10 Free Or Cheap Ways To Improve Your Surroundings

It's winter and we're stuck inside a lot. We're looking at the same spaces and decor every day. And of course we get bored and want to change things up. I know I do.

So how can we feel better about our surroundings without breaking the bank?

Make Your Bed

1. This is a simple step and one we often skip due to lack of time. But I know that I feel better when I walk into my bedroom and the bed is made. 

Use Furniture For A Kitchen Island 

2. Shop your home, attic, basement or garage for a piece of furniture to use as a kitchen island. It will give you more horizontal space, and give your kitchen a whole different look.

Bring In House Plants

3. Bring green life into your home. House plants are relatively cheap. Plants purify the air you breathe. And I always feel happy when I see something green growing in my spaces. 

If you have a friend who also has house plants, maybe you can swap cuttings.

Make New Pillows Or Swap Them Out

4. Make or buy new throw pillows. An extra punch of color or just something you normally wouldn't be drawn to can energize your space.

Rearrange Book Shelves Differently

5. Take everything out of your book shelves. Give them a good dusting. And rearrange your things in a different way than you normally do. Shelves artfully arranged become works of art.

Get Creative With Candle Holders

6. Think outside the box when it comes to candles. There are all sorts of ways to arrange them, as in the photo above, that will make a beautiful display from objects you wouldn't normally think of using.

Change & Layer Tabletop Displays

7. Layer mirrors or paintings on a piece of furniture in a new way. 

Bring in fresh flowers or a plant and place in front of a mirror.

Change Tabletop Decor

8. Rearrange objects on your coffee table. Shop your home and find new things that you haven't used there before. It will give this space new life.

Get Creative With Washi Tape

9. Get creative with washi tape. There is no end to all the wonderful designs you can make with odds and ends of washi tape. Gives things a whole new look!

Create A Terrarium

10. Grow a terrarium. A little microcosm of nature. Bringing nature into the home gives you a little feel of the outside until spring arrives.

What ways do you change up your space without spending money or spending very little?


  1. All really good ideas. I try to change out pillows and re-arrange my collections in my bookshelves to change it up. I do get bored with it looking the same all the time!

  2. I love all of these wonderful ideas. Would really enjoy growing a terrarium for my coffee table. Thank you for the fantastic idea!

  3. Really good post. Gave me some good ideas to make a few cute little changes.

  4. I've been trying to do what you suggested here.. I've been thinking about getting some plants and have brought out baskets that I haven't used for a while.
    The ideas that you've shared are great ones, especially making the bed.. My two four legged babies get me up and go back to sleep in my bed, so the bed rarely gets made.

  5. I love all of these, except I killed my terrarium. I cannot leave my bed unmade. It drives me crazy. xo Laura

  6. I have to have my bed made. I have also tried incorporating more plants, but alas, I usually kill them!
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. Nice ideas Brenda..I will be making a couple of terrariums soon..the candles in funnels are cute..just a reminder..all lilies are poisonous to cats..

  8. OMGoodness! You hit it - I've done most of those things this winter - except the washi tape and terrarium ... though I did plant pails of succulents on our covered porch. You are spot on with the beds... feels good when they are made... a mood booster of sorts. ; ) ~julie

  9. All excellent ideas, Brenda! I personally can't sleep in a bed that hasn't been made. It's the one thing I have to to before I leave for work!

  10. Great ideas! One of my favourites is simmering some cinnamon sticks in water on the stove for a homey, just been baking, scent. Smells great and no calories.

  11. May try one or two of these, thanks for sharing. I try and change my hutch to go with the seasons...

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  13. Those are all such great ideas. i think the "make your bed" resonated most with me. That costs no money and it really does make me feel better about my home when it do it. I don't always do it either.

  14. I make my bed every single morning. I love coming home to a clean home where everything is just so. I love those candle holders! I just re-did my coffee table decor. I love it. Little changes here and there always make me smile. Because you Brenda, I have incorporated houseplants. I love them.

  15. I like these ideas. I always make the bed, that's a must. And I love houseplants and think my rooms look bare without them. I need to think about changing my pillows and coffee table decor.

  16. Also, if you sew, you can make slipcovers for your pillows. A cheap, quick fix that can change things up quickly and regularly.

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  18. I guess I need to make my bed, then! I do love having lots of house plants in winter, it compensate for the limited time (as minutes) I can spend in the garden before freezing!

  19. Wonderful ideas! I remember one time a friend said, "Kim time how long it takes you to make the bed and you see how little of your day it takes for an all day reward" So true!! I think of her every morning when I make my bed now.


  20. You are right with #1...my mama always said, "only white trash sleeps till noon and doesn't make the bed!!!"
    Making the bed, even if it is upstairs, just starts your day!!!! Seeing it made, gives your day a life-forword life force!!!!


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