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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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A Topsy Turvy Morning

This morning I woke up and could see that Abi was sick. Drops of blood across the floor. I feared pancreatitis, which they both are prone to, so called the vet.

They said get her in here, so across town we went. Charlie was so upset to be left behind.

I try to catch these things early. And that was good. Because it was only colitis. They had me stay with her. Abi is very prone to anxiety when she can't see me, so this kept her calmer.

Then back home we came. Charlie was so happy to see us. My day has now started out a bit topsy-turvy. 

Add to that I didn't sleep much last night. And I'm a bit turned around. 

Haven't had my breakfast or coffee. The day will be running behind.

Here's a tip for your garden and yard birds. See that glass in the pot? That was the top to the big jar of marbles that I broke. The top survived. So I put it in the soil and added water for the birds. No waste!

I can't believe how fast everything is growing! It's all the rain. Just take a look at the fairy garden, photo taken a day or so ago...

Now that's some fast growth! I love the little animals sitting amid the plants and herbs.

I think we have more rain in the forecast for the weekend. So all the plants will get lots of nurturing. It will be good for their roots to take hold before hot weather sets in. 

Have fun in the garden today!
Cozy Little House
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  1. Your patio garden looks wonderful. I'm so happy Abi was able to return home today. Our toy poodle suffers from bouts of colitis; it turns out he can't have protein from poultry or grains except rice, so he is on a limited diet dog food. Basically, now he does pretty well, as long as he doesn't eat something he shouldn't; he sneaks cat food sometimes.

  2. You just gave me a GREAT idea! I have a Yankee Candle holder I no longer will be a perfect bird bath or bird feeder in my garden! SCORE. Thanks!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hugs to Abi and Charlie. Your patio gardens look lovely!

  4. I'm so glad Abi is ok. I know you were worried. Give Charlie a hug for me. Your garden is beautiful!

  5. Oh no, puppy trouble! Glad it all worked out, but yes, those babies, kids or furry, can throw a monkey wrench into your plans. No rest for the mama! Pretty garden, Brenda.

  6. Glad Abi is doing okay. That is always scary when we don't know what is going on. Your plants are looking great. We, too, could stand a bit of rain. xoDiana

  7. Poor Abi. It must've been scary to see blood. I'm glad she's home and doing well. Our pets sure need a lot of care, don't they? But they are worth it.

    Your gardens are so pretty. I can't wait for things to pop around here. I need to get a head planter and have ivy cascading from it.

  8. I'm glad Abi is okay. Always scary when they are sick. Your garden is already so lush. We have had so much rain here too, but tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny and 80. Can't wait. xo Laura

  9. Your gardens amaze! So glad you found an apartment with that wonderful patio.

    I sure hope Abi is back to normal asap. I know it's worrisome.

  10. Poor Abi! Glad she's getting taken care of. You're a good Fur Mommy! Good idea about the glass lid! We're getting tons of wet weather, too, and I am so looking forward to the sun eventually coming out!

    Take care my dear! I hope you sleep better tonight!

  11. Glad Abi is OK, it is very hard when babies are sick ! I love your fairy garden!

  12. Great idea about the lid. I never used to think of leaving water for the birds in the summer til you mentioned it, now I have two watering holes for them! Shame on me, especially in our summer heat out here. Hope the succulents I sent you survived and are thriving.

  13. Whoops, hit the post button too soon. I'm glad it wasn't a severe case of colitis for Abbi. Always so scary when they come up with something wrong.

  14. So glad your Abbi is going to be ok. Love your pretty!

  15. Just love that fairy garden planter and pleased that Abbi will be fine.

    Have a good weekend

    All the best Jan

  16. You're a good mama! Our pets are so precious!

  17. That would have scared me to death! You definitely take good care of your babies.

  18. Poor Abi, that was quite a scare. I hope your day righted itself and that are ending on a good note.
    Your fairy garden is wonderful.

  19. Love the lid turned into a bird bath! The garden is looking so good. So glad that Abi is OK! Our babies can worry us so much. My day is all topsy turvy also. My grandbaby was born last night and I was up late and had Tiger with me so we are all tired today but happy!

