Spring's Next Performance

It is overcast. I'm looking out the window at the many sparrows eating the sunflower seeds I put in the feeder. They seem to be the most brave of birds, when it comes to bird feeders and getting a good spot on the feeder.

A couple of mockingbirds perched up in the tree that is putting out leaves. 

Of course I couldn't resist the pretty annuals down the street at Ace Hardware. How could you when you're sitting at the red light and there just off the street the colors wave in the breeze? I swear my car just veers over there of it's own accord!

Speaking of cars, mine is a 2006, and all I've done thus far is buy two tires when I first moved to Tulsa, have the tires rotated, and have the oil changed when it says to. I have less than 39,000 miles on this Pathfinder.

My SIL is going to help me buy tires this weekend. He said the other two are goners. 

I go into a place where I know next to nothing, and everything they tell me flies right over my head. And right into my pocket book. 

Makes me nervous just to think of trying to decide which this and which that, and do I really need this and that RIGHT now. I am an easy mark, for I don't want to drive a vehicle where something could happen and strand me. My ankle would not thank me for that.

Last week, when I went out three days in a row "on a whim" put me back in the boot. I shall have to pace myself better. 

The tulips have pretty much made their bow and are leaving the stage, making way for those plants underneath them in all the containers. So pretty while they lasted. 

Now it's time to clip off the tired and sagging blooms. Hate to see them go, they put on such a wonderful performance. 

Don't cut off the leaves. 

"When tulips are done blooming you should dead head them and try to keep the leaves green as long as possible. Meaning water the tulips when soil is getting dry. After the leaves die back you can either choose to dig the bulbs up and divide them or keep them in the ground during the summer. We advise to dig them up at least once every three years."

Start concentrating on what is coming up now. Keep it watered, but don't over water. I know. Easier said than done. 

And now you can watch spring's next act. It will be a beautiful one. While we all sit in the audience and watch the next performance.

Oh, I see a young male cardinal out on the fence, and now it's at the feeder. Got to go grab my camera! 

I wonder if it will be like last year? I wait for the young male to bring a new companion around, worrying that he is lonely?


  1. Oh, happy day. I'm glad your SIL is going to help you get new tires for your car.. I wouldn't know what to get for mine if I had to go by myself.
    It's wonderful that you have only 39,000 miles on your car. I'm heading for 90,000 on the car that my son gave me, but, of course, he had driven it for quite and while and on long trips too. I'm just so glad to have the 2007 Santa Fe.
    Your growing season is so far ahead of ours in Va. My tulips haven't started to bloom yet, but my jonquils are about over.. I never cut the leaves.. Just let them die down. Sometimes I will tie them together to keep them from being unsightly.
    My forsythia is beautiful now.
    Take care of your ankle..............there's a lot of gardening ahead. I think your car must just turn it's self right to where the flowers are.. It knows how you are about flowers.
    Enjoy your day.

  2. My SIL has helped me with my car and new tires and I so appreciate it. Good to have help with these things. I love cardinals, and your flowers. Spring!!


  3. I absolutely HATE doing car stuff, Brenda. Glad your son-in-law is going to help you out! Great pictures, as you always have here! xo Diana

  4. So glad your SIL is helping you. I know you appreciate his help. He is a very important part in the bridge you are building. Love the pictures, as usual.

  5. Your photos are just beautiful. I'm not sure I've seen a mockingbird before. Thank you for sharing your Spring through the screen :)

  6. UGH!! Hate car stuff. Still saving for my repairs. So glad you have your SIL to help you. Our tulips are just now at their height. We have had so much rain here that everything is waterlogged. xo Laura

  7. Oh goodness, I know just how you feel with the car having a mind of it's own when a gorgeous bloom is spotted.
    I am actually surprised I have not run off the road-I am itching to take some photos of Bluebonnets, such a challenge though as most of them are along the Freeway and I just do not feel comfortable getting out of my car.
    Beautiful photos, Brenda.

  8. Great photos Brenda. You always have a knack for good pics. I love mockingbirds. They sing so many songs...love them. I wish we had them here in our area. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  9. Speaking of car stuff, I need to take our old mini van into the shop for a checkup. Hate doing that because they always find something wrong :( I really should get rid of our ancient van. But it's good for hauling mulch, furniture, etc. Love your pretty flower pics, Brenda. Cheers!! L

  10. I get so nervous with things regarding my car but my son decided last year to go to college and study car mechanics so all I have to do now is ask him to take a look and then he comes with me to the garage. They try to blind me with science until I call my son over and repeat what they have said - they soon back down! I knew my son would have a use one day :-) Beautiful photos Brenda! I am regularly going off track to see something different in the every day and park up if I see something to photograph xx

  11. My car is 2003. I pray that "Martha" makes it until the end of this year. I have named all my cars. So glad to know I need to keep watering the tulips after their heads fall off. I am going to dig them up and put them in plastic totes and store them in my shed. Happy Hump Day....Happy Middle of the Week!

