Happy Mother's Day: Child Or Pet Moms (Or Both)

I don't think I've ever seen so many storms. It's been raining for days. I love thunder storms, but I hate the patio having standing water on it. 

It looks more like dusk than morning.

Abi is not getting it. I lift her up and put her in the small dirt gardens. She just looks up at me and takes off for one of my flower pots. Last night she broke the marigold stem off close to the dirt. Sigh.

I think next I'll try planting more herbs in the little dirt gardens. Or get a kiddie pool and poke holes in the bottom, then fill it with soil and herbs. But that's a lot of dirt to be toting in. 

Abi is nearly nine years old, as is Charlie, so I doubt I can teach an "old" dog new tricks. Even if it is a new trick/habit. 

Anyone have any psychological tactics that might work on this dog who SO needs a dog whisperer it isn't funny?

While I'm pondering this latest dilemma, have a wonderful Mother's Day. And if you're a pet mom, you're still a mom, so celebrate that special day today, rain or shine.

It is a distinct honor to be a mother. Through good times or bad. Child or adult. You're still their mother.

“Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.”  Oprah Winfrey


  1. You probably have to just let her have her way, Brenda. I think our two dachshund brothers, almost 10 and adopted from rescue over a year ago, were probably trained to potty on a deck. They love their walks and potty fine in the yard but if it's rainy they only want to potty on the porch.

    Happy Mother's Day to you, Brenda, and a nose rub to Abi and Charlie!

  2. I agree at this point the only way to deter her is to put all the pots up on stands so that she can't reach them.

  3. Happy Mother's Day :) While I have dogs I am not a whisperer...I think that I adapt to them not the other way around :(

  4. Happy Mother's Day Brenda! I don't know if there is changing their minds once they get something in it at an 'older' age. Charlie just looks at me like 'what's YOUR problem'. Good luck. Hope the rains move on through.


  5. Love the Oprah quote. Happy Mother's Day, Brenda.

  6. Happy Mother's day Brenda. Glad you are ok with all those storms.

  7. Happy Mother's Day Brenda,
    Your blog always brings a smile and some food for thought to me. Have a wonderful day with your sweet little pupsters.
    Kathleen in Az

  8. Happy Mother's Day Brenda. Hugs.

  9. How about trying some decorative stone from the garden shop on the earth around the plants, or upside down saucers or something to dissuade her from feeling the dirt in the pots on her feet?

    1. That's what I was going to say, fill the top of the dirt with stones or gravel and see if that helps.


  10. Happy Mother's Day Brenda!


  11. Happy Mother's Day Brenda, and please send some rain our way.

  12. Sounds like maybe she's missing having grass to go in. Could you plant grass in something short for her? Or is there a dog park anywhere around?

    I hear you on the rain, we get it first then it heads your way. We are supposed to have rain every day for the next week as well.

  13. Brenda, wonder what would happen if you had a few pots of herb(s) that had a very strong fragrance, such as rosemary, or maybe sage or tarragon. I like most herbs, but definitely do not like any that taste/smell of anise (licorice). Maybe a small pot of peppers that have a strong odor. These may smell good to you and me, but be a big turn-off to pets. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  14. I have to agree with those that have said you more than likely have to give in and allow her to have her way. Especially at this age. I have a 14 yr old male Pekingese and when he gets his mind set to something there is absolutely no way to change it. All of the best training in the world won't help. I hope you find a solution soon that works for both of you. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  15. Abi and Charlie had such a lot of grass/yard to run and do their business in at the "little blue house".. I guess it is hard for Abi to not having that luxury.. Concrete is just not the same...........in any way, shape or form.
    I would try planting some grass seed in the spaces (on the ground) where there is dirt.. If you plant herbs, I'd put them up on something that she couldn't possibly get in.
    If you do put in some grass seed, cover it with some straw and it should come up quickly for you.. That's what I did...........I had grass in a couple of days.
    Happy Mother's day............Grandmother's day and pet Mom's day too.

  16. Hi Brenda! Oh, bless little Abi's heart. Do you think she may be missing the grass under her tiny feet? Wish I had an answer for you. Happy Mother's Day to you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. it can be so puzzling as to what they want. Happy Mother's Day to you and your fur babies.

  18. You can try marigolds, lemon grass or pepper plants.

  19. Happy Mother's Day Brenda!! I have no answer for your Abi problem..

  20. Happy Mother's Day to you Brenda! Lovely floral photos, as always. Looks like you will have to make sweet little Abi her very own flower pot.......and then add a plant stick with the words "Abi's "pee" garden" written on it......maybe raise you other planters out of reach, until she adapts to her own special "potty"! Good luck.....and happy day!

  21. Would Brenda or someone else please be so kind as to let me know the name of the beautiful plant in the first photo. Thanks

  22. Brenda, try putting moth balls in you flower pots. I have done this before to keep my cat out of my pots and it worked!

  23. Happy Mother's Day to you! Abi is just trying to help you in the garden... haha!

  24. I wonder if there is some sort of organic, chemical free spray you can either make yourself or purchase? It seems to me that I have read something about this, dogs don't like it and it will not harm your plants. Maybe research it.

  25. I didn't realize that Abi was almost the same age as my dog. Mine is 10. They definitely have their habits. Some good and some not so good.

  26. Hi Brenda, hope your Mother's Day was a good one. I resorted to putting small rocks on the soil in my outside flower pots to keep cats out of them. It worked. I got some of the bigger rocks that weren't easily dug up or shoved aside.

  27. Maybe she is marking her (actually, your) territory as a warning to the ducks that she hears and smells outside of the fence, and maybe some other animals or dogs that she smells but you have not seen. She could, in her doggie-mind just be "protecting" her "hu-mama's" herb pots from invaders. Or maybe she just likes the lovely, scented spa-like feeling of your herb pots.

    I use foil to keep Fuzzy out of places where I don't want him. It used to work for our old cat, too. I don't know how you could use it unobtrusively in your beautiful patio garden, though.

    I am bad. I am more of an old yeller, than a Dog Whisperer.

  28. It could be her way of saying to the birds or a stray cat that this is her property? Maybe some smell in your potting soil? Got to love terriers! I would try putting the pots up for a while, or maybe find some plastic flies to hang over them! Good luck with whatever you try!


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