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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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Spring Pleasures & A Bistro Table

It's still coolish here. Have to turn the heat on at night. I knew I put those little black stoves up too soon.

But I was in an organizing frenzy, and they went into the back of one of the closets.

I've been dusting a bit. All this rainy weather has the arthritis in my back acting up. So I have to get up and move around or get stiff.

So I've been doing and changing things a bit.

The benches that held all the plants have moved back here, where they were once before. It is time for some of the plants to go outside. It is their growing season, and I have a good bit of shade in case it gets too hot. 

So then I had that space in the so-called dining room, and wanted to make good use of it over the summer. So here's what I did...

I can't get a full-on shot to save my life. Just not enough room. You recognize my brown wicker chairs. Which, I might add, are indoor/outdoor chairs just like my red ones at the gold table under the living room window. 

It's always smart to go that route. Then you can just take them outside and spray them down! They seem to be more durable. And of course if you need outdoor seating, you can take them outdoors.

I had the red table outside, so I just brought it in and cleaned it up. 

Now I have a spot to drink my coffee or eat while staring out at the lush plantings on the patio. I can thumb through cookbooks or just sit and enjoy my day.

Purple sweet potato vine and pineapple sage. Oh, does it smell heavenly!

The clematis vine is sporting white blooms all over. Soon the vine will be at the top of the fence. It was the first thing out here this spring to really take off.

My oh my, I have color everywhere! I so love to mix perennials and annuals with aromatic herbs.

You can barely see the fairy garden creatures. The bunny is at least a foot tall, and soon it will be hidden if I don't start cutting plants back.

I think one of my very favorite DIYs in the past month is this simple window covering. I smile every time I walk in here. And it's so simple!

Just goes to show that you don't have to have your pretty linens all folded and stored away. Bring them out and enjoy them!
Brenda Pruitt
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  1. Your linens really do look pretty hanging at your window, Brenda. You created a wonderful spot to drink coffee and enjoy all of your lovely plants and flowers on your patio!

    1. I thought and thought of what to do with that window. And then that simple idea came to me. Sometimes simple is best.

    2. I thought and thought of what to do with that window. And then that simple idea came to me. Sometimes simple is best.

  2. You have been busy! That sitting area is fantastic, and the tip about indoor/outdoor furniture is such a good one... I had used our patio chairs in our dining room for the past few months, but was able to barter some babysitting for a new (to me) dining table. It needs work, but you can't beat free! With a four year old in the house, hosing things off is definitely ideal, though. When I can purchase a table, I will definitely keep that in mind. All of the colors in your garden are gorgeous.... and the vintage linen valance. So much good stuff!

    1. Can't beat free, you're right. You could paint it, decoupage it. The sky is the limit. But considering you have a young one in the house, probably a good painting and then polyuerethane to seal it. I've found that constantly wiping down just a painted surface doesn't work for long.

  3. Love that you created a space that you can see your garden. I noticed a b & k on your shelves, did you cover those with paper? they match your Boho look so well. I'm in need of some garden time soon. Still so busy with baby Rosemary and Tiger.


    1. A wonderful reader sent me those initials. They are so Boho and I just love them!

  4. Definitely spring cleaning time, huh? Major topic of conversation for me since the renovation. :)

  5. Everything looks so pretty. I love your dining area. And I just sigh when I look at your garden growing so lush and green. That's what I am, green with envy for your green thumb!

  6. Love all the colors! When you know what you are doing with color it is so beautiful. :-) I love the metal tub garden, thinking I might have to do something with mine. :-)

  7. wow that is awful about your blog- I did not know such things could happen. I hope you get it straight and dont continue to lose money. she looks disgusting.

  8. Hope this makes it to your blog do you fix it???? I just love all of your color! Target has a ton of BOHO themes linens and bedspreads, all kind of stuff this summer!

  9. It is so good to be surrounded by colour ... just lovely.

    All the best Jan

  10. You are brilliant Brenda. I really hate thieves. They are just about the lowest humans I can think of. I hope that you can figure out how to block her from stealing your traffic.


  11. I'm so sorry about your blog problems. If there is one thing I hate (and I know that's a strong word) it's a thief. You work so hard and have such a beautiful blog and to think there are people low enough to try to take it from you. i hope you can get this resolved but more than likely this is not even the person or people behind the crime. Again, I'm so sorry but I hope you know how much support and love you have from your loyal readers. Amy

  12. Woops, I just typed the best message to you, and I lost it. Well, what I wanted to say is you have the cutest home, and little patio area. I need you to come to Utah and help me with my teeny tiny yard and patio area. I am trying to do the things you are doing. But, my season is behind your area. And my elevation is over 5,000 feet. But I try. Your plants are so gorgeous. I am so sorry you are having some many problems with your URL to your blog. Your blog is is cute and fitting. Cozy Little House. Don't give up. I hope you can get it all straightened out. The world is full of thieves, one sort or another. Good luck. Hugs to you, Karie

  13. Looking good Brenda! I started working outside in my backyard last weekend. I'm hoping to be able to get out there this weekend too but the weather is kind of iffy right now.


  14. Brenda, your container plants are lovely. My purple clematis is blooming right now! So funny, I did the same thing with my bedroom window treatment. I am so obsessed with vintage linens but I really do use them! Happy weekend!

  15. Love the linens hanging in your window...and all your beautiful plants and flowers out on the patio, too.

  16. I love what you did with those linens too. The little seating area is perfect :)



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