Bathrooms: An Important Aspect Of Our Daily Lives


The Ideal Kick-off To A Perfect Day

Getting out of bed is something most of us have to do every morning, often with a certain degree of difficulty. Whether it is because we haven’t slept enough or because we are enjoying those morning dreams, our bed is just calling us to stay a bit longer under the covers. 

We might offset our alarm for a few extra minutes of sleep but only to delay the unavoidable: we need to get up and get ready for another day at work. And whilst we might never be too happy to get up, there is always that best part of our mornings to look forward to: a nice refreshing shower to awaken our senses and make us feel alive again.

The most important room
Our bathroom is the first room we are going to spend time in, it is the place where we make the transition from being half asleep to being awake and positive, ready and happy to face another day. 

In fact, we are often not our true selves until we emerge from our bathroom, and this makes it the most important room in the house when it comes down to starting our everyday routine. 

Our bathroom is the room where we have our first intimate moment of the day. It is that necessary bit of "me-time" before we have to face our loved ones and the outside world. 

When having our shower and pampering ourselves in front of the mirror, we get to enjoy that moment of peace before the storm which is our everyday busy lives.
Having the right bathroom

As it is such an important part of our everyday life, it is important that we build the right bathroom. From its functional aspect to its aesthetics, we want something which we are happy and proud to use; as well as something which looks and feels comfortable to our eyes. 

Only a bathroom which functions and looks the way we want will help us to properly start the day. The opposite can be said of a broken, non-functioning bathroom: it just makes the day worse before it has even started.

Finding the right components

Whether it is the feel of the floor, the looks of the tiled walls, how well the room airs itself or how good the sinks and showers are; we need to equip our bathrooms with the right components in order to help us facing another day. 

Luckily, there is a lot of choices out there, both online and in the shops; so we can choose the right components for our bathrooms on all different kinds of budgets. 
When looking online, we can get showers from ABL, as well as may different sinks and taps. Some of those are beautifully designed to provide us with the looks we want; they are also very cleverly engineered to give them the desired functionality; making the most of our house’s plumbing. 

Variety and choice is the key to getting our bathroom to be the right room to kick-off our perfect day.

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  1. I just love how many of he bathrooms on-line are huge or at least biger then mine.Where there is acualy oom to move around My bathroom is more the size of a guest bathroom in some homes. But then the little time that I spend in there it doesn't have to be all that big. I am not one to spend time in front of the mirror anyway. Too each their own I guess. Not saying that a small bathroon can't be pretty though.

    1. I agree with you. I doubt I've used a mirror to look at the back of my hair in almost a year! My bathroom, as you know, is apartment tiny!

  2. I totally agree with all your points. It is a very important room and the right components makes a huge difference. I really like the yellow lights in second bathroom.. color does wonder to any room!

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  4. The bath we remodeled 4 years ago is the only really nice bathroom I have ever had. It is still small, and is the only one the house, but it makes me happy every day. It is clean and bright, has lots of storage, and is the right size. I had no idea how much a nice bathroom would change my life. It is so easy to clean, and to keep clean. It has a new window that I can open without standing in the tub and using lots of muscle. It has a small vanity that will hold a curling iron, and my toothbrush. It is a joy.

  5. Those baths are gorgeous! I really do need to do something with mine.


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