Six On Saturday: Share The Link Love

This week on Gardenista I was smitten with this cactus privacy "fence." I imagine it would keep burglars at bay as well!

Classic Casual Home wrote about styling your coffee table. I have to get back to this one and check it out more.

Rough Luxe Lifestyle joined Classic Casual Home in the styling of coffee tables.

Poor Kim at Exquisitely Unremarkable got hacked over at Wordpress, experienced something of a nightmare (as reflected in her drooping tulip leaves) and is back here with us on Blogger again.

Like me, Kim listened to all the WP hype and jumped into a pool of technical stuff that showed us we were WAY out of our element, and had to learn the hard way. But life is about learning. 

If you like WP and can afford it, great. I sincerely hope you don't get hacked.  

Life & Home At 2102 redid her closet. This reminds me of a place a stylist would use to change out items for home magazine photographers!

Tone On Tone showed his gallery wall display and a chair to complement it. 

Farmhouse 5540 showed off some rustic blue and whites in her pretty farmhouse home.

Back Porch Musings set a beautiful new table in her new home. She can set the most gorgeous tables!

Confessions Of A Plate Addict showed us ways to bring a touch of spring into our winter homes.

Pam from House Of Hawthornes wrote about how life is like photography, and shared that life is not just new lamp shades or thrifted finds. 

Pam, I commend you. Life is certainly not just pretty pictures. And I don't know about you guys, but frankly I get bored fast with blogs that only show those pretty pictures. 

Life is day-to-day reality. 

Sharing your downs as well as your ups builds a special kinship. And as a blogging community, we can help and learn from one another. And also circle the wagons when one of us needs us it.

Share the link love.


  1. Thank you so much Brenda for featuring our Project Design How to Style your Coffee Table post! We really appreciate it!!

  2. Hello, Brenda -
    Thanks for sharing my post. What an honor to be included with my talented friends. And wonderful to find you. Cheers from snowy DC,
    PS - Adding your site to my blogroll.

  3. Thanks so much for this feature...some of these awesome posts I've seen...but I want to check ALL of them out again this am :) Happy Saturday!

  4. This is one of my favorite series of posts that you do. I always find a blog or 6 to love :)


  5. I love those coffee tables. I wished I could put more on mine, but Hubby loves using it as a foot rest. HA! HA!

  6. I am in love with the farmhouse blue and whites. xo Laura

  7. Thanks so much for the feature, Brenda! I am honored to be included in your Six on Saturday! Have a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  8. I too enjoy this series a lot. I have an old wooden tray I never finished tole painting, and I'm in love w/that green one! Just might have to bust it out and give it a new purpose in life! Hope the puppies are much better today.

  9. Thank you for including me, Brenda! I have to tell you that ever since I saw that cabinet and blue and white fabric at Farmhouse 5540 I have been obsessed with that vignette! I feel the need to rework my whole kitchen now :)

  10. Lots of neat ideas, Brenda...thank you! I have to visit Pat. We were in touch a long time ago...I loved her style. What the heck happens? People go off my radar. Right now I'm dealing the blogs I follow by email no longer showing on my email. This is frustrating and also hurts a lot of feelings. I've gone to a few blogs to re-subscribe and I can't because I'm "already following"!!! Not sure what to do. Rooooooar!

    Jane x

  11. I am headed over to check everyone out. I didn't know about Kim getting hacked. I was thinking about going to WP about the time you had your issues. I started, but never followed through.

  12. You have such a talent for choosing beauty and style. I could get lost for hours in these blogs.
    I feel so in adaquate when I look about my garage apartment after reading these but they are inspiring
    Hope the Pups are better today. For a long time your blog would not let me comment but it seems to
    be fixed. Some of the bogs have been getting hacked lately as a reader and especially Pinterest has a lot of virus attached to pins so I do not use it any longer. A Pinterest virus crashed two Kindles and a laptop.

  13. Great bunch of links you have here Brenda.. I'm going to make sure and check them all!
    As to getting hacked on WP... I wouldn't know. I've been on blogger the whole time...but in August of 2013... my blog was SCRAPED... and if it can happen to me... a little bitty nobody blog, it can happen to anybody.
    It's all over now and the blog is gone...and my content has been removed from... where-ever, except home, it's rightful place...but it was a long hard road.
    No blog plat-form is immune, I guess you can say.

    have a great week!

  14. I'm so late in commenting here, but THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for this wonderful support! Truly, it means a lot! I appreciate you featuring my Decor organization Brenda!!!!


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