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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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A Favorite New Coffee Mug

I am in love with a new mug. See the two aqua mugs there with the red ones? 

I finally got out and got some much needed groceries last week. I like to grocery shop in Target because it's a fairly small area to cover. 

And right before the groceries, I spotted these mugs. I don't even know what other colors there were, because my eyes immediately zoned in on these two aqua ones. Which is another color I'm looking to incorporate into my boho look.

I do love the Anthopologie mugs I see online. But I can't bring myself (nor can I afford) to pay that much for one mug. These were $1.99. In the basket the two went.

Even better, when I tried it out the first morning, I found that it fit my hand perfectly. Isn't it wonderful when you find a mug that just seems to be molded exactly for your hand to hold it?

While I waited for my coffee to brew this morning, I heard the birds singing out on the patio, so I grabbed my camera. Which I keep close to the patio door for just such an occasion.

I had to adjust the light, which bleached his/her colors out a bit. But I think it is a house finch. The sky was such a bright cerulean blue that the bird showed up dark against it.

Then my coffee was ready, and I doctored it up with just what I like. A bit of this and that. My friend Kay drinks hers black. I don't think I could handle that at all. I have to have a little sugar and creamer. 

Meanwhile, Abi was just a few feet away, begging for her picture to be taken. And she almost got that one ear up, so I grabbed the camera again.

So many of you said you liked the old brown trunk painted white, but you should see this poor dinged and battered up trunk close up. Ah, but I look past the imperfections. 

It's ready to fall apart. So I shall have to be careful with it.

Another thing that gratifies me on my way to fix coffee is the light shining through the blinds on my peachy bookcase. This color is very pleasing to the eye, and it makes me smile.

And then there are the plants. They purify the air and look so stunning while doing so. And they make me smile as well. 

(By the way, the extra Boho quilt looks great on the bed. It came in the other day. A full/queen quilt with two matching zippered shams for $66. A great buy! And it will be the starting point to my Boho look in the bedroom.)

I'm resting up, because I've got to go around the corner soon to buy more paint and get to perking things up with my paint brush!
Brenda Pruitt
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  1. Your new aqua mugs look wonderful against the colors of your coffee station. I just love the color! And what a bargain. I'm so glad you are loving your new boho colors. Your home is looking amazing! Really can't wait to see the rest of your boho decorating. Enjoy the rest of your day, Brenda...

  2. I love your aqua mugs and your peachy bookcase. Have fun shopping for paint. I think I'd rather do that than shop for clothes, lol!

  3. Brenda, Looks nice and calm at your place. Nothing like a sweet bird singing while the coffee is brewing. Heaven sent. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. Perk Away,sweetums ~!!you're so dang good at it...we'll be close by and cheerinng you on with applause with each completed project...

  5. That Aqua color is so pretty what a great find! I have a hard time spending big bucks on coffee mugs so most of mine are thrift shop finds! I find expensive mugs for less then $1 all the time. Glad your quilt looks great, the colors are just perfect for your new look. Have good Sunday!

  6. Hi Brenda. I like your new mugs too and the color is very pretty. I'm liking your new Boho look too! That little girl is just a photo hog! ;)
    Take care and you're always a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. That mug is such a wonderful colour. I have to say though, your yellow lamp caught my eye... HUGELY!! What a lovely piece, even more gorgeous with the sun shining on it. You've inspired me to look for something similar. Take care. Chel

  8. you even SOUND perky! :)

    Those red and aqua colors remind me of the fabric line Marmalade ...By Bonnie and Camille. It's older now...I think I'd purchased some of it about 1 1/2 years ago but oh those two colors

  9. Love the pony tail plant. I had one for years, but the cats would have a party with one now.

  10. Love your new mugs. I have two mugs that are my favorites and I really don't like to use anything else to drink my tea. Your plants look great. xo Laura

  11. I'm w/you, the handle on those mugs is perfect. I like to be able to get three fingers around it. And the color is great, of course. I just realized that you sat that bookcase on the table and it looks terrific. I thought of you the other day watching HGTV, they were showing a home and it is full of your boho colors, oranges, turquoises. I wish you could have seen it. Are you going to redo the kitchen colors? I love pops of red, but your colors do it too.

  12. II love the color of your new mugs. I think you should paint your trunk one of the bright colors that is in your new quilt! It looks gray not white on my iPad and computer. I really love your new boho look! I just bought some very brightly colored curtains on sale at Kohls for my living room. What a great change and everyone loves them! Thanks for the inspiration, Brenda!

  13. The new colors are fitting in so well. The right coffee cup is so important! For me, finding the right-sized
    handle is as important as the colors. The cup has got to be comfy in our hands, doesn't it?

