Ideas For Staging Your Home

Staging Your Home Decor For A Quick Sale

In today's housing market, presenting a well-kept, spotless and perfectly staged home is essential to ensuring a quick and fair sale. While there are professionals who stage homes, you may do just as well yourself if you have an eye for decor. Here are some tips for making your home inviting and as attractive to buyers as possible.

Reduce Clutter

Get some boxes and pack up about half of your possessions. Closets, shelves, cabinets and attics will look far more spacious if they are not crammed with books, knick-knacks and out-of-season clothing. Pack up any non-essential items and put the boxes in a storage unit.

Beware of Blandness

Many television shows spout enthusiastic advice to employ a neutral color palette in order to attract the average buyer. This advice should be interpreted to mean that the lime-green tiles on the bathroom floor need to go, as does the bright orange accent wall in the den. However, earth tones are great. There's no need to create a blank, monotone home with nothing but eggshell walls and tan carpeting. Keep the chocolate trim in the dining room and leave the dark red accents in the master bedroom.

Inject Some Life

While real estate agents will advise you to leave your cat and dog with friends and erase any evidence of them, there's no reason to move your fish tank or live plants. In fact, if you don't have any plants, Gaddys range of indoor plants offer up a lot of different options. Any greenery, from cacti to ficus, can make your home look more inviting.

Show Off Your Furniture

Unless your furniture is stained or otherwise unsightly, take off slipcovers and tablecloths before a house showing. Your home decor shouldn't be shrouded when being shown, as covers can make the furniture seem far more bulky. This, in turn, can make your rooms look smaller than they are.

Let in Natural Light

If you live in an area where winter is brutal, you may have thick window treatments to help insulate your home. However, this can make your house look small and shadowy. Before the house is shown, tie the curtains back and allow the natural light to stream in. If your curtains are old and tattered, consider some low-cost replacements to perk up the room. Make sure the window glass is spotless too.

If you want to pump up your home decor and stage your home for sale, these tips will help you make your home inviting and attractive to potential buyers. These strategies will allow potential buyers to see the potential of the space, rather than being overwhelmed by your possessions and color choices.

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  1. Wonderful tips for staging your home. My mother is selling her home after 58 years. Lots of clutter. Looking forward to the staging part!

  2. We just had our first meeting with a realtor this week. The 5th time he mentioned getting rid of another tissue box (we have them in each bedroom and bathroom) I wanted to stuff the box down his throat. This is not a fun process.

    1. Sandy, sorry I had to laugh. We had our home listed for 6 months. I so agree. If I hear needs updating one more time.......... Getting ready to relist. I hate it.

    2. Sandy
      If one more RE person tells me to get rid of the clutter I think I'll scream!
      They ignore the sparse bedrooms and focus on the kitchen and dining room, where it all goes before it goes out the door.
      But I can tell you, I've seen some disgracefully cluttered houses on the internet RE ads, so maybe more people than we know think total clutter is nothing to bother about. Why THOSE agents didn't tell their clients to de-clutter before they would even take a single photo is beyond me!!!!

  3. my trunk is full with my 3rd decluttering:-)

    I may be staging my own home by May. We got the notice last week that transfer opportunities will be posted in late april and if the daughter sees something she's interested in, off we go..

  4. great post Brenda ! happy mid-week to you, Charlie and Abi :)

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  6. There are days I'd like to move, then I think of all that I'd have to do first. :(

  7. I wholeheartedly agree with all of these suggestions. Our realtor wouldn't list our home until we had finished purging and we were upset with her. She said most people look online and she wanted our pictures to look great when they were posted. She was so right. Our house sold in 7 weeks.

  8. Very interesting ideas. I am not selling but like the staging ideas anyway!

  9. Brenda,
    I just staged a home in FlorIda which had a bid in three weeks. Your post is terrific. I love that you said to use some color and plants. A home needs life to be shown in its best light.
    Happy Creating,
    Karen Marie

  10. Great tips on staging. I think decluttering is really important!

  11. Oh oh, I think they just described my winter home as being in desperate need of some staging (and not for a quick sale!) I love the advice and photos. Very inspiring.


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