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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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Staying In

The snow has not yet begun to melt. The dogs have gone from looking at it oddly to accepting that their feet will sink down into the wet stuff.

Despite the snow, this mourning dove came to visit us. Isn't it beautiful? 

I'm not going out into this stuff. And when it's gone and it warms up some, I am going to paint this small table. 

I'm wondering? Lavender? Pink? Those are two colors I haven't used yet. Turquoise that I already have?

I shall let these indoor beauties keep me busy and happy until spring comes and I can plant out on the patio. I'm wondering what will come back up from last year?

I must have an aloe vera plant in case I get burned. Pinching off a piece and squeezing what is inside soothes burns so quickly.

This tall beauty is a form of mother-in-law's tongue. Or some people call it snake plant. And some call it by it's real name: Sansevieria. It is just another type with its tall variegated spikes.

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Brenda Pruitt
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  1. Oh, Brenda, I love your new header!! The colors are wonderful!!
    I hope you and the pups stay safe and warm.

  2. I'm inspired to go get a couple of African violets after seeing's been awhile since I've had any, and I'd forgotten how much I love them!

  3. Amazing picture of the Mourning Dove. I just love their cry. So different from any other birds that visit. I've decided to get a couple of new indoor plants. Your mother-in-law's tongue has a very interesting look...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Well I love staying in but here it is so nice. Wish I could send you some of our warmth. We have been picking oranges today for juicing.

  6. I keep offering to send you my weather and you can send me the snow, but so far nothing ;)

    I hope it warms up for you there, so that the 3 of you can get outside.


  7. Brenda,
    Your houseplants always look so healthy. What is your watering schedule and what kind of plant food do you use?

    Also, I vote for lavender on the table.

  8. I love houseplants this time of year. They encourage me that spring will come and there will be green outside then, too. Yours look great.
    I have some painting to do, too, and am waiting for it to warm up. xo Diana

  9. I think lavender for the table would be so pretty. I am so jealous of the snow everyone has. I just wish it would rain here more often. This will be like the third or fourth year in a row California has had a severe drought. But the 72 degrees feels so good.

  10. Are you not watching Blacklist anymore? I miss your recaps! :)

  11. What a great shot of that mourning dove. I can't wait for it to warm up so I can do some painting. RIght now it is too cold to do much of anything. xo Laura

  12. Lavender is so pretty, so is pink. Good thing I don't need to decide! Hope you are staying warm in this weather. We have another snow advisory from tomorrow through Thursday. Maybe it will pass us by. I don't go out in the snow anymore. To afraid of a fall on the ice and breaking something. Hugs to the pups! They are so cute!

  13. I think it's best that you do stay inside especially with your ankle situation. The picture of that dove is beautiful! I think we're all sick of the cold now and desperate for Spring. I know I am and we haven't had the brutal winter that others have had.

  14. I love mourning doves. I don't know which color you should choose. I like them all. Lavender does sound like fun!

  15. That's a beautiful shot of the mourning dove. I love them too. Did you know that people used to keep them as house birds in the south? Probably not legal now but the one in your photo does look as if he/she is trying to communicate with you.

    Yes, stay in, don't fall.

  16. How about a deep, vibrant purple for your table? Behr used to have a color called Heliotrope that I used on our Adirondack chairs and other outdoor furniture, and it looked so good with all the greenery in our garden. I know whatever color you choose, you will make it sing!

    The photograph of the dove is have such a gift.

  17. I love your shot of the mourning dove! I haven't seen any here this winter, but they'll show up come spring. Your house plants all look so good. I need to replace a few of mine. It's pretty bad when a pothos bites the dust, but that's what happened.

  18. It's going to be bitter cold tomorrow and the next few days. I have a dentist appointment and need to drive past Ohare airport about an hour away. A little nervous about that. A new header I see...wish I had your energy level. Whatever color you choose I know I'll like it!

  19. Beautiful morning dove! I love seeing all your plants. Are you redoing your house in the Bojo style?

  20. Everything is beautiful "in your patio garden apartment world" Brenda.. You're outdoing yourself again. Your plants are a refreshing addition to all of your new colors..
    Your dove is beautiful.. I have some that come in pairs to enjoy the seeds that drop from my bird feeder. The cardinals have been so pretty sitting on branches of my evergreens that are covered in snow. They've been coming in pairs too.
    Do you know how to do macramae ? spelling ? I remember all of the plants that I used to have hanging from my ceiling in that kind of hanger back in the day.. I don't guess you could hang plants though. Maybe you could do something else with it..
    Enjoy your day.. I'm not going anywhere either until the snow is gone.

  21. Such pretty cheerful colors - I need more of those in my life! Time to put away the pinecones and think about spring. It's sunny here. Hoping you get some sun sometime soon, too!

  22. I've been liking pink lately, so I vote for that.

    Beautiful dove, and Debra's right ;).

    We are still in Florida, and it's COLD! Guess there aren't too many places to go where you're guaranteed warm weather in the states.

  23. Love all these bright colors! And the dove is so sweet!


  24. I love, love all of your photos, and the one of the dove is AWESOME!!! I wish I had your talent for taking pictures. AMAZING!!!!

  25. I too think you need some macrame hanging plants in your conservatory. You plants are beautiful.

  26. I'd read that you got snowstorms your way. So much fun cleaning little puppy paws! Can't wait to see what you do w/that table.

  27. I love the new look! The header looks great! And your plants are so lovely. Trying your advice on the watering test. They seem happier. But two of my succulents are suddenly quite sad. We'll see if they make it. Hope you're having a great week!

  28. I am with you on staying in from this frigid cold weather..I stocked up on everything so that I could..and I don't have an appointment until next Thursday..I feel sorry for the pupsters since they have to make their little trips outside for potty time..It's a hard choice between pink and lavender..whatever you choose I'm sure I will love it..Stay warm & safe..the three of you..

  29. Lovely! It is best to stay in for sure. We are in the process of moving.. not a good time for that but we have no choice. Can't wait to see what color your small table becomes. Stay warm!

  30. Brenda,
    I think the anticipation of what will come up, when you are still in a relatively new home, more fun then knowing what will come up. But there have been times in the village gardens when I tenderly guarded something new coming up and then found out it was a non-flowering weed! Still, it is fun. ~Ginene

  31. I am so longing for spring! I bought some tulips yesterday just to cheer me up. I was just thinking about what I want to plant in my containers this year. So fun to ponder!

  32. Your mourning dove is beautiful! may all the birds soon be singing to you dear brenda.... and i just want to say - i am so thankful to have reconnected with beautiful you again - though i believe in this universe we always remain so....xoxo

  33. Beautiful images, Brenda. What an amazing photo of the mourning dove. Our snow is starting to melt, but the porch is still wicked-slick. Not going out! Looking forward to seeing your painted table.


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