Lots Of Snow & A Great Time To Read

Yesterday it snowed in the morning. Then it started sleeting and snowing. Then it went back to snowing. All day long. 

The patio has mounds of snow. The pots look like frozen snow cones. Other items are barely discernible.

The dogs have never seen snow this deep. They want to dig in it to see what's underneath.

Abi is looking at her foot, as if to say: "What on earth is this stuff stuck to my foot?"

I can look over the wooden fence to the person's roof just behind me, and you can barely tell where the roof ends and the sky begins. The sky is almost as white as the snow.

At night, I look out the patio doors, and it as though a light is on, the snow is so bright. It seems to be lit from within. 

I worked inside during the afternoon, painting. I shall show that when I'm done. 

I finished the book "The Forgetting Place."This book caught me SO by surprise at the end, that I had to read the last few chapters over again to make sure I got it straight. 

If you like psychological thrillers, you will want to read this one.  

From what I can tell, he's only written one other book:"The Absence of Mercy,"and I definitely want to get my hands on this book.

Right now I'm reading: "One Mile Under"by Andrew Gross.

Whatever your plans, whether you're snowed in or living on the beach, have a great day. If you're in a cold region like me, it might be a good day to make chili, put your feet up, and read a good book by the fire.


  1. Hi Brenda ~ Wow! Look at all that snow... Glad your pups are enjoying it. Bet you are ready for warmer weather though! I love all your big galvanized tubs. Stay warm!!

  2. You really have been hit by the snow. It is raining here today and I am so grateful to see it start to melt the snow. March is unpredictable, but it carries the promise of warmer days ahead. xo Laura

  3. You have a LOT of snow for your area! We didn't have as much snow this year but we sure had the cold temps! Loving the pups in the snow.
    I am going to look for The Forgetting Place. xo Diana

  4. So much snow! I love how it lights up at night. We had only a dusting here and now it's raining. Great day for reading. I'll check out those books you mentioned.


  5. Wow, Brenda, you have a lot of snow! We're due 50%-80% chances of rain and storms for the next 5 days here in Alabama. You and the pupsters stay warm!!!

  6. the snow is so pretty since it's so thick. We rarely get a lot of snow here in GA. I'm sure you're ready for it to be gone though. I do like psychological thrillers, so maybe I should check out those books. Thanks for the suggestion.

  7. The snow finally stopped falling here. Finally. I love books with great endings such as that!
    Stay warm.

  8. We haven't had any snow but just the usual cold/warm/rainy/sunny ways we do winters here in my little woods.

    Stay warm!

  9. I had 8 inches here in south central Missouri yesterday.....many bad wreck and deaths on Missouri roads yesterday.....I stayed safe at home.....rain tomorrow....50 by Thursday.....

  10. I love it when it looks so light outside from the snow. We haven't had any snow this year except for one piddly little snowfall that melted right away. It's been in the 50's here.

    Have a great Sunday Brenda!


  11. Snowing here in Ohio...going to get 5 to 7 inches. We've had a lot of snow and bitter cold temperatures this winter. I'm so ready for Spring.

  12. Im one of those on the beach and i enjoy seeing your pretty snow pictures....the snow capped mr. Sun on this post is BEAUTIFUL and i love it! Hang in there.....spring comes soon and you will be back out there in your lovely little patio gardens amongst your plants and flowers. We have a courtyard and so enjoy our container gardening, just like you. We do quite well with vines for some reason and i love watching over my morning glories and moonflowers each summer as well as our other flowers and a few vegetables....last year we had good luck with green peppers. Think i may branch out to some herbs this summer too. Which ones do you think are easiest for beginners and which ones SMELL BEST? Our climate is hot and very humid....tropical in summer. You have a nice Sunday and take care of that foot!

  13. Love seeing Abi figuring out what on earth happening to her foot. Beautiful photos Brenda. You canlook back on them in the heat of summer as a reminder of what cold felt like.

  14. I've been reading a lot, too but not because I'm snowed in...but because of being so sick. Can't wait until spring and warmer weather when we can have our windows open and see green grass once again!

  15. It's been snowing here since very early this morning Brenda..I had plans to go browsing antiques but I am not going anywhere in this..I am putting those books on my list..Poor pupsters cold little toes...Brrrrr..

  16. I've been crocheting most of the day, Brenda. Stay warm, sweet lady!

  17. The Forgetting Place was a page turner, I had to reread and I am still not certain of the ending! A true mystery.


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