Frame It

Picture frames are so versatile. You can do most anything with them. Here are a few projects I found...

You can always add hardware and make a tray.

This would look elegant in an office setting.

Framed chalk boards are popular.

A framed mini garden.

A shelf for display.

A way to keep ribbon tidy.

For use as wall storage.

A nautical decor look.

A layered  table top organizer.

Rubber stamp storage.

And a unique headboard.

See you later for Tweak It.


  1. Awesome ideas! Love that headboard and the frames turned shelving!!

  2. I love the headboard too! A few years ago my daughter-in-law stood old gold wood frames of all sizes on her mantel. They looked amazing on the old brick fireplace of her 1920 home. They're in a newer house now and a new look but I still miss her collection of frames.

  3. Great sources on the clever use of picture frames, Brenda. Some of them are incredibly clever!

    Thanks for the inspiration - won't be passing up cheap frames out there anymore. : - )

    I have used a few but not nearly as nicely done as these.

  4. Love old frames ! Thanks for some great new ideas!

  5. I see some really great frame ideas! I am going to check out my old frame stash and see what I can do. I will be back for tweak it tuesday!

  6. I just love all these ideas! Now I have some projects to get started on, lol. :-) Have a lovely day!


  7. Great ways to use frames. Thanks for sharing Brenda.

  8. Great ideas! Some of those are totally new to me, despite my Pinterest obsession, lol.

  9. Love the shadow box look!! Great ideas here!

  10. These are some wonderful ideas, the succulent frame! Thanks for sharing!


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