  12. My car is 2006 too! I say to myself that I want to make do with it until I die. That would be ok if I die in 2 years. I can't bear the thought of car payments.

  13. I always hate taking the car in for an oil change. They always talk me into something that hubby says he could have bought much cheaper elsewhere.
    I love mockingbirds, but haven't seen or heard any yet this year. The cardinals keep me busy filling the feeders. One was sitting on an empty feeder yesterday and kept looking toward the window. I think he was trying to tell me something. So I trekked downstairs and out the door with sunflower seeds just to please the pretty boy!

  14. I know next to nothing about car and I'm always worried when I need to make a decision. In September I couldn't open my trunk anymore and for a month, before I took a decision, I had to reach the trunk by folding the back seats!

  15. It seems car repairs arent at the top of anyone's list of things we love to do ;). How nice that you have support.

    We can't have bird feeders. The bears get to them in a flash. :(

  16. Thank you for the tulip info. my first ones have finished blooming. Sheila

  17. Hi Brenda, I am not a fan of car stuff either. I'm glad to leave all that to my family!! Glad you are getting some help for new tires.
    Thanks for the Tulip info.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  18. I have never heard or even seen a picture of a mocking bird. I thought they would be bigger. Great picture.
    So glad your SIL is helping with the car stuff.
    You really are an inspiration to many. I haven't commented lately on your diagnosis, but I admire your ability to keep going ahead, even before you found about about the spectrum. And you are going out and about, just take care of that foot.

  19. I often forget to appreciate the fact that R.H. takes care of my car, I don't even pump gas. I must remember not to take that for granted.

    Your garden must be a delightful place to sit and enjoy, Brenda! And will be even more so as time goes on.

  20. I enjoyed all your beautiful photos, as always. Your mockingbird picture that shows both the side and the back views is a great tutorial in identifying them--the unmistakable white patterns on their wings give them away, especially in flight. We seem to always have some mockingbirds around our house and I like hearing their medleys of songs (except at 4 AM when the males are looking for some companionship!). Hope you got a good shot of the cardinal.

  21. I'm so enjoying your petunias! They are beautiful! Keep those pics coming...us northerners need inspiration! ;)

  22. Hi Brenda,
    It's almost disheartening to read your posts when I see the beautiful blue skies and new spring growth. Yesterday, there were small snowflakes coming down because it was so cold. Today, there was a freezing rain warning. Tomorrow promises heavy, heavy rain. As we say around here, "at least rain doesn't need to be shoveled!" Spring will come when it is good and ready.

    I really appreciated the picture of the mockingbird. They don't live around here so I had no idea of how they looked. Cardinals do live here and don't even migrate come wintertime. Personally, I think they must be true birdbrains! Most of their feathered cousins are much smarter and head south for the winter. If I had that opportunity, I'd have my bag packed and ready to go! Anyway, there's not room for everyone to live down south so I'll be brave and try to carry on here.

    Keep posting! Your pictures make me smile.

  23. I love how you keep those birds fed. I think you heard of my bird feeding debacle last summer. We have house sparrows and they are aggressive and total pigs. They would eat the entire contents of a bird feeder in 30 minutes. Had to stop.

    That is fantastic mileage on a car almost ten years old. If you ever need to trade it in...that's a huge plus! New tires are a given on an older car but it sure eats car payments. What a great SIL to help.

    We have terrible storms moving in faster than we thought. I'm off to look for candles and flashlights!

    Also wanted to say thanks for such a nice, nice comment on my last post...it means more than you know.

    Jane xxx

  24. Beautiful photos Brenda! Good luck with the car stuff.. never a fun time !

  25. I always love your nature photos, Brenda. I just feel so at peace when I look at them. :-)

    I'm so glad you have your SIL to help you with the car stuff. That is one thing I hate doing!

  26. I'm a mess when it comes to car stuff too. I grew up around men that worked on them all the time, but still have no idea. I'm glad you have someone to help you.

    Your photos are beautiful :)



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