Food & Fresh Air: Eating Outside In The Garden

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Sometimes, there’s nothing better than alfresco dining with family and friends. Digging into tasty food while enjoying fresh air and blue skies might give you that instant holiday feeling — so much the better if you can do this in the comfort of your very own garden. 

Admittedly, in the middle of summer when temperatures soar, it can get a little sticky outside. However, the early spring and later summer offer the perfect conditions for outdoor dining.

Expand your entertaining space

Like lots of people, you might sometimes struggle for space indoors. The thing about creating an outside area where you can eat and drink is that you instantly expand your entertaining space. 

Whether you’re having all the family over for a feast or you’re throwing a party for friends, your yard should give you that all-important added square footage.

Create a cozy spot

Of course, to really relax and enjoy yourself in your garden, you and your guests must be comfortable and cozy. The trouble is, if temperatures suddenly drop, the heavens open or the light fades, your outside space may quickly lose its charm. 

Fortunately, there are some simple garden design tips that you can follow to help ensure your yard always looks and feels the part, no matter what’s going on with the weather.

For instance, so that you’re always warm enough, even after the sun goes down, you should invest in outdoor heating solutions. From large to small, there are plenty of products to choose from, so you shouldn’t struggle to find versions that work well with your outdoor area. 

For the best results, make sure you have some shelter overhead to help trap the heat. This will also protect you from any downpours so that you don’t have to dash inside at the first hint of rain. 

For a quick and inexpensive shelter, buy a sturdy parasol. Meanwhile, other, more elaborate options include everything from retractable awnings to attractive gazebos.

Some stylish, comfortable and weatherproof furnishings are a must too. Popular materials for garden chairs and tables include wicker, rattan, wood and mesh metal. 

For added luxury, consider padded seating. Whether you’re sipping on a drink or munching your way through sophisticated meals, good quality furnishings will improve the experience further.

Another top garden design tip is to incorporate outdoor lighting into the space. Then when night falls, you and your guests aren’t automatically plunged into darkness. There are a host of innovative illuminations now on the market. 

For practical purposes, recessed decking lights can be ideal for dining areas and post lights make a great addition to pathways.You can also enhance the aesthetics of your yard, consider placing some decorative LED spike lights around features like flowerbeds, ponds and rockeries. 

Outdoor fairy lights can also make a welcome addition and they look especially great when woven through trellises or around trees.

By following advice like this, you can create an outdoor area that you’re truly proud of and that makes the perfect setting for some alfresco dining and entertaining.

(Post written by Chrysty Miles)


  1. I love eating outside when the weather is nice. We like to do picnics also!

  2. Why is it, the first thing I noticed about the picture is the girl on her phone? I guess that must really bug me! Okay, I'm over my rant!
    We entertain, often, on our covered porch. We're in CO so we don't get the horribly hot, humid temps that many places get but we do get fairly warm in the summer. My hubby wanted to put a swamp cooler on our porch and I thought he was nuts. After our first family picnic (with the cooler) I thought he was a genius! It was 98° in the yard and a very comfortable 80°ish on the porch! Nothing better than getting together with family & friends on a porch or deck!

  3. I love eating outside at dusk, my favorite thing. Love the picture of Andrew and his hat. He is a cutie!

  4. As long as the bugs are kept away I love to eat outside. xo Laura

  5. Food always tastes so much better eaten outside, doesn't it? We do don't it often by ourselves, just when family is home visiting. It will be time to get our picnic shelter cleaned up soon!

  6. Eating outside is one of my favorite summer pleasures! I could really use a heater, and a gazebo, AND better lighting! Oh, and fewer mosquitos!


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