Six Fun Button Crafts

What about those colorful buttons in the flower pot above? Beyond cuteness!

A vintage variety button craft with burlap and lace.

Who wouldn't love this delightful little red button wreath?


Fabric-covered buttons. Think of all the possibilities!


A spool of wired flowers. Very creative!


I very rarely wear jewelry, but I think this necklace is a show stopper! I would wear this one.

Do you make button crafts? If so, tell us about them in the comments.


  1. These are all very cute. My favorite is the spool with the wired flowers :)
    xo Laura

  2. Wowwwww
    These are extremely cute and so creative!!

  3. I love anything with buttons. These are adorable!

  4. These button crafts are adorable! Thanks for the inspiration. I have saved a lot of buttons that are waiting for the right project! Love the first picture...

  5. Yes...I crafted with buttons. I got some old pearl buttons and old lace at the flea market this past Fall...and made necklaces with them.

  6. I didn't make it myself, but I have a cute necklace that is made with buttons and crocheted yarn that I used to wear once in awhile. There are a lot of neat things to do with buttons and these are really cute ideas.

  7. Wow! that's artsy! I loved all the cute inspirational ideas!

  8. I have some necklaces and rings from a store called Grandmother's Buttons. Go online and read her story. My sister gave them to me, not cheap at all. some of the pieces are old pieces of glass and buttons.

  9. Glued some vintage buttons from my mom's clothes to a light switch cover in my sewing room.


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