One With Nature

Where just a few days ago, the tulips were barely emerging from the soil, today I see they've grown by several inches. 

I awaken now every morning to the sound of birds singing.

I was making coffee and heard birdsong out on the patio. I saw a little titmouse wren, actually quite a few of them, flitting from spot to spot rapidly, as they are wont to do. 

They were in the dead remains of a Kimberly fern from last year. Maybe they will nest there. By the time I open the door to get a better look, they are gone. Drawn together in a group, they fly beyond the rooftops

The robin sits at the top of the still naked branches and calls out. It reminds me of the town crier. 

The mockingbird sings a myriad of songs, all that's in its vast repertoire. 

The red male cardinal calls to his mate. 

I grab my camera, always close to the patio door. I go out and stand still. Watching, waiting. Trying to pinpoint where they flew to when I opened the door and startled them. 

Abi goes out and gets in a chair and sits in the sun, one of her favorite places. Charlie goes about searching and inspecting and sniffing. 

This is one of the most peaceful times of day for me. While many others are sleeping in on the weekend. No delivery trucks groaning down the road or alley next to my fence. 

I look about the patio and it is in chaos from winter. I must get to work and set it to rights. But the weather is still a bit cool.

I need to start cutting the dead growth from my flowers and herbs and give the roots a chance to renew their energy. 

When I was a child, one of the most wonderful experiences for me was when Mrs. Lipsky, my fifth grade teacher, took a small group of us early on a Saturday morning out to bird watch. 

We followed along behind her, mimicking her soft steps, looking up into the trees, silent. I was in my element. 

Early morning before most everyone was up, the sun not even high enough to shine down on us, we trekked through the quiet. 

I suppose that is where I learned to observe the birds, be alert to their chirping and learn to identify them. It fostered my burgeoning love of nature that is even stronger today. 

The world can be a chaotic place. Electronic devices fill up the silent moments, taking away the joy of just walking down a street in peace and quiet. We are besieged with sounds everywhere we go.

Still the birds do what they've always done. 

I hear more and more of them every morning. Seeing one today that wasn't there yesterday. 

Because of all the things that I cannot control in my environment, that I cannot mute in a loud society, this remains much the same as it did when I was a fifth grader trekking through the woods. 

I have simple needs. I may be a complicated person who cannot share in all that society has to offer. But I can stand on my patio with my camera, and be one with nature. Even though a busy road is just a block or two away. 

These moments are some of my very favorite ones. Relying on my eyes and ears. Waiting for spring to come. 

I may never turn on a radio or listen to the news on TV. But the birdsong warms my heart and calms me like nothing else can. I am thankful for the internet, where I can follow along and find out what is going on in the world in silence.

This is as close as I can get right now to being on an island, surrounded by water. Immersed in silence, but for the sounds that nature brings.


  1. This is a really beautiful post, Brenda. Spring truly is an awakening of the senses and we want to shut out all of the artificial noise to enjoy the sounds of nature. It's all a little muffled for me and I very rarely have any background noise on...the TV or music. It gives me a headache to strain to hear even if it's something I'm not interested in. Just reflexive.

    Enjoy your nice weather. Great here, too!

    Jane xx

    1. I hear too much, and you hear too little. Too bad we can't make a deal of some sort!

    2. I hear too much, and you hear too little. Too bad we can't make a deal of some sort!

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts Brenda...

  3. Hello, brenda, what beautiful pictures !!! I wish you a nice sunday, love greetings from angie

  4. I understand what you're saying Brenda. I, too, am waiting for the day I get "commune" with nature in my backyard.
    I'm so glad you planted some tulip bulbs last fall. They will surely be a joy for you to see.
    I don't blame Abi for relaxing in the sun. Your fence must protect her from any wind that is blowing.

  5. Brenda, It is looking like spring at your house. I love to hear robins. Probably because it was the most common bird in our yards growing up. Your doggie looks cute squinting in he sun. Hope you tulips bloom to perfection. xoxo,Susie

  6. This was a beautiful post. I admittedly (and embarrassingly) usually rush through posts, not paying particularly close attention to the content, more the pictures and links.This post immediately took hold of me as I read thoughtfully and purposefully, relishing in each and every word. Thank you for this - you helped to slow me down and enjoy the silence as well :)


  7. One of my favorite things to do is to sit outside in the quiet, listen to the birds and the wind in the trees. It calms me as it does you. Enjoy your day.