  14. Oh yes, the perfect coffee cup is a gem that's hard to find. :)

    Your apartment is adorable!

  15. I was smiling at seeing your coffee cups because I treated myself a few months ago to two mugs in the same colors - aqua and red! Though mine are taller and are Fiestaware, which Kohls carries. They are expensive - $23 each - but they were only sale, plus I had a 30% off coupon. I ended up paying $11 each. I know that still sounds expensive for a coffee mug, but Fiestaware is very high quality, will last forever, and is made in the USA. These mugs are so thick, that my coffee stays warm for ages.

  16. Oops, sorry, hit send before I was done replying. I also meant to say that I love the way the sun streams across that bookcase. Just beautiful.

  17. I see you got your mug rack and it's already filled with your new favorite mugs, Brenda! I think the turquoise accents are going to be perfect for your boho look.

  18. Love red and aqua together. Good choice and great price.

    Wish I could come over and have a sweet n creamy hot cuppa with you. We call those dessert coffees. And that's how I like em too. I wouldn't drink black coffee if that was all I could have, I'd stick to tea, which is my usual go-to hot cuppa choice anyway. I never doctor my tea, like it plain. : - )

  19. Love your aqua mugs...aqua and red are two of my favorite colors. Abi is so adorable!

  20. Great buy on those mugs. It is crazy what they want for mugs. I love the colors too.

  21. I love your aqua mugs. They were a great find. Target has a lot of good things. xoox

  22. Happy colors, beautiful sunshine, and adorable pup. Makes you just want to smile! Love your colorful transition!

  23. I like all of what you have done. The colors are great. I have all antique furniture and am so afraid to paint it. I should try one piece or something. did you sand things before you painted them?

  24. Brenda, where did you get the quilt on the wall (and the one you are going to put on your bed? You place looks so warm and inviting!!

  25. I don't think ANY style says 'come on in and relax' more than Boho, and I know you're going to do it right and on a budget. It's clear you're excited, as are we to see it!

    (Yes, I love it when a mug fits my hand perfectly! A marriage made in heaven). :)

  26. Love how the sun streams in your place! And, the white paint on your trunk, really brings out the details...lovely. All the added colors are really making your home a happy place! ;)

  27. I like the changes you made. Joyful and cozy. Wonderful mugs. Red and aqua are my favorite colors and I noticed the red flower pots. Very nice touch.

  28. I forgot to add that I shop the thrift stores quilts to display on my walls. Great prices and you never know what you`ll find.

  29. I have favorite coffee cups, too, with just the right thickness to keep the coffee hot for a bit. What are you thinking about the change in colors? Are you feeling it? Please let us know in the next postings.

  30. Love the turquoise mugs! My favorite mug is also turquoise and was handmade by student crafts workers at my alma mater, Berea College. Have had it for decades and it is still as wonderful as ever. Turquoise is such a happy color to me--love it in home decor, jewelry, and clothing. I look forward to seeing more of your new Boho look and more turquoise!

  31. Love the aqua color of your new mugs! My favorite mug will always be my grandmothers. Each time I use it, it is as though I am giving my grandmother a hug.
    Take care. :)

  32. How pretty! I love how something so little can make you look forward to the day! And you had a lot of happiness streaming in with that sunlight! I'm loving all the changes you've made and are making. Really and truly inspiring. I think I need a good dose of color, too! :)

    Jane x

  33. So exciting to see all your new changes, and how you manage to keep your personality and flavor as you go! I wasn't sure when you said you were going "boho" but it suits you to a tee! I am staying tuned for more changes!

  34. Love the handles on those mugs Brenda..I would also like to know where you got those new quilts..

  35. Brenda...I love your new mugs. the perfect color particularly with the red! LOVE it! I missed where you found your drying wrack that you have your mugs on???? the new boho look! So glad to see someone put real color in their home! (thank you!!!)

  36. Brenda,
    I love the sun shinning in on your bookcase and plants. Seeing the sun would definitely put a smile on my face. Living in northeastern Ohio you forget what a clear sky and bright sunshine looks like. Thanks for the reminder. Lora

  37. The sun looks so pretty streaming in Brenda, I sure see why it makes you smile. I've always taken my coffee black until recently. During the renovation when we moved in with our daughter for a few weeks she got me hooked on creamer, still don't add sugar but I love adding creamer now!
    Hope you at having a great week!

  38. The aqua mugs look great with your red accents, and your coffee looks very happy in it!

  39. I bought two mugs that same color at Target, too! I love them! I use my for hot chocolate since I don't drink coffee. Love your peachy bookcase!


I always enjoy reading your comments and having you join the conversation here at Cozy Little House. It is like having a gathering of friends sitting in my cozy apartment. Enjoying coffee and dessert, chatting and having a good time. I appreciate each and every one of you!

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