Photographer/Artist Georgianna Lane

I was over 40 before I became completely enamored of photography. It was then that the reality of capturing beautiful moments became an obsession. The magic of holding beauty; not just for a minute or an hour or a day. But for all time.

I am intrigued by the talent of some professional photographers I know. One is Georgianna Lane. I want to share some of her photographs.

Enjoy. And visit her blog, where you will gain entry to the world of her travels. And of course the beauty she finds there.

Georgianna, I haven't been in touch in some time. I hope you don't mind that I showed my readers some of your phenomenal photos. 

You have such a tremendous gift. Just keep sharing it with the world.

About Georgianna Lane: 
Georgianna Lane is a leading floral, garden and travel photographer whose work has been widely published internationally in books, magazines, calendars and greeting cards. Her clients and licensing partners include Random House, HarperCollins, American Greetings, Papyrus/Recycled Greetings, Graphique de France, Hoffman Media, Storey Publishing, BLV Germany and Nouvelle Images.
Publications featuring her work include: 
The New YorkerArtNEWSVictoria magazine, Garden Gatemagazine, BBC Gardens IllustratedBritain magazine, Romantic HomesNikon OwnerGardener’s World(UK), HorticultureArtful BloggingSomerset Life and Mingle.
She is the founder and Director of, a specialist horticultural stock photo library of over 30,000 garden and plant images. In addition to her extensive image collection at Garden Photo World, her work is represented internationally by Corbis, Alamy, Garden World Images, The Garden Collection (UK), Visions Pictures (Netherlands) and BiosPhoto (France). Samples of her published work can be seenhere.
Fine art prints, greeting cards, calendars and gallery wrapped canvases of her images are available at her online shops Georgianna Lane Photography and Parisian Moments.
Her blog, Photography and Other Magic, chronicles her styled floral photo shoots and her extensive international travels to photograph beautiful gardens and iconic destinations, sharing the everyday fairytales, magical moments and places of wonder encountered along the way.
She lives in north Seattle with her husband at Hillhaven, a 1/2 acre wooded property that they have had certified as a wildlife habitat and where they practice organic gardening, growing many of the beautiful flowers and plants featured in her floral images.
2015 locations
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
London, England
Paris, France
New York City
Napa Valley, California
David Austin Rose Center, Birmingham
Florence, Tuscany and the Cinque Terra
Paris, France
New York City
Santiago and Viña del Mar, Chile

For some reason the link above isn't working. You can visit Georgianna at


  1. Her work is lovely.

    Steve does many of his paintings from photographs he takes. But, there are some photos that just stand alone and are better as photos than they would be as paintings.

    1. I love his paintings! I'll never forget those old truck.

  2. Stunning photographs, I love the Swan underneath the beautiful flowering tree. Thank you for sharing, Kathleen in Az

    1. She is superb at what she does. I'd love to have her job.

  3. Oh, my! She's so talented. Those photos are mesmerizing..... they make me want to go on a road trip with my camera.

    1. Pick me up on the way. I'm afraid to drive out to the country. I get lost too easy.

  4. Her work is amazing. I am always in awe of photographers who can capture the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Thanks for the introduction!

  5. I have been a big fan of hers for a long time! So nice you featured her.

  6. Hi Brenda!! What a fantastic surprise – thank you so much for your beautiful words and for sharing my work with your many readers. I hope they enjoy the images and traveling along with me on my adventures. Just super to hear from you! G

    1. I don't travel. So I love to go along with you!

  7. Beautiful photos! She is very talented, thank you for sharing.


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