Why Should You Install A Home Security System?

If you're concerned about ensuring the complete security of your home, the time to act is now. After all, no neighborhood, no matter how wealthy, no matter how remote, no matter how "insulated" from suspicious activity, is ever one hundred percent secure. So, it's an excellent idea for you to be proactive about making sure your home is as safe as possible from the ill intention of home invaders. 

How Can You Be Sure You're Safe?

Home security in the 21st century is an issue of statistics. As the population increases and more and more people move out of the cities into the suburban areas, they unfortunately tend to bring with them many of the negative issues that affect large urban areas. 

If your neighborhood is one of the areas that is being adversely affected by an increase of criminal activity, it's imperative for you to act quickly to bring the situation under your control. You can do this by installing a home security system that will keep your property under the watchful eye of full 24 hour surveillance cameras. 

The advantages of keeping your home under surveillance are obvious. Most burglars and home invaders will move on to the next property rather than risk being captured on video.

Likewise, even if the worst should occur, the persons who commit robbery or vandalism on your property will be quickly identified and brought to justice for their deeds. The mere presence of a fully operational surveillance system on your property will deter all but the most foolhardy criminal.

The Very Best Way To Secure Your Home From Harm 

If you're on the fence regarding the purchase of a home security system, there are a number of factors that you should very seriously consider. For example, if you want all of your precious family heirlooms, keepsakes, and other items to remain in your possession, it's a good idea to keep them under the eye of a never blinking surveillance camera. 

If you have small children, you'll certainly want to ensure that they stay free from harm. Installing a camera in their room to keep an eye on them will not only maintain their safety, but will also discourage them from getting into trouble that the camera will record. For these and many other reasons, a home surveillance system is a must. 

Hard Wired Or Wireless: You Make The Call

Today's modern home security systems generally fall under two categories: hard wired or wireless. Both types of systems have their special merits, although the choice you make will be dictated by the specific needs of your family, and the size and extent of your home. Before you make your choice, it's an excellent idea to consider the size of your home, as well as the size of your budget. 

If you spend a great deal of time away from your home, whether on business trips during the month or at social occasions during the weekends, it may be best for you to install a wireless home security system that you can monitor via your cell phone or tablet even when you are miles away. 

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  1. When I was a young, single mom of two little girls, I had an alarm system installed in our small home. Just the basics, so really affordable. Worth every penney, for the peace of mind it gave me. I went wireless when I found out how ridiculously easy it is for a criminal to cut the phone line.

  2. I used to have a monitored system at one of my houses. I complained each month about the monthly charge. When I moved I discontinued the service but left the monitors in place. A couple of years after I sold it someone did break in and the new owners had not reconnected the service. That taught me a lesson about being to tight with my money in certain areas.

  3. I agree with you about the value of a security system. But I use one that brings us far more joy - a loyal, grateful rescued German shepherd/lab mix who doesn't allow even the mailman at the curb to go unannounced! She is a real sweetie, but the sound of that deep bark is intimidating - and hopefully a deterrent to a burglar!


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