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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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Update: Just Got This Sweet Email

I just read your post about your sun face breaking, and wanted to write you... You have been such a blogging inspiration for me over the past few years.  You are talented at writing, photography, and have such a wonderful way of connecting with your readers.  I aspire to accomplish that, too, one day.  

In the few short years that I've blogged, you've featured my little blog (during your Welcome Wagon series, and at a couple of your link parties). It has truly meant so much to me.  

While I know that a feature on my little blog would not affect your daily traffic at all, I still want to do something to thank you for all that you do for your readers, like me.  

So, after I read about your sun breaking (oh, how I've loved seeing that bright face in photographs), I knew just what I could do to bless you, like you have me.  I want to replace the sun face.  I have looked online and cannot find the exact one, but have found several beautiful ones that I think you may like.  
If you are interested, please send me a mailing address, and I will have one shipped to you.  I understand the fear of privacy, etc., so I understand if you would rather not share that.  
Regardless, I just felt that you should know - you are such an awesome blogger, and inspiration to many!
Thanks for the hard work, and dedication you have to Cozy Little House.
Heather Graham
Brenda Pruitt
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  1. Brenda, that is wonderful! So many of us love you and are inspired by you and I'm glad she wants to send you a new sun!! Hugs to you and Heather!!!


  2. Isn't the blog world wonderful!

    I can't wait to see your new sun face.

    On a silly note, we met a very interesting gentleman yesterday on our walk. He lives in the WAV (Working Artists Ventura) complex and called us to come in to see his studio. He makes beautiful wood puzzles, among other things. And, he plays Santa Claus in Tulsa every year which is what made me think of you.

  3. What a sweet and heartfelt note Brenda! What a wonderful gesture from someone you have inspired. The note is a gift all of it's own!
    XO Barbara

  4. Awesome - I looked online too, but I couldn't find one exactly like yours so I gave up! Glad a sun lady is on her way to you, thanks to Heather!

  5. An act of kindness, Bless her heart. Thank you Heather. Kathleen in Az

  6. Now that is true kindness - thanks for sharing. She is awesome.

  7. glad you are getting a replacement - you might not realize how you affect others with your writing - your blog is one that I always enjoy reading to see what you are up to and how you are handling challenges. you are an inspiration to others.

  8. So very sweet, so happy you'll have your sun to greet you again!

  9. Yay I'm so excited for you. Heather you are a blessing.

  10. You are all so sweet, but really it was a small token of my appreciation for the wonderful things that she has done for us all in blog land... my little dinky blog would love to be like Cozy Little House when it grows up! haha! Truly, Brenda is the one who deserves the limelight - wonderful, talented blogger!

  11. ah tat was sweet. See you have all kinds of friends.

  12. Thank you Heather.. Now we can all smile again when we see Brenda's new "Ms. Sun".
    Charlotte in Va.

  13. This is what it's all about! Brenda, you are loved so much more than you'll ever know. Heather Graham is an angel!!

  14. What a sweet lady you are, Heather. I'm new to Brenda's blog but I can see that Ms. Sun was important to her and many others. Wonderful gesture!

  15. Some of the nicest people in the world reside in Blogland! How sweet of this blogger. As soon as I read this, I figured you would be getting a bunch of suns!

  16. Heather ~ you are a true angel on earth. Bless you ~

    Brenda ~ please honor her by accepting her sweet offer. You are an inspiration to many of us.

    Hugs ~~~

  17. What a wonderful gesture, Brenda. The blogging world is full of some amazing people. xo Laura

  18. I'm so sorry your sun face got broken, I've always loved seeing glimpses of it in your photos. That is truly a wonderful gesture from Heather to get you another. Blog friends are just the nicest ever!

  19. A big thank you to Heather. You'll soon have a beautiful sun casting rays of sunshine on your wonderful patio.

  20. A very clear case of 'of goes around comes around " or 'give and you shall receive" : ) You have blessed her and now she wants to bless you :)

  21. So reassuring that the world still has wonderful, kind people. Can't wait to see the new Ms. Sun. The old one brought much happiness
    Diane from Wyoming

  22. This makes me smile...I love a kind and generous spirit...xo

  23. I just read the post about your sun breaking and I felt so bad for you. How wonderful of Heather to offer to replace it for you. Such a kind and thoughtful offer to a blogger who has inspired many!

  24. Awwwwww!!!!!! How sweet and generous! This is one of those things that makes me have faith in "what goes around comes around". You do so much for others that it's nice to see it coming back to you too. Enjoy!

  25. What a sweet and caring gesture. And I agree with her - Brenda you are an inspiration. Truly.

  26. How wonderful! I missed the bit about the sun breaking...
    I am so happy you will receive a 'replacement', Brenda!
    That "lucky ol' sun"
    will have "nothing to do,
    but roll around" on your fence "all day".

  27. It is so good to see this kindness finding it's way to you. You have inspired me as well as many others and this certainly speaks to how well you are loved!

  28. Thanks Heather for doing this for Brenda. She is deserving. It's people like you who make the world a better place. I just discovered your blog and love it.

  29. Wonderful gesture and well deserved! Brenda I can't wait to see your new "sun"!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  30. What amazing people I feel I meet visiting in blogland. I hope someday to learn to blog also. This act of kindness warms my heart.

  31. This brought tears to my eyes. It is such a sincere, thoughtful gesture. You are an inspiration to many, including me, Brenda! Thank you for sharing your Cozy Little House~(pun intended).


  32. What a blessing!
    You may not have Ms. Sunny Face to look at... but you'll have a new face...with new reasons to smile.
    The kindness of others-- always makes me smile. :)
    I'm happy for you Brenda--

  33. It's so nice to know that there are such wonderful people in the world :) this post has made my day!
    Emily x

  34. THIS is why I blog and you help to cultivate this community with your continued kindness. Enjoy your sweet gift from this very sweet lady!

  35. This is such a heartwarming, uplifting story. Looking forward to your sun!

  36. So sorry about the sun, but loved that this person is able to help you because they care! Your next sun will be even more special, because it is given out of love!

  37. She put that perfectly. You are such an inspiration to me and you don't even know me. I read your blog daily, but very rarely make a comment because there are so many of them and they all say what I want to say. I'm so glad that Heather is blessing you with another happy sun.
    Many thanks!
    Clara from Redeemed Junk and Stuff

  38. That is so sweet of her, but then again Brenda, you are always willing to help so many of us's nice to see it returned to you in kind.



I always enjoy reading your comments and having you join the conversation here at Cozy Little House. It is like having a gathering of friends sitting in my cozy apartment. Enjoying coffee and dessert, chatting and having a good time. I appreciate each and every one of you!

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