New Decor Trends Shaping Up For 2015

I really don't let trends change the way I want to decorate or accessorize, but I enjoy reading the predictions for the new year. 

Apartment therapy predicts more color, ethnic influences. Bold color mixing. 

House Beautiful predicts more color, more detail (think less minimal, "well-edited clutter") and lots of gold and brass. Lots of indoor plants. 

I consider plants dual-purpose. Not only are they pretty and bring in a touch of nature, but they purify the air as well.

Chevron going, going, gone.

Think Greek Blue. The blue of the Mediterranean. A bold almost cobalt shade.

Think 1960s for 2015. Orange has made a huge comeback. Deeper darker colors. Olive green.

Pastel palettes are big this year too. 

Says House Beautiful:  "It’s a muted palette with shocks of neon—Monet meets Molly Ringwald."

Gray is the big neutral. I think we saw that coming.

Anything renaissance-inspired.

For the kitchen, less built-ins and more individual stand-alone furniture pieces.


(Country Living)

Airy, open shelving.

Justina Blakeney, trend-setter for all things bohemian, weighed in.

Justina's predictions:

1. Goodbye Fiddle Leaf, hello Split Leaf Philodendron.

2. Goodbye ‘reclaimed’ wood. Hello bentwood. Now I love that wood gets reclaimed–don’t get me wrong–but let’s sand it down. I’m over the look of this trite ‘washed’ color over the wood.

3. Au revoir Radiant Orchid (I was never all that into you). Bonjour blush. Come to mama.

4. Bye Bye Ball Jars. Bienvenidos ceramic canisters.

5. Adios cheesy decals. Please come in, cement tile. (There are, of course some awesome decals too–but I’m really bored with the run-of-the mill cheesy ones, what say you?)

By the way, if you haven't seen Justina's new studio reveal, here's a glimpse...

Go here to see the big reveal. 

Do you have any predictions for the coming year? What would you like to see be more or less popular? What are you tired of? What do you wish would make a come-back in the world of decor?

I've already got my ideas in place. Trends come and go. I, however, stick to my instincts. 

But this will predict what will be in stores and online for purchase. So it does in many ways drive our decisions in terms of decor.


  1. No predictions, just a funny kind of relief that Chevrons are going....odd how I disliked them so much.


  2. I have to admit that I just don't follow trends. I will always decorate my home with what appeals to me and I will always have antiques and vintage. I love plants and I have been looking for and selling vintage pottery pieces for awhile. I also started a PInterest board titled gray is the new white, so I guess i am in with some of the trends. :)

  3. I have mixed feelings about gray being the current neutral. I wonder how it make me feel during our frigid, dark winters. Bright colors and white are so cheerful! I do love pastels, also. Would like to see how they work with bright colors. I'm uncomfortable decorating with brass. I'm not very talented at arranging in general, and it seems brass looks "cheap" in my decor! Looking forward to seeing cottage boho...

  4. I am not trendy ~ I make my own trends. One "trend" I have always loved is boho. I had a boho apartment when I lived in New York. I think that environment encourages creativity.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  5. I'm definitely NOT into a return of the 60's look, I left orange in the dust lost ago and have no desire to resurrect it. And more clutter???? Who needs that??? And for goodness sake, now they are telling us which plants are 'in' and which are 'out'??? Ridiculous! The powers that be may try to dictate my design choices but I'm not falling for it. I think they do this so we have to buy more stuff to stay up with the trends. I choose what looks good to me and when I get tired of it I move on.

  6. This is not going to phase me because my overall style is so specific. I will continue to shop at antique stores and
    decorate in a Swedish farmhouse style. That is a specific style that doesn't follow trends.

  7. Goodbye, chevrons, I was never a friend to you! I'm like you, Brenda, have my own style. Last year was spent adding lots of color to my decor; this year I plan to paint more furniture.

  8. Hi Brenda! Well, count me out as I just don't do those trends. Hey, I don't even like burlap. I just know what I like, I don't know what style I decorate with. Maybe just traditional and you know how I love color! I enjoy seeing the white rooms but to me it's just not realistic and frankly, I'm rather tired. I love color and don't want to live in a black and white world! Interesting post, my friend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. So glad chevron is on its way out because I'm so sick of seeing it. I've never been trendy. I decorate in a cozy cottage style with lots of color. I don't care for gray at all. Looking forward to seeing your boho cottage style, Brenda.

