The Blacklist: The Longevity Initiative

I've had lots of things on my mind lately, and have not written about The Blacklist, which began last month. But I'm watching, and readers are wanting to know when I'm going to dish. For you who don't watch the show, there will be another post later today. 

James Spader, ever the master of secrets, continues to dazzle. His gestures, the twitches of his eye, his mouth, always says a great deal. He shows his emotions in this way, and it is far more effective than if he'd actually spoken.

The photos he was gazing at toward the end of the show; to me they looked so much like a young Elizabeth. What did you think?
Will we ever get to the bottom of that confusing story? 

On her 31st birthday, what is she pondering? What she thought she'd be doing at this point in her life? Be married? Have children? And that elusive dream had seemed a real possibility with the man she loved and married.

Does she still love Tom? A man she thought she'd come to hate. Can you do away with vestiges of love just because you desire to no longer have them?

Tom Keen is not the mild-mannered school teacher she thought he was. He was raised, we now know, by a man for the purpose of doing his dirty work. 

Does this make us see him in a softer light? He became what he was because of a man who was uncaring, and whose sole objective from day one was to train and use him to do his bidding. A man who, without emotion or remorse, almost killed him last night.

Does the man we know as Tom still love Liz? Is a man raised without love capable of feeling it? 

He went to court last week and said he murdered a man to get her off the hook. But then the law and Red had a hand in that, and he walked free. Another sleight of hand.

Last night's episode was about a rich man seeking immortality. The one thing you cannot buy. Despite the billions you may have amassed. A narcissist's dream.

He hides behind his money and layers of underlings, and doesn't seem to have to account for his terrible acts. Which is to fund unscrupulous experiments upon the most vulnerable of the population. Those who cannot speak for themselves.

Then there is Harold, who you can't help but love, and who has a ticking time bomb in his head. And a "friend" who gives and then takes away, and then gives back a clinical trial that might pause the time bomb and give him more time.

Will he be swayed to protect those he should arrest and hand over to the court system for more time with his wife? 

Could you blame him if he did?

And the doctor, who is seemingly the actual villain. But in this complex episode, is he really? He kills people doing experiments on them. Is it for immortality? The rich man is paying him for just that. But it is a ruse. 

No. He only wants to bring his fiance back from the distant place she permanently resides with a brain injury that cannot be reversed. There because he fell asleep at the wheel one long ago night. And she was the one punished for it.

He finally throws in the towel. He cannot save her. He puts a gun underneath his chin and pulls the trigger. 

For love? For the loss of love, and the mere thought of going through his life without her? For the guilt he feels?

This man named Raymond Reddington wields a lot of power. In some ways he seems sinister. He kills when he has to, or when it serves his purpose. 

But what is it all for? What is the memory he seeks to either hide or replace in Liz? For the person we know as Elizabeth Keen, what is the connection?

A troubled young man, made so by those who should have loved him. Who you thought you knew, but didn't. Who fooled you and hurt you and played you. Is it possible to still love such a man? This is the question I believe the character who is Liz is asking herself. 

Because although he deceived her for such a long time, there must have been moments of true love they can't just erase because they want to. 

Wasn't last night's episode really all about love? Love for life, for a man who will do anything so it will never end? For Harold and his devoted wife. For Liz and Tom Keen, who shared a marriage she thought was real. 

For Raymond Reddingon, whose motives are far from simple. But I believe love is at the bottom of it.

There is an inexplicable sadness in his eyes, and I wonder when and if we'll find out exactly what happened to put it there. 

So many motives directed by love. Or the loss of it. Or for the pain of growing up without it. 

They say people kill for love or money. Maybe sometimes it is for both. 

For the truly sinister, perhaps it is neither.


  1. I'm a pop culture TV junkie, but I haven't seen this one yet! Everyone is talking about it .......... I'm behind the times. I watch a lot of sit-coms and BRAVO shows. Nothin' better than a fun show :)

  2. I have not seen the 3rd season of this show yet - it is the 3rd season isn't it or are we just starting the 2nd? I have lost track- I will need to catch up on it.

  3. I have to catch up on the show before I read this. xo Diana

  4. I loved last night's show. And yes, I do believe Lizzie still loves Tom and vice versa. It's such a compelling series, isn't it, with all the twists and turns of the behind the scenes stories AND James Spader's amazing acting. I'm excited for next weeks season finale.

    1. Oh drat, is next week the season finale???

  5. Last night was so good,,,, but I did have to look away for a bit w/ the gore in the scenes w/ Tom. The previews for next week look to be really good. Is it really the end of this season already?? So many twists and turns. And what is the Fulcrum that Red is so interested in which Lizzie has??


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