Frugal Summer Tips

I did my usual every other week grocery shopping yesterday morning. Of course I don't like to go out unless I have more than one errand. I usually wait until I have three.

So first to Cox cable to turn in my DVR that I'd had stored in my closet. They continually said it would raise my bill if I brought it back. 

When I moved to Tulsa, it was part of my "bundle" and the bill would go up if I didn't take it. How stupid is that?

So I figured out a way to lower the bill AND rid myself of the DVR taking up space in my closet.

Then to Walmart. We have Walmart Markets here, which are smaller and only have food. Very easy to navigate. And not as much chaos and children screaming. 

I never allowed my children to scream in stores. One cry of anger over wanting something I said no to, and they wouldn't shush, meant we abandoned the cart and immediately vacated the premises.

This bill, which includes TV, home phone and internet, is almost my highest bill. Except for health insurance.

Then to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription.

This is my TV. Before my divorce, it was our bedroom TV.  

It is never on before 6 p.m., as I work online during the day.  

As you can see, it is weighing heavily on my chest of drawers, and the top drawer won't shut. I've tried to figure out a solution. 

I've stacked books in the center of the top drawer as tight as I could to support it. But they always somehow come loose when I open the drawer.

Got a solution? 

So now let's move on to what we're eating this summer. 

After my post last week on vulvar vestibulitis, and reading all the comments and advice, I am off most processed sugar. My heart is a bit broken, as I dearly love chocolate and sweets. 

And I haven't been drinking my coffee. Yeah, I'm about as with it now as a gopher in a hole with no caffeine consumption. (I totally made up that analogy.)

Got to somehow get this under control if I ever want to wear real clothes and actually sit again. 

I probably get most of my protein from eggs. For supper I might boil a couple of eggs, fix a couple of slices of turkey bacon, and have a piece of toast. I always did like breakfast for supper. 

I like yogurt. I'm sure they add some sugar in there somewhere, but I need the other ingredients in yogurt.

The banana chips will have to please my sweet tooth. And along with my toilet paper order, I ordered some Walmart trail mix along with a toothbrush and some other items. 

I'm not a processed sugar expert, but I'm starting to learn.

Ordering online at Walmart is one of my all-time favorite tips.

The soup. I just love this soup. What I like about this can of soup, by this particular brand, is that it's big. I have half the can one day, and put the other half in the fridge for the next day. 

Good with a sandwich. So for the size and the price, it was the best buy.

Here's where I also get protein. Beans. Particularly black beans. I might make some nachos and dress them up with black beans and veggies. 

The sauerkraut is for when I make a turkey panini sandwich and it is sort of like a Reuben. 

Turkey bacon and sliced turkey in a package. It is about as far as I go in the meat department. I haven't even looked at meat prices in a year. But I'm sure they're over the top.

Moving right along...

We're all gardening right now, so save your egg shells for the garden

And here's another tip with eggs. If you're making a container garden, put one regular uncracked egg in the pot. 

Here's why. The egg will decompose. As it does, it provides the seeds with nourishment. 

Click on the Resource link under the photo to go to the instructions and get the scoop on that.

Another tip: Apparently you can go to the produce aisle and buy scallions, or grow a crop of them yourself, and you're set for life!


Who knew? Not me.

Click on the Source link underneath the photo above for instructions for this great tip.

We all know what a pain in the butt ants can be. If you don't have a huge problem, pour out some cinnamon. Watch the ants as they get to the cinnamon. 

When I do it, they get to the line of cinnamon and turn right back around. Some people have told me it doesn't work for them. 

So if that doesn't work, click on the Source under the photo and read the instructions for another home remedy to rid yourself of ants.

While you've got the cinnamon out, your plants love it as well!

You know the drill. Click on the above Source link.

I hate chemicals, so anything I can use that isn't poison is always music to my ears. Don't you just love it when you can use so many things that are right there in your kitchen?

And if hornets/wasps are your problem...

Click on the Source link and find out some nifty ways to rid yourself of those flying pests.

Okay, we've talked a bit about food, garden tips and how to get rid of nasty critters. What tips do you have to add here for summer?


  1. Those are some great tips! I never thought to add egg shells to plants. I wish I had known about the cinnamon trick earlier. We had a line of ants coming into our garage and didn't have any ant spray handy. I have since bought some but I had cinnamon and could've tried that! We always have bees around here. I bought spray for them too but I'll be sure to check out that link you supplied too.

  2. Brenda, I had to give up processed sugar for my own health reasons. I've learned to bake with other sweeteners such as molasses, honey and maple syrup. I purchase organic raw honey and it's very sweet and works well in place of sugar in recipes. Also the body will break down and process honey differently than sugar in regards to our glucose and insulin.