  20. So happy you caught it early :) We send love and get well wishes for Abi. Yall have a nice w-end!

  21. I'm so glad that Abi is ok. Poor baby. I know how awful colitis is since I take medication every day of my life to keep it away! It can be scary with the blood too. I really appreciate all of the help you gave me with my blog today. I hope it didn't interfere too much with all that you had going on. Your plants are looking so good. We have had rain all week too and it is not going to let up this weekend either.

  22. I'm so sorry about your pet. :(

  23. I'm glad Abi is's so scary when our fur babies take ill!! What a fabulous idea how you recycled the glass lid for the birds! Going to do this in one of my flowering pots this summer!

  24. So happy Abi is heart just breaks for them when they are not feeling well. They look so sad and can't tell you what is wrong. Your fairy garden is so pretty and you know what they say about April showers!
    XO Barbara

  25. So happy Abi is heart just breaks for them when they are not feeling well. They look so sad and can't tell you what is wrong. Your fairy garden is so pretty and you know what they say about April showers!
    XO Barbara

  26. We have that blood thin once in awhile too. The vet just says it's from her throat being irritated. Things are looking nice and springy there I have been trying to comment after your last post but my computer is no working well at all. When I use my Kindle words get misspelled so badly.

  27. I am glad your topsy turvy day turned out ok....I love your garden pictures because it gives me hope that I can some day do the same thing :)

  28. Your day turned out good, thank goodness, and everything on the patio is right on. Happy, happy..

  29. Hi Brenda. Poor little Abi! I pray she gets well really soon. You are a wonderful doggy mommy. Your plants all look so good! Good idea too about the jar top. I've got a lot of work to do in my yard and probably need a lot of help! :P
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  30. Sending healing thoughts to Abi. xxoo

  31. I would have freaked out over Abi and the blood. Was she given meds? Milo is not acting really lethargic with the phenobarbital, just weird. How do you tell the vet weird? Cowering by me during the normal course of the day...not wanting to go outside, going to his dog bed well before bedtime. I's the new normal but it upsets me. I hope he gets used to the med soon. Then it will be surgery and I have to deal with him in pain. Gosh, I just love him and wish he could talk to tell me what he needs. I know you feel the same way.

    You have SO much blooming. I love the glass lid in your planter...I have one from a cloche that broke. Yes and yes!! 80's today and it's been in the 60's and 70's all week but we are back to rain and 50's next week. That's the upper Midwest for you.

    Have a good weekend.

    Jane x

  32. Hi Brenda, I'm so sorry to hear that Abi's not well. I have a smallish dog and a medium sized dog. Unfortunately, my little guy has had pancreatitis so I know all that illness entails. I'm not sure what symptoms are for colitis in dogs but I know that colitis in humans can be quite awful.

    I personally had some bouts of pancreatitis brought on by gall stones becoming stuck in the 'tubing' between gall bladder and stomach. Horrendously painful and much worse than the gall bladder attacks which preceded the pancreatitis.

    I watch my little guy like a hawk now. He is on a special diet from the vet and I know he is having a flare up when he begins doing strange 'downward dog' yoga poses. The stretch poses mean get him to the vet!

    Knowing how painful the attacks are is what worries me. My little guy is such a happy and good-natured fellow that he doesn't complain until really ill. :o (

    I was personally very lucky. My gall bladder attacks which precipitated the pancreatic issues made the doctors take a much closer look at me. Apparently, I had a small baby-sized tumour attached to my pancreas. The specialist I was sent to couldn't believe I was still walking around alive. *sigh* When I would complain of feeling very unwell, my primary care doctor would tell me that I was just getting older and everything was normal.

    Anyway, give your fur babies a hug. My has overtaken the chair and left me perched on its edge. That's okay by me. I'm away at work all day and he likes to be close by when I'm home.

    I'm still waiting for warmer weather so that I can purchase a few pansies until the tulips pop up from the ground. Your garden photos do me good!

  33. Colitis sounds pretty miserable to me. Poor Abi!! I hope she recovers fully very soon. It's so hard when our sweet pets are not well.

  34. Colitis sounds pretty miserable to me. Poor Abi!! I hope she recovers fully very soon. It's so hard when our sweet pets are not well.

