Six On Saturday 5/23/15

This week on Six On Saturday...

Infuse With Liz showed her Memorial Day buffet table.

Back Porch Musings showed her stylish outfit. (Isn't she pretty?)

Aiken House & Gardens spent time relaxing in the boat house.

Poppyview showed a curving dirt road surrounded by flowers in Crete. Looks like a painting.

My Kentucky Living did some flower rearranging.

Worthing Court showed off her pretty screen porch.

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  1. I love them all so I know where I am headed, but should I visit Canada or Crete first?

  2. You know this is my favorite part of Saturday morning, Brenda! Thanks for sharing all of these fabulous blogs!

  3. Beautiful features. Lots of blue (my favorite color).

  4. Porches, house boats, meandering trails...
    this post could lead anywhere! Thanks for posting!
    I'm off!

  5. A beautiful group, Brenda! Bloglovin doesn't always show recent posts, and I have missed quite a few. I wish you and the Yorkie kids a wonderful weekend!

  6. Brenda I only see your blog online. It does not come by mail anymore.

    1. When I click on your link, it says no-reply. So I need you to give my your email address so I can fix this.

  7. Beautiful choices, Brenda, each one of these!

    Have a really good Memorial Day Weekend!

  8. Great choices, Brenda, thank you for sharing these!
    Helen xox

  9. Wonderful picks Brenda. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice holiday weekend.

  10. Beautiful!! I love that screened in porch---it looks cool and inviting on a hot day! And Poppy really lived in a paradise, doesn't she?

    Jane x

  11. I would love a screened in porch and I also love the colors in photo 3.

  12. What a wonderful post! Great blogs to visit!

  13. Love them all, Brenda. What a fun way to spend a Saturday! Thanks!:)

  14. Thank you for linking our boathouse along with the other lovely posts.


  15. Thank you for including my porch in your roundup, Brenda!

  16. Thank you for featuring my floral arrangement this week! And thank you for the consultation on my blