Before & After Kitchen Photos

Some of you asked that I show before and after photos of the kitchen. So here is the before after I moved in...

I had just taken off the three cabinet doors. I still had the stove, and the refrigerator I had moved over where my baking station is now.

So then I had them come get the stove, which unfortunately was the nicest appliance here.

Then came the black and white checks. And I put black contact paper over the counter tops. 

Fast forward to today, still less than a year from moving in, which will be April 14...

I took down the black steel hanger above the washer. I figured I could put that space to better use...

Now my cookbooks (that I rarely use) are in the basket. My detergent and fabric softener are in the Thyme box, and my bleach is in the herb box hanging from the side of the cabinet.

You can see it a little better here.

One thing I forgot to tell you that I also did was put little battery operated lights under the cabinets below. That was always a dark area. 

Now I have two little round lights that stick to the bottom of the cabinets and give me two levels of lighting. Cost: About $20.

This is one of the two settings. Comes in mighty handy! So that's a kitchen redo twice in less than two years. And I really like the clean look of this one.

Tweak It Tuesday #135

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(NOTE: Some of you have photos that are too small for me to enlarge.)

Now let's see what you've tweaked this week...

Before & After Furniture Makeovers

I just love before and after photos of "reloved" furniture. Paint and detail can make all the difference!















All photos courtesy of You can find them here.

See you later for Tweak It.

These Dreams

"Yet it is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top." - Virginia Woolf 

Of late, my dreams are filled with strong emotions. Anger spilling over into sorrow. 

As dreams often do, they are a collage of things and people I've known in my life. Bits and pieces of me.

I don't know what my dreams are trying to tell me, if anything. But I feel like dreams send us a message of some sort. Like little seeds scattered in our brains. 

It may be convoluted, but I feel that it is trying to convey something to me. And I can't decipher the message.

And little memories are floating to the surface. Nothing vitally important. Just little things. 

I remember not feeling the cold, and everyone else is wearing a coat and shivering in the Oklahoma wind. 

I remember running through the tall rows of corn in summer, the bristly stalks brushing against my arms and legs, making a shushing sound. The sun glowed through the top of the thick rows and warmed my head.

I remember watching the children in my class playing at recess. I sit and wonder what to do. How to be one of them. 

In some ways, they are an aggravation. An irritant that assaults me with their loud talking and screaming over nothing.

They seem so carefree and their play is so animated. I don't know how to talk their talk, and I don't live in their world. I live outside it looking in.

I remember walking home for lunch, and wishing I didn't have to go back. Yet I didn't want to be where I was, because I didn't really feel like home was a nice warm cocoon that sheltered me either. 

Both places frightened me, made me feel like at any moment anything could happen to capsize my world.  

These memories are pieces of me. Pieces I don't always feel connected to. But I must be. 

These dreams are made of me. But maybe they are just dust motes that drifted into my thoughts.

As a child, I watched others scatter seeds into dirt that miraculously grew up to be flowers. And seeing this happen year after year led me to believe that nature was solid and reassuring, and it moved through the seasons no matter what. 

And that fact, the one thing I could logically depend on, made me a gardener. 

I look at the sun shining down on the patio, and I watch the tulips swaying in the slight breeze through the patio door. And I feel reassured. 

There is a certain measure of security, of calm serenity, in watching nature. The fact that the wheels keep turning. And the seasons, like clockwork, keep changing.

That in winter it will snow, and in spring it will rain. And as it does every year, April showers will bring May flowers. 

Birds will build nests and watch over their eggs. And then move on when it is time to go. 

I remember lying in bed at night, next to an open window that looked out over the back yard, where a slight breeze came through. I would stare out into the darkness through tiny squares of screen. I heard a train in the distance rumble through the night. The faraway sound that goes clackety-clack as it rushes over the tracks. 

The horn became a sad song that blew and blew. Until it passed on through. To places unknown. 

I wondered where it's destination was.

I sow my seeds. Scatter them in the dirt. 

And while I sleep, nature tells the seeds to grow into flowers. Season after season. Just like always.

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant." - Robert Louise Stevenson

Six On Saturday

I love to cruise through Blog Land and see what my friends are up to. 

Oh my, isn't that beautiful? Springs flowers in jars. Breathtaking over at Peonies And Posies.

Over at Comfy Cottage, there was some mayhem this week. One of the kitties broke something. This one, as you can see, is perfectly innocent and taking a nap on a quilt.

Wisconsin Magpie got crafty and decoupaged some baby chicks! Aren't they adorable?

A Breath Of Fresh Air baked some scones. That icing looks divine!

Aw! Look at the duck and her babies floating in the water over at Down To Earth Digs.

Look what The Farmer's Daughter found! Aren't they springy and colorful?

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