A Quest To Declutter

More and more, I feel this desire to streamline my possessions. Get rid of clutter. Live more simply.

I took everything off this buffet but the galvanized tray with books and candles. It gives me a sense of calm to sit on the couch and look across at it's clean and unfettered look.

I like the clean look to my little gold table and red chairs. I like to see the sheen of polyurethane I put over the paint in the light from the window. Somehow it pleases me to see that shiny surface.

I took everything off my coffee bar but the essentials. The rest is on the shelf of this potting bench above. Sugar, spoons. And my ever present coffee bean candle in the vintage jar.

I like the idea that I can just get my coffee, sit here and gaze out at the patio, without having to move anything out of the way. 

That is my new motto: If I have to move anything out of the way to sit at a table, or to use a piece of furniture the way it's meant to be used, it must go.

This hutch still has quite a bit of stuff on it. But I've taken things off, looked at it from all angles, and put the things back.  

I can edit, but I don't want to take away from what makes a spot unique and pleasing to look at. Through my eyes anyway.

I've moved at least half of the house plants outside to spend the summer and suck up the humidity that plants so love. 

Maybe as I get older, I just want things to be simpler. 

I've lived in grand houses and not so grand houses. I collected a lot of stuff because the "acquiring" of that stuff gave me a little "high" of sorts. I don't feel that anymore.

Before you know it, those collections feel like extra weight you're dragging around. It gets heavier and heavier with each move. 

Objects you love don't seem so unique when they're amid too many other things. 

I have cleaned out my two closets and continue to throw out or give away. 

I go out into my beautiful patio garden and feel such serenity. I don't want to ruin that by walking inside and seeing a clutter of objects that don't really mean anything to me. 

So that's my new quest. Edit, delete. Edit, delete. Until I can look around me and feel that sense of peace I feel when sitting outside.

If you're in the same frame of mind, you might try this. Edit a surface. You can always put whatever it is back. But live with it edited a day or so and see if you like it. 

I don't have much space. And the space I do have, I want it to reflect my need for living more simply. 

I'm joining Foodie Friday & Everything Else at Rattlebridge Farm and Home Sweet Home at The Charm Of Home.

Wordless Wednesday 4/28/15

Rainy Season Blooms

It has rained. And rained. And rained... See the water hovering in this rose bloom?

Yesterday I went out with my scissors and cut some of the long trailing alyssum and brought it in. And some geranium blooms.

I tried them here, in the dining area. But they didn't seem to get enough light to frame them properly.

So I moved them into the living room. By the window. It has been so overcast and rainy there isn't very much bright light right now.

Oh, how I love red and white. Any color and white really. The contrast is just so pleasing to the eye.

Something is eating my beautiful clematis. Anyone know what it could be? This is the first time I've actually got clematis to bloom. So I'm at a loss.

If my little fairy garden critters are hiding from predators, they're doing a pretty good job. Lots of growth in this rainy season.

Are you getting rain for your garden where you are?

Tweak It Tuesday #139

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Okay Tweakers, let's see what you've got this week.

Trash To Treasure Repurposing Projects

I love to see old things made into something altogether new. Repurposing is my favorite way to decorate these days. 

Now this girl is not wasting a thing! Of course her blog is all about being "green." It's called Totally Green Crafts.

Great use of an old beat-up table. An instant beverage bar.

I don't know about young girls of today. But in my day, this purse would have been considered very hip.

Oh, super cute!

Now this would be mighty handy for craft projects.

If you happen to run across some old game boards at a garage sale, just look what you can do with them!

Finally. Something to do with those old magazine pages you hate to toss.

Don't throw out those jars and bottles. Look at this kind of boho look these have been given.

A damaged door knob finds new life as a hose stake in the garden. And it even looks pretty!

Before you toss, give whatever it is a second look.