray paint!

Here's what they look like on my little tree...

I originally thought I'd group my three little trees together, but I had an idea and went with it. You'll see them later.

So here's where we were Sunday. I waited and let them dry overnight before I finished them.

A little closer to view them...

At night...

These ornaments made from mason jar lids and bands were so ultra easy. And I just love to sit on my couch and gaze at the little vintage children I printed out from the internet.

If you want the instructions, click here.

I don't know if I'll make more homemade ornaments or not. I love to create them, and it's a yearly tradition with me. 

I've always thought it was fun to add them to the tree as I make them. So it will just depend on how things go.

My Abi is in surgery. I took her to the vet early this morning. I'm a jumble of nerves. She's not a spring chicken. She and Charlie are 9 years old now. 

The vet told me that if she jumps or tears it in any way, we have to start all over again. I can't imagine putting her through this again. And paying for it again!

I will update with news after I pick her up this evening.

Don't forget that Debra and I are having a linky party December 9th and 10th for all of you to join in. It will be fun to see everyone's creations. That's one week from today!

The vet's office just called and said Abi came through the surgery just fine. I can pick her up at 4 p.m.

Tweak It Tuesday #169

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday...

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Most Creative Gift Wrapping
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Prettiest Tablesetting
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Prettiest Holiday Mantel
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Most Creative Homemade Gift
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Prettiest Christmas Tree
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The Gifted Gabber - Tortilla Soup

Best Furniture Redo
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Prettiest Holiday Vignette
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So what have you tweaked this week?