Organized & Appealing Office Spaces

I no longer have a designated home office. It is part of my bedroom now. And I still haven't gotten it just like I want it yet.

I am trying to figure out ways to style it more to my liking. 

I love how the one above looks, with all the bright natural light. And the lavender chair is unexpected.

This desk is such a pretty shiny green. Seems to be in the Parsons style. Which was popular over twenty years ago. And it also has the benefit of a big window to gaze out of when in thought.

This is one lucky girl. With this big pretty office and hardwood floors gleaming. A nice plus is the window seat.

The very opposite is this one, tiny and tucked into an alcove. It has such a cozy appeal.

This one has what appears to be bright blue fabric walls, and the furnishings look striking in white.

This tiny spot one stands out due to the patchwork wall. It too is small and tucked in between what looks like closets.

Another small space. I could perhaps do something similar to this. But I can't attach it to the wall like this.

January will be here before we know it. And that's when organization is typically in many people's thoughts. 

Are you planning to get your space organized, or do you already have a nice space where you can find everything? I have to get busy before tax time so I can find what I need!

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