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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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And The Flowers Bloom

I've had to go out on the patio several times and cut back all the plants that are growing so rapidly. The many days of rain gave them a shot of adrenalin.

You wouldn't even be able to see the fairy creatures in the fairy garden had I not done so.

The hedge hog watches slyly over the sage and mint and sweet potato vine, watching for predators.

The bunny, largest of them all, even got buried in the plants and herbs. I've cut them back enough that it can watch over the rest of the gardens.

Poor Charlie Ross, having had so many teeth extracted, often has his tongue or a tooth protruding. I find it rather cute. 

He is taunted by the sounds of this ornery squirrel chattering up in the tree.

The squirrels and critters don't faze Abi. Mom has given her a rather primitive hair cut. I can't keep them still long enough to make their haircuts look halfway decent.

I brought these violets over from the little blue house last year. Some look at them as weeds. But I like the symmetry of their leaves. 

Where some see weeds, I see beauty.

And the flowers bloom. One right after the other. When one shows signs of fading, another bloom juts up to take its place.

Such is the world of gardening.

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. 
~Gerard de Nerval
Brenda Pruitt
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  1. Your garden is lovely.

    Would you please ship me some of your rain?

  2. lovely container garden - love the hedgehog. Don't you just love this time of year when it is finally nice and you can bring a glass of ice tea or whatever outside with you and sit and look at the garden - I know I sure do!

  3. Your garden is looking so pretty! I really love the photos of the pups! They are adorable!

  4. Love your container garden. I have used old metal items in the past, but they were much smaller, such as an old tea kettle, or at least no bigger than a gallon or so of dirt. Tell me, do you (or any of your other readers) use anything as a lighter filler in the bottom of the big metal tubs? I like the big tubs, but It seems they would be so very heavy to move around if filled with all soil, and I would think the annuals could get by in a more shallow tub.

    1. That is what I do. I have used plastic milk bottles along with pop & water bottles. Also used those packing peanuts a few times. Also used the plastic pots/containers that my annuals come in to help fill the bottoms.

  5. Hi Brenda and your blooms are looking so pretty and love all of your little whimsical cuties in the pots! Poor little Charlie Ross, he doesn't look cute though! Hope you're enjoying your Sunday.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Charlie looks kissed by the sun in his photo ! :) Looks like a peaceful afternoon enjoying the blooms and critters and taming your fairy jungle :)

  7. Love the dog pics! You can fill tge bottom of large pots with coffee cans, milk jogs....whatever, just to take up room.

  8. Charlie is cute as can be there! The squirrels are such good entertainment for our dogs too.

    Your garden is growing so quickly! We only got our herbs planted this afternoon. And they're all in pots this year where I can harvest them more easily. Gardening is having to change for me now, be easier for my back. All things change eventually, but it's hard for me to give up on things I used to be able to do.

  9. It is all gorgeous! I agree - some may see weeds, but do what your heart desires... I think it is a beautiful plant. Sweet little Charlie is too cute. Hope your weekend was wonderful?

  10. I agree. Charlie looks adorable. I'm having some tress cut as I'm typing this, but I had them leave one stump higher than most because it's the absolute perfect place for a fairy garden. You've inspired me.

  11. Your gardens are always so lush and beautiful!!! aside from them receiving lots of rain, what fertilizer do you use?
    Debbi Saunders

  12. Wonder what they'd look like w/out pruning? They are so beauitful. Squirrels are always on our patio and drives Ziggy crazy. I know what you mean, I bathed him and trimmed him yesterday, but trying to keep his little face still is another story!

  13. Lovely, Brenda! I even like dandelions ... if it flowers it's OK with me! :O) Bess

  14. Your flowers look beautiful already. We are still a couple f weeks away before we can plant. Our poor Yorkie has hear failure. The vet had her on oxygen for several hours on Friday. She is home on her meds. We may se a tiny bit of improvement but not much yet. I gave her a trim since she isn't able to go for a groom. Now her one ear stays down. My husband said I broke her ear.

  15. Brenda, You are so good at growing your gardens. I love all to pretty things. Hope you are doing well. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  16. Oh your flowers are so pretty. I am just getting ready to plant flowers at my house. The crazy temps...warm one day and freezing the next. I think we are finally safe to is May after all. Ha! Sheila

  17. Your flowers are so pretty!! We need rain here and they are finely calling for some on Wednesday. Abi looks so much like my little Zoey.

  18. It all looks lush and beautiful! I think you've had more rain than we have. I have everything planted, but I've had to water the pots twice already. Your flower photos are always so pretty, I'm going to try to get better photos this year by actually reading my camera instruction manual! ha ha

  19. Brenda, your garden continues to amaze me. Abi and Charlie appear to love the outdoors like my little Bear. The squirrels taunt him every day and yesterday, a new arrival, Mr. Woodpecker, did the same from up in his tree!

    Question: What is the name of the orange flower that you said some people call a weed? Is it one of the African daisies? I was considering planting some as I have a new planter in a sunny location. They are new to my region and I think their colours are stunning. Of course, up here in Canada, they are only annuals.

    Our garden centres have just finally opened. It was an exciting weekend for me!! I'm just beginning to decide on what I want. It's just my second spring/summer in this home and I think I've finally figured out the sun/shade locations. Our sun/shade mixtures are very different from winter to spring!

  20. Brenda your gardens look so beautiful!! Love your fairy garden!

  21. I'm a little green with envy. Your flowers and gardens are just beautiful. Hopefully, I can start tending to my little gardens soon. In the meantime, I have blooms on my blue plumbago. And my knockout roses are amazing, without any help from me.

  22. I'm glad to see that your plants are thriving this year on your patio! I know how much joy they bring to you. The rain has helped our plants too. Last month was so rainy. It was a bit more than I would like, but our plants are looking good because of it. My dog doesn't have great eyesight anymore and used to chase squirrels all the time. But now without his good eyesight he can sniff them out. We have laughed at how close he will get to a squirrel and not see it but suddenly be on the trail of his scent. Funny!

  23. All that growth is just amazing. Is your middle name Jack and the Beanstalk?! :)

  24. Your planters have taken off, and it's good to pinch those herbs with great regularity isn't it? Must be much warmer then here, our trees are just starting to leaf out.


  25. Your planters have taken off, and it's good to pinch those herbs with great regularity isn't it? Must be much warmer then here, our trees are just starting to leaf out.


  26. I guess you've sent the rain my way, but that's ok - we need it. Our trees and plants are several weeks behind yours, so everything should be really lush here once all the rain is gone (forecasted the next week+ !)

  27. Some lovely pictures of your garden! My dog used to have her tongue always out as she was missing some teeth as well and I find it really cute to see it in an other dog!

  28. Your little dogs are precious! Pretty garden - love the little creatures here and there - inspiring!

  29. Your flowers and plants are gorgeous! Wish I had your green thumb!

  30. This looks incredible! Pinned and tweeted. We appreciate you taking the time to party with us. I hope to see you tonight at 7 pm.. Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls


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