    Feel for you with the coffee. I had to give up caffeine as well. I've gone to decaf tea and coffee. I always make sure to purchase the organic decaf coffee and one that has been processed with the Swiss water process. It's a little more pricey but it allows me to still have coffee. And I did eventually get past the caffeine addiction and I'm better for it.

    Good luck with your diet changes! Have a wonderful day.


    1. I have an order in to for honey, but it is not organic. I don't imagine you can get that from Walmart, but I could be wrong. I was drinking one cup of mostly decaf each day, but have not had any in over a week. I have been doing better the past two days, which I am immensely thankful for!

    2. If you happen to have problems with pollen and other allergies, eating local honey will help with that. If you have a local farmer's market they would likely have some locally produced honey. The closer to your home it is produced the better but within the county usually works as well.

    3. If you happen to have problems with pollen and other allergies, eating local honey will help with that. If you have a local farmer's market they would likely have some locally produced honey. The closer to your home it is produced the better but within the county usually works as well.

    4. The store brand honey sold in Walmart and many other chain stores is imported from China. It is not healthy and is usually loaded with heavy metals. It is so filtered it`s impossible to tell where it comes from. Look online for beekeepers with a good reputation in your area. Perhaps you can order it on line as I do.The commenters who mentioned local honey helping with allergies are right. Good honey can be expensive but it is so worth the extra money.

    5. Brenda, I am just a couple of hours away from you and I purchase Nature Nate's organic honey at my local Walmart. It is made in McKinney, Texas.

    6. Don't forget stevia! It is calorie free and you an grow all you need! There are great recipes to be around online these days.

  3. Great tips Brenda. I like easy meals since I hate to cook most of the time. I also love breakfast for dinner. I think if you add a stronger board to the top of the chest with the TV it might help. Paint it a cool color!


  4. Thanks for sharing these tips, Brenda! It's great you are making changes cutting the sugar in your diet, you will see the difference pronto!

  5. Speaking of eggs, I just went into price shock at my local grocery store the other day. From 1.85 per carton to 2,99 / 4.79 for an 18 pack. Now, I'd just read about the bird flu a week or so ago but it did not sound as if prices would rise that drastically! I was talking to my neighbor about and she's on a restricted diet of no meat, and she relies heavilyon eggs and chicken and turkey. There is an Aldi's in another town and she urged me to go there and stock up as she would be doing. Later that day she said the eggs were just 1.35 there but limited to 3 dozen. So I think I will be going to Aldi's shortly! :)

    1. According to my Walmart receipt, I paid $2.18 for a dozen eggs. And bought two dozen.

  6. To help with the TV and saggy bureau situation, get a board about 2" thick and 12" wide, and a little longer than the width of the bureau, paint or otherwise decorate it, and put it on the bureau and then put the TV on it. Being so thick, and real wood, it won't sag.

    1. I had thought maybe something like that.

    2. That would probably do the trick. I was thinking also maybe put a short block of wood under each side of the board to make risers. That would put all of weight on the ends of the board and none of it in the middle.

  7. Love these ideas, especially the eggs. I have chickens and many, many eggs--I'm going to gather a few for my containers (haven't even begun to clear away the winter debris). Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Lois's idea is a good one because it really works. It's what I did when my cheesy IKEA chest of drawers started to cave. I got a very thick piece of plywood. ( less likely to bow) from Lowes, I didn't paint because I'm particularly untalented with painting. And I am lazy. A lovely dresser scarf from the local thrift did the trick.

  9. I would replace the top or simply lay it on top as others have suggested. Take your measurements to Home Depot, pick out a piece of wood that you like, and then have them cut you a board in your measurements. ( L might do it too, but HD are more common, at least around here.) If you go during the week, after the early morning rush by contractors, it will be relatively easy to navigate and not crowded. xoox Su

  10. Just a thought. Good will here has all of their TV's for sale for $1. I found a couple of flat screen ones for my son and the guest bedroom. They weigh a lot less and will take the pressure off your chest. Might check it out.

  11. I didn't read the comments so don't know if someone suggested this or not. Get a board that is about 2" longer than your dresser to (or part of a piece of plywood cut to that overlapped size). The board will bridge right over the concave area and the weight will be dispersed over the whole board and not just in that one spot.
    ANOTHER SOLUTION--Don't laugh! IF your drawers come all the way out-you can turn your dresser upside down- put a board (painted to match) over the TOP (which used to be the bottom) and the top will be flat on the floor then. The weight of the dresser will flatten that old top (now the bottom) out in short order and the drawers will close again. That will only work if your drawers don't have guides on them to hold them in place.