  8. Oh to sit outside without any 21st Century noise, just sitting and listening to nature with no interruptions. Wouldn't that be perfect? I love to hear the birds flirting with their songs again and the beginnings of leaves rustling in the wind. A perfect time. Have a wonderful week. Chel.

  9. The sights and sounds of nature are restorative and food for the soul. There's just nothing like birdsong and the rustle of wind through grass and leaves. This is a beautiful post, Brenda. Visiting from the Over40 group.

  10. Love the outdoors when all are sleeping and only the breeze rustling the leaves, songbirds, and the sound of bees buzzing ring loud...nothing better!

  11. I've been hearing a lot of birdsong, too! It's wonderful! Enjoy the beautiful signs of spring all around you, Brenda! I like simple things like you do. They're the best!

  12. Others are very few birds here now, but they're coming soon.

    I never understood why people keep their tvs on mindlessly. That would give me a headache.

  13. brenda, your words express the heart's desire for the love of nature and the pure and simplistic gift that it is. be still...and know...that i am my favorite passage..and when i am still, and listening to the gifts of his creations, i know i am with him. it is a recognition of life, of precious creation..a gift that, when we are still and take notice, we unwrap the beauty that is of pure innocence, pure beauty, pure joy. i am so happy that your birds bring you the joy that makes your day brighter. the doves, sparrows, blue jays and crows that visit my yard make me smile. and i talk to them, too....i "caw caw caw" at the crows and they actually talk back to me. it is hysterical! my hubby laughs at how they banter back and forth. really, it is a lot of fun.


  14. ps: give your little pupsters a big hug from me!!

  15. You always find the best birds to photograph in your backyard! I think everyone is having better weather this weekend. I've noticed birds singing in the morning too and crickets and frogs croaking at night. It's sounding more and more like summer. We actually turned on our A/C today! It was hot here (warm enough for shorts and sandals)!

  16. There's no music like the sweet sounds of nature. I haven't heard the peepers yet, but it won't be long.

  17. The birds have been quite active and noisy here lately. I love it, because every though the ground is still covered in snow, their songs are the sound of warmer weather!

  18. Such a beautiful post, Brenda and I can relate to relishing the quiet and just watching nature unfold in its beauty before us and observing the comings and goings of wildlife. I can't stand the drone of a TV either, especially the news. I don't even have a radio in my house. If I want to listen to some music (and I have to be in the mood - and then that mood depends on what music I want playing), I have a very old ipod with the same songs that I've had on it for years, or I might play some music through my laptop speakers (rare). I prefer silence. I do love to hear the birds singing and chirping when I have the windows open though.

  19. What lovely words to welcome Spring. I am a big nature person as well and love, love, love birds. I think it might be time for me to find my husband's not-being-used camera and teach myself photography so I can get some awesome shots of my favorite creatures.

  20. Beautiful, Brenda. You have created a haven of your very own. I have never understood why people have to have music or a radio talking when they are outside. The sounds of nature are so much better.

  21. We don't realize how stressful and tiring is the constant background noise that surrounds us until we come to a place of nature'a silence ... and just breathe.

  22. We don't realize how stressful and tiring is the constant background noise that surrounds us until we come to a place of nature'a silence ... and just breathe.

  23. I love this time of year when everything is waking up, and morning is my favorite. time. The sounds of nature seem to be at their finest then. xo Laura

  24. I love my birds. We have 4 feeders. The chirping of birds is my zen. My peace. My calm.
    Thank you for the post. Great pictures. I can never seem to capture my birds! Lol

  25. Brenda, you write beautifully. I could almost hear the birds singing their songs.

  26. Hi Brenda.... I'm catching up on blogs ! Was so far behind the times and missed everyone. So happy Spring is "springing up". Although here in the deep south - we had like one day of Spring and then it got really warm LOL I need a place that is 65 year round HaHa.


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