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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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Rainy Day Garden Photos

It's been raining again. I rushed out a bit ago and took some photos while it let up. I think we had two days of sunshine, and now rain again. 

I have many blooms that are waiting for sunlight to open up.

I do love the rain. Why is it that one sleeps better when it's raining, I wonder? I just want to cover up and snuggle in with the dogs and sleep another hour or so.

But Charlie Ross has different ideas. He wants me to raise the blinds and let him out so he can track the squirrel that aggravates him so. 

He will see it from the bedroom window, then start his Charlie growl and run fast as his little legs will take him. Careening around corners, and trying to come to a stop as he reaches the patio door.

I will let him out and we all know he's never going to catch the naughty squirrel that taunts him, but he's never going to give up.

About a month ago, a longtime reader and friend from Simi Valley, California sent me some of her sedum. 

I have them all around in various pots.

So here some of them are, Annette, for you to see growing in my patio gardens.

Remember the tree a bird or squirrel planted at the little blue house a few years ago? Well, here it is in the same pot it was inadvertently planted in, going strong. 

Not sure what kind of tree it is.

It is helping the other two trees shade the house plants, vacationing outdoors for at least part of the summer.

Though at night, it doesn't feel like summer. I have the heat on. And last night I got up and put on long sleeves because I was cold. Such strange weather!

I love the perky little African daisies. Soon they will be joined by my daisies from last year that have buds on them. But seem to be waiting for more sun to bloom. 

The pansies are still going strong, many from last year. They will make their bow and go away once warmer weather arrives, as they like cool weather.

This is my fall mums. I did not know they would bloom before fall. But they are packed with tiny buds. I don't know a lot about mums. Do they bloom both times?

And so this is what I've captured for you in between falling rain in my neck of the woods. 

What kind of weather are you having?

I did a tutorial on creating a custom hovering Pin It button last night over at my blog tips blog if you want to try and see if my directions make sense. 
Brenda Pruitt
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  1. All that rain is really makng your garden lush. We are have fluctuating temperatures here, too. I need to get out and clean the patio furniture today while it is a bit cooler. xo Laura

  2. I cleaned mine, cleaned up the chair cushions with soap, and now it is just dirty again due to all the rain and blooms falling off the tree.

  3. Your garden looks amazing, Brenda! I'm by no means an expert, but my mums only bloom once per year. So if I want them to bloom in the fall, I cut all the buds off in the spring. But maybe my mums are a different variety?

    1. Maybe I should cut off the blooms then. I have no idea what variety they are.

  4. The fall Mums need to be cut back early...maybe April, where you live...then they will bush out, and bloom in fall like they should.
    Looks great!

    1. Do you think it's too late to cut them back now?

  5. we are getting a lot of the rain here in Arkansas too and I had my heat turned on yesterday - and I'm in a long sleeve shirt this morning - it is supposed to warm up this afternoon and the sun is finally coming out after a morning rain - our ground is very wet and standing water in places.

    1. I have trouble with standing water on the left end of my patio. Just nowhere for the water to go.

  6. Yes, your mums will reward you with many more blooms if you cut or pinch them back now. If you let them bloom now, the blooms will be smaller and fewer now and in the fall.

    The tree you were asking about is a mulberry. I had several at an older home in east Texas so I know them well. The adults get very large and produce fruit the birds love so that is the most likely reason you ended up with one. The fruit can be eaten by humans and is pretty tasty but the falling overripe fruit and the birds make a huge mess. You could probably keep the sapling for another year or so for shade before it gets too big and overwhelms whatever it is growing in. And, Brenda, you patio garden and photography are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the great advice! Much appreciated.

  7. I'm glad you asked about the mums, because I've had that happen to me too. Now I have my answer ;)

    Today it's very cold and windy with rain in the forecast. We seem to be having a longer Spring than normal, which is fine by me :)


  8. The tree leaves look like a type of oak, I think. I could be wrong...but so much like oaks I have seen. Sheila

  9. Oh! My mums are doing that, too! Glad you asked.. I'm going to cut mine back, and see if it helps. Beautiful pictures, as always. I love the rain, but we've had so much this year, I'm so ready for some sunshine... Hope your day is going well.

  10. I pinch my mums back by half until the 4th of July to allow them time to bloom in fall.

  11. I pinch my mums back by half until the 4th of July to allow them time to bloom in fall.

  12. colorful Pictures Brenda and I envy you the rain-we need it badly here in CA!

  13. Out here in California, my mums bloom twice a year. It is supposed to rain here tonight and tomorrow! I am still using my little portable heater at night; these past couple of weeks have been a little chilly.

  14. Your patio is lush and lovely. In the Palm Springs, Ca desert we are expecting rain tonight/tomorrow--rare and welcomed. I, too, sleep well in cool, rainy weather. I took your tip and bought two slightly chipped metal colanders (HomeGoods $5.99 ea.). Lined them with coffee filters and planted one with purple pansies dug up from the front yard and the other holds a free shamrock plant that a neighbor left for me. It is now blooming with white small flowers.

  15. Hi Brenda! Oh, there's nothing like God's water to vitalize plants! Yours look just wonderful!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Brenda your patio garden looks beautiful...that last photo belongs in a garden magazine!!

  17. Oh Brenda, I see the sedum growing. I know you will be so happy with it by fall. Mine is sprouting up too. I really enjoy them, as I never had them before. It's raining here in So Cal today, yeah, and thru tomorrow. We so need it and I'm thrilled, although I was supposed to have weed clearance done tomorrow for fire abatement. I'd rather have the rain!

  18. Let your mums bloom and cut them back nice a tight and feed them and then feed them a just as they start to bud and you should have nice fall blooms too.

  19. It's hard to be patient with all this rain. I'm darting out here and there to plant things and then I'm grateful they are getting that big drink of water. I've always admired your African Daisies...I'm going to have to find a place online to get them-if they can even grow here. That's the problem with seeing pretty plants in another region, they may not do well everywhere.

    As far as the mums...we plant them in the fall before the frost, cut them back in May and then they bloom again in July and then again in the fall-so twice per year. I don't do this myself but my sister does.

    Charlie sounds like Milo...those squirrels tease the heck out of him! :)

    Jane x

  20. Our spring just started. It was about two weeks ago we had snow. Last weekend it was 90s then Tuesday we were back to rain and 57. Needless to say we're all struggling with allergies and sinus problems. Oh well, summer doesn't actually begin until June is it 23rd? I love seeing all the bright green before the heat stays for any length of time.

  21. So so pretty. You need a cat to run off the squirrel. xoxo

  22. Beautiful plants. I love how the tree provides shade for your more tender plants!
    I just put some pictures of our gardens up on my blog.

  23. So many pretty blooms, Brenda! Here I just have tiny seedlings starting ...and some seeds not even planted yet. Gonna be awhile :)

  24. Looks like all the rain you've been getting is making your flowers nice and healthy. We haven't had rain in a couple of weeks now so things are starting to get dry. As much as I don't like rainy days, I think we need one! I have been watching the news and seeing that your area (midwest) is having a lot of bad storms. Hope you stay safe!

  25. Just catching up on all the beauty you have recently shared. You truly are a talent.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  26. Beautiful pictures Brenda! Our weather has been rainy and windy lately.



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