Old Finds, New Looks

We are all on the hunt for the unusual. The unexpected.

Old boxes turned bedside table.

Mixing styles, such as these vintage suitcases and the more modern Lucite table.

Instead of the usual bookshelves, how about this industrial look?

Lots of vintage goodness in the above pic.

How about a ladder as a bedside table?

I love the textures here of rattan and an old table used for a desk.

An old rolling cart used in the kitchen or as a bar for entertaining. 

The above photo shows repurposing to the nth degree.

A place to put all things swimming and sunning at a cottage near the beach.

I love when I find something that could be a variation of other things. Dual-purposing is great for the small home!

{All photos via BHG.com}


  1. Brenda, So many cute make overs out there. When done right old can be mixed nicely with modern. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  2. gosh, there's a ton of great inspiration in these pics. That wall of industrial metal drawers has me salivating! You'd have to have just the right space for something that huge/wonderful. Laughing at your dual granny togs. Yesterday I stayed in my pajamas all dang day. I did change into different ones before my hubby got home...I didn't want him to think I was a bum...ha ha!


  3. such awesome ways to decorate rooms! love the wood planks behind the bead and that little green desk.


  4. Love using unusual things in different ways. Good inspiration photos!


  5. Love all of the looks...gave me some great ideas!

  6. Pencils in the grater...how clever! :) I like every single one of these photos / arrangements!

  7. I always enjoy the inspiration photos you post. Lots of wonderful and unusual ideas! There's something I love in each picture! Thank you...

  8. Wow Brenda - so much great inspiration in this post!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  9. Nothing better than repurposing the old into something new. Lots of great inspiration here. xo Laura

  10. I'm glad to meet someone else who loves color! So many are going white, and while that isn't for me it looks very pretty. Color just makes me happy. You have collected some lovely things in your home and I'm nuts about the outdoors. Guess we won't be seeing that for awhile. I sure hope you find someone who can help you with your ear problem. I'm familiar with tinnitus, and I hope that isn't it.


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