Bookmark Ideas

I like to have a pretty bookmark to keep my place in a book.

(Little Birdie Secrets)

A special one. Pretty and colorful.

 (Intimate Weddings)

Bejeweled even, perhaps.

Have a book fall apart? Save the spine for a bookmark!

This one just makes me smile.

(Percolating Projects)

When I was married, at Christmastime I would make bookmarks with paper and add apt quotes, then laminate them. My then husband would take them to work and give to everyone along with a gift he'd purchased for them. 

Just a little homemade touch.

Now don't you want your very own unique bookmark? Click on the links to see how to create them.


  1. I've never seen so many ideas for cute bookmarks. Most of my books are on my device nowadays. People are reading more than ever but I doubt they're reading as many GOOD books. I love physical books and always look through the antique selections. I tend to save my good bookmarks, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a bookmark in the first place!

  2. there are some great ideas. I am glad you shared. Hope all is well in this sickening cold weather. I am so over it!!!

  3. such a fun post! I may even try a few of these myself!

  4. The tea-cups are a cute idea.

  5. I love bookmarks! The book spines are creative as are the bejeweled one's! Fun!

  6. I love these creative bookmark ideas! The tea cups are adorable. Also, the bejeweled ones are very pretty. Thanks for sharing...

  7. I love bookmarks almost as much as books, and you've shared some wonderful ideas, Brenda! Will save this post for future inspiration. Hope you are feeling better. Have a great weekend. Bess

  8. STOP!! I have enought to do! And now you've made me want to create my very own bookmark, haha

    I am terrible / I just crease the pages unless it's in regards to my bibles which either have those bookmark strings inside or I use post it notes, paper or whatever.

    Now I want to make one :)

  9. Those bookmark ideas are really cute. Love the papercraft ideas and the pretty one made of felt too!

  10. Some really cute and creative ideas for bookmarks. The book spine idea is so simple yet creative.

  11. I really like the jeweled ones, but I'm not a crafty person so won't be making these, lol. I have a ton of "regular" bookmarks anyway.

  12. I recently went here for a Party and right from the moment I walked in I was in awe of the party planner and I can only hope my daddy dearest offers to pay for my birthday party here someday!

  13. Great ideas. I love making my own bookmarks. My problem is that I seem to lose them as quickly as I make them. xo Laura


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