  12. Good tips (really excited about trying the egg one). I love canned soups. Progresso makes a chicken enchilada version that I layer between tortillas and cheese to make a yummy casserole. It is easy, and makes a lot. You can't beat the price, either! Soups are great to stock up on.

  13. Just the other day I put some egg shells in my tomato plant soil, but I never heard of placing an entire egg in there. Learn something new every day...

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  15. I can't consume processed sugar or caffeine. I haven't had caffeine in years so I don't know what I am missing. I do miss chocolate, but as long as I don't eat any I am not tempted. I needed something for the ginormous spider that was above my bed at 4:30 this morning. After screaming and chasing it around the room I was up for the day. xo Laura

  16. I feel bad for you with the caffeine cut off. I know how much you enjoyed your coffee in the morning,

    Thanks for the great tips! The egg one is good, I have two eggs every morning, it's just a no brainer ritual---I think too much about the other two meals! lol! Have to try the whole egg. And have you heard about coffee grounds? I don't remember what the deal is but they are supposed to be good for certain plants. Oops-sorry. Sending a hug!

    Jane x

  17. How about finding a piece of steel (small sheet maybe) to hold up the TV? You could dress it up somehow either with paint or material and it will be disguised. It is sturdy enough not to bend but heavy enough it may straighten out the dresser top/sides. Perhaps a local welding shop would have a piece you could buy. OR....just put up a couple of 2 x 4s. Good luck!

  18. And here we throw egg shells away! After all the eggs going up news I'm so thankful for these 3 hens. Besides their beautiful eggs we get loads of entertainment from them following us around outside, waiting to be petted, and tucked in at night.

    We try to combine our errands too, especially since we live in the country. Great frugal tips above!

  19. Thanks for talking about ordering from Walart when you were in the blue house. I started ordering and it has been a life saver.
    Diane from Wyoming

  20. I gave up soda and diet soda a couple of years ago. Went to coffee instead, it is a much milder caffeine. You could also try green tea, some people swear by it, no caffeine and some health benefits. I make my tea with my coffee maker!!

  21. I am glad to see the tip for getting rid of ants. With all the rain we've been having, the ants are finding their way into the house. I'll be buying some borax next shopping trip. About egg shells, when I was buying knockout roses this year to replace a couple that didn't make it through the winter, the man who sold them to me said to put egg shells around the roses. I had always heard banana peels were good for roses, too. Thanks for the tips!

  22. Great tips Brenda..I also never heard of using a whole egg..I hate hearing that you had to give up your coffee..I suppose it is worth it if you feel better..I know you probably said this before but where did you get those tile stickers for your kitchen walls??

  23. I don't think I could add much of anything! These are wonderful tips and information!! Oh, one thing, coke will clean a toilet! Who knew!

  24. Just be careful with the borax with the dogs. I heard that it is not good at all for them. I like the other tips. Now if I could just get rid of the sugar. I don't eat much, but could do with less!

  25. Brenda try this site . . . she has some great ideas and tips!

  26. Thanks for all these interesting tips, Brenda. I am sorry you have had to cut out your coffee though.....I know how much you enjoyed it. I am going to find my jar of cinnamon now and some egg shells:)
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  27. I hope you find a replacement for your coffee.

    The cinnamon sticks work too. I taped a couple up where the ants were coming in and it stopped :)


  28. Slide your television to one side or the other of your chest of drawers. If it looks unbalanced just add something to the décor. That's really the only option if you want to use that drawer space. It's really better to keep the drawer closed so it won't continue to warp.

    You can put a few pennies in a small plastic bag along with some water, put it by a door or window to keep flies away.

  29. Great tips... I use our chicken egg shells in the garden... I also crush them and sprinkle for the chickens to have a calcium scratch/source.
    We just got a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market in our little town...they opened in March... I have to say... I like it!
    I used to despise Walmart! But I like this grocery store.

  30. Love the tips! The cinnamon didn't work ridding of ants for me. I even tried enticing them by adding sweetened koolaid in it. Didn't work. They turned right around and marched away. The only way I could keep them at bay was to wash the areas with bleach and water twice a day. So much work. I'm going to keep trying other ways.

    So happy with your sugar efforts! When I gave up sugar, it was hard, but now I won't even have anything sweetened. Not even green tea. Honey, when I need to, and a light orange blossom one at that. It's funny how water with a slice of lemon is like a soda pop to me now. Those beans also make a nice hummus. Chick peas too. You can season it any way you like. It seems you do eat very healthy and you're doing great! :)


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