  10. I'm not giving up my jars! Lol, I never follow trends but I did just paint my kitchen the yellow that 's in that gorup of paint, maybe I"m trendier then I thought

  11. Trends are just marketing tools to get people to buy more stuff. I can see adding little things to make things fresh but to actually paint rooms because it's the IT color seems ridiculous to me. Who wants to have a room just like everyone else? How boring is that? they beat everything to death. Like barn doors, at first it was interesting now it's just so contrived. While you're at it paint the room grey, chalk paint everything and call it French. It doesn't look French to me. I wish the trend would original!! That's not going to happen because hgtv, with the exception of about two shows, tells everyone doesn't matter where you live your room has to look the same as a place in another entirely different region. Oh my, this pushed my button hahaha

  12. Chevron...glad I never was into that trend. I do not like trends that are right in my face and chevron was everywhere. I am very eclectic. I like layering my bed with old quilts, I will continue to seek those on my treasure hunts. I love the big bold colors with a touch of that look. I will continue to stick with my blues/greens for the living area and my oranges in my bedroom for now. Those are my happy colors during this time in my life....but it would be nice to get a pop of magenta somewhere....thanks for showing us what will be up and coming.

    1. I just noticed the magenta color is on the OUT list. Oh, well. I still would love to have a pop of it.

  13. I haven't followed the trends since I developed my passion for antique and vintage decor. I do change my decor a bit though always leaning towards the "old". So now I'm changing things up a bit to have more of the vintage Farmhouse look that I'm loving right now. Blue has always been the constant theme however.
    The new bold colors they're showing now? Not a fan.

  14. Too funny - I read the comments and it seems everyone is saying what I am thinking. I love my bell jars - the sunlight twinkling through the glass on the window sill. Pastels are fine as long as they are my 1930'-40's ones and I CANNOT abide the orange and cobalt! I don't mind adding a new trend, but does anyone really scrap everything and start over with these new ideas? And I found most of these rooms cold, as in unfriendly. I am the "homey" type.

  15. Nahhh, can't do it. Justine's studio is too noisy with pattern and color. Hard for me to focus.

    Primitive will always have my name on it, farm like, ironstone, painted cabinets, warm, cozy, quiltie, hand stitched. Susan Branch? love, love

    ps. loved your lament on Christmas!!! I, at 70, have had most everything sitting at my Christmas table, except maybe a homeless person!!! However, if a few of the guests had not got their poop together, they could have been homeless!!

    keep writing. Sharon/Ks

  16. Oh-oh. I better take down my mason jars. LOL!

  17. I wonder where BURLAP and CHALKBOARDS fit in here, lol...

    OMG I was so ahead of the chalkboard curve when I purchased a simple one at Staples years ago for my grandkids to use out on the porch ha ha :)

  18. No orange. Just won't go there. I liked the Country Living best. I love free standing pieces.

  19. No, tell me it isn't so, not orange and olive green on the horizon. Now, if Ball jars are on the "out list", I will be able to find them again at the Thrift Stores. Yeah! I still love them in a window or holding a bouquet.

  20. Ball jars, burlap, chalkboards and reclaimed wood are here to stay in my house! I do like the orange and olive green though. I've always been drawn to earth tones, especially the autumn hues. Oh well, it's fun to see the trends though.

  21. I love the first and last images and decor in them. In the first photo I could do without the tan sofa. I think it is distracting. I love everything in the big reveal except the pink coloured hutch and the fuzzy/faux fur chair cover. The studio is decorated with all kinds of things I love: rustic bookshelves, Morrocan and Turkish cushions and blankets...just heavenly.

    As for trends I'd like to see disappear, I would say "chevron" and oversize paisley. I think you said in your post that chevron is out. Yeah! I actually don't mind it in very small doses but it seems as time went by some designers got carried away with it. I'll also be glad to see the end of chocolate brown. The other day I heard on designer on tv say that chocolate is out and jewel tones are back.

  22. Oh by the way, I don't "do" trends at my house. I'm very eclectic and like ethnic things and traditional things too as well as bright colours against neutrals. Even my bedroom walls are very different to most. they were painting dark blue when I moved in and dark blue they remain though I like it brighter elsewhere in my home.

  23. This was such a great lineup of inspiration, Brenda. I still love Ball or Mason jars (especially the blue ones) and burlap -- no comment about drop cloths, hmmm?.....but I still love it! I do like seeing more color, and the soft grays over stark white. I'm with you, though, I do what feels right for me. I'm usually behind with trends or never on with them in the first place!


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