Wordless Wednesday Patio Shots


  1. Looks like Spring has finally settled in on your back patio. Everything looks so pretty!

  2. Wow! I love springtime at Cozy Little House! :)

  3. Looks like Spring is at your place...love the beautiful pictures. They are calling for bad storms here tomorrow and Friday...then snow on Saturday!

  4. No words needed. Your pictures speak for themselves! I started a NEW Word Wednesday today. xo Diana

  5. It looks like spring has arrived on your patio. Your tulips are beautiful. I always love to see the pictures that you share.
    Happy Easter this coming weekend.
    Hugs, Charlotte

  6. Ah springtime! Best pics I've seen today! ;)

  7. so beautiful Brenda....no words needed! thank you for seeing, sharing, and being a loving spirit in our world.


  8. LOVELY ...I could reach out and touch that precious little bird :)

  9. These are beautiful pictures, Brenda! Wasn't it good to get outdoors and use your camera again? How lucky you are that your warm weather is arriving. Wondering what sort of budding tree that is with the little sparrow sitting on it?

    I've been trying to get by, but I did go back and read your last post on the before and after of the kitchen. I look at that first picture, just a blank slate but things that had to be eliminated or disguised. I wonder how those of you find those ideas, those light bulb moments. My mind goes into a blank page! Nothing original happens. I have to see a picture of something I like or hear suggestions. Creativity like yours amazes me! Kudos on your whole house!

    Jane xx

  10. Such beautiful pictures again, Brenda! Thank you for sharing your awesome talent.

  11. Perfection!! Love how you do, what you do....

  12. Oh wow...you have all that blooming on your patio already? Pretty!! I'm starting to see flowers and hanging baskets at the stores. I'm anxious to get some pots planted, but I think it might be a wee bit too early.

  13. I love the tulips. Tulips are such a sign of spring!
    Thank you for sharing!

  14. Our tulips are up but haven't bloomed yet. I am always so happy to see them. xo Laura

  15. So happy to see another Wordless Wednesday! The only way I can see some spring flowers right now is by looking at the photos of your patio plants--all so pretty. It will be a few more days here before we have some colorful blossoms showing up.


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