  35. Hope Abi's feeling better tonight. Wow, your garden is amazing, Brenda. I love all your galvanized garden tubs. I haven't put out anything except the little purple pansies from Easter. We haven't had a freeze in several weeks, so hopefully it's good to get some pots out and plant some flowers. I love geraniums, so that's what I'll be looking for soon, your fairy garden is really going great!

  36. Hello Brenda, Oh how I love reading your blog. You are part of my daily routine. I am sorry for little Abi. I have a two little Yorkie's that I love dearly. So far they are healthy and doing ok. I am the one that gets separation anxiety when I am away from them. They are such a comfort to me. I love seeing your cute little patio area. I too have a tiny space outside. I do have a spot of grass. But mostly a cement patio. Your season is much further ahead of mine, here in Utah. We don't start to plant until May. I am so anxious for spring to get here. Thanks for sharing your life. You are an inspiration to me. Hugs, Karie

  37. I'm sending healing vibes to Abi. Please give both of your adorable pupsters a hug for me. It's always so scary when our furbabies get sick! Take care, Brenda.

  38. Hugs to Abi. The garden is beautiful.

  39. Thank goodness for no pancreatitis. I'm with you. Catch it early. Why make the little ones suffer.
    Congratulations to you. You made the trip cross town and back! Well done!

  40. Glad to hear that Abi's illness wasn't too serious. She's so adorable :o] Your garden is looking gorgeous. I went yesterday and bought 3 - 5' evergreen shrubs to start planting along the fence. I'll have to buy them a few at a time over the summer to be able to afford it but these are from Costco and they were only $19 each as opposed to around $30 to $40 anywhere else! I'm excited to get my backyard looking at least a little presentable! It's a hot mess, the prior owners didn't take care of ANYTHING!!


  41. Poor little Abi, I do hope any medication and hugs will heal her soon, you must have been worried sick. I agree with you about everything growing so quick. Over this side of the pond things are bushing out and growing like mad! Take care xx

  42. So sorry to hear Abi isn't feeling well...I hope it passes for her soon!
    Your garden is lovely! I am going to finally make a fairy garden, I have a big galvanized tub...and this morning I found a cute bag of little gnomes at a garage sale.

  43. You must have been so worried! But it's great she could come back home with you.

  44. Glad to know Abi is back home and starting to heal again! Our furry kids sure to keep our hearts beating faster in good ways and not so good ways! Charlie needs the extra hugs, too, and I'm quite sure he was just so excited to know you and Abi were back home.

    You seem like an entirely different person when you talk about your garden. Actually, you sound the same way you do when you talk about Abi and Charlie when they are both well. Lots and lots of love.

    It's still a bit cool here (London, Ontario) for any planting outside to be done. The general date is May 24 weekend (think that's the same as your Memorial Day). I can't wait that long, though. I am so determined to get some plants this year for my balcony especially some pansies with their beautiful faces. I need to do some sleuthing online to find out how to get rid of squirrels on the balcony (I'm on the 7th floor) or at least what plants they might not like. I don't want to hurt them but I don't want to go to all the trouble and expense of having a garden to have some critter use them for dessert. I really like the little yellow petunias you have growing in the pot with your new bird waterer (great idea!). Are those the type of petunias that need to be dead-headed? I had heard that squirrels don't like petunias. Can't remember if it's the smell or the feel of them. I find them sticky so it might be both. I'll find out.
    All the best to you and your furry kids,

  45. Thankful that Abi is going to be getting well soon, and your garden is absolutely thriving! I know how much love, nurtruing and tending gardens take-that is why yours is blooming with joy!

  46. Glad Abi is feeling better. Wow, you have a great head start with your flowers! I'm in southern IL and we really can't plant anything yet - in fact, we are in a cool snap right now. My grandma (and many from her generation around these parts) did not plant until after Mother's Day, so I always plant around that time too. I really have a hard time waiting!

  47. Poor little Abi... I'm glad she's going to be okay.

    Your garden really is coming in fast! It's beautiful, Brenda :)


  48. Hey Brenda! So glad Abi is better... just like kids, you never know what you are going to wake up to...
    Glad he's ok. Your garden is beautiful <3
    xo Susan


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