More Loud Storms

Last night the rain pounded down and thunder boomed. During the night I was awakened when the thunder was so loud that the windows shook. 

I've never felt fear during thunderstorms. It is probably the one loud sound that does not really bother me for some reason. I actually find it fascinating, which I suppose is odd.

It seems strange that we've experienced this many thunderstorms in a season, and so much rain. Though of course you have to be thankful for rain. 

I'm lucky that my flowers aren't washed away. But then most of what I have is in containers. And therefore does not sit in standing water of mushy flower beds. 

Today it is quiet, but overcast. You can barely see the leaves on the trees gently sway. And it is soundless and peaceful. 

I love to sleep during rain and storms. It seems I feel cozier in my bed, and the sound of rain lulls me into deep sleep. 

To look outside now, it was as if the violent thunder and hammering rain of last night never happened. The strange silence after the storm. 

Oklahoma is well known for its bad weather. For the tornadoes that take out blocks of neighborhoods, and turn buildings into mere dust and debris. 

I wish I had taken courses in college so that I would more scientifically understand it all. 

Did it storm in your neck of the woods last night? If so, was it a gentle rain or full out thunderstorms that shook the foundations?


  1. We had tornadoes in our area of Nebraska on Friday afternoon, but since then it's just been cool and overcast. We're supposed to have rain for the better part of the next week--let's hope it's of the gentle variety. :-) I hope you and the pupsters are having a lovely Sunday!

  2. Just came inside after watering the plants that are still in the shade. I keep hoping for rain. It clouds up and looks like it will rain for sure, this time but, no. My water bill will be high again! I love my garden this spring and can't stand to see all the plants, in ground and pots, burn up. That can happen quickly here in central Florida. I am glad yours is getting rained on and that you can enjoy the storms. I want the rain but, unlike you, do not like storms.

  3. We had heavy rain yesterday and only a few boomers. Biggest problem here in the city is areas that flood. I'm thankful for the rain we've had lately. Was shaping up to be a drought for a while.

  4. It amazes me that some parts of the country get SO much rain, while here in CA we're in another severe drought. If only you could send some our way! (I grew up in MI and LOVE a good thunderstorm!)

  5. I love thunderstorms, too ~ And there is nothing better than falling asleep to the sound of rain.
    We've have a few t-storms in the last week, and more are predicted for the coming week ~

  6. Wa state is just our normal partly cloudy, partly sunny spring weather. Everyone seems to be having so much rain except where it's needed. Seems like the whole year weather has been strange around the country!

  7. woke early to thunderstorms at 5:30 here in Arkansas, rain came down heavily - getting tired of it, too much rain the past couple weeks and water all over the yard it is saturated - 4 more inches this AM - I would give it to California if I could

  8. Thanks for adding me to your "great Reads" Brenda! We had lots of heavy rain late Sat.Afternoon. But not thunder. Mikey hates the noise and becomes a nervous nelly! We once thought of getting him a Thunder Shirt, but have not spent the twenty some dollars for that item. We just hug and hold him. How about your FurBabies? Are they stoic about storms or like my Mikey?

  9. We've had lots of rain in my part of MO with tornado sirens blaring Friday evening and severe weather watches and warnings last night. One of my cats is so afraid of storms that she runs downstairs and cowers under the furniture. It's windy today and the sun comes out at times, but I think more rain is in the forecast for later. I checked my flowers and the drainage holes were stopped up in one pot and I had to pour out the water, the soil is so soggy that I hope the flowers survive. Happy Sunday to you and the pupsters!

  10. Tropical Storm Ana hit Myrtle Beach while there on our annual Mother's Day week trip with the girls in our family. It was quite a storm, the 16 story building shook and shook. We were so glad it didn't last long and left us a full week of sunshine afterwards.
    Beautiful photos as always Brenda!

  11. Unusually cold, cloudy and rainy for central Oregon. I feel like I'm back living in WA state in the "rain forest". I'm tired of it, though need the snow in the mountains and yes... it is still snowing in the mountains and even here last week, on May 7th! Geesh. I don't care for the climate where we live now, which is 9 months of winter and 3 months (if you're lucky) of summer. We're at 4200 feet elevation so nights are always cold. Today, we are having some rumblings of thunder and huge clouds building up to the east. I don't mind it though.

  12. Growing up in south Texas, I always enjoyed playing on the front porch and watching the rain.

  13. We need rain here in south central Florida.

  14. I love your plants on the patio. You have made me want to try potted plants again.

  15. Thunderstorms don't scare me, but the fires that are started by lightning, do scare me. That comes from living in the sagebrush. One afternoon I was standing at the front door watching the lightning. Our little Corgi cross dog was sitting on the mat at the door. All of a sudden a huge lightning strike hit not far from us. It was pink. Electric Pink. And wasn't far away. The dog got up walked across the lawn into the woodshed and hid under a stack of wood. I hadn't see pink lightning before, and I guess the dog hadn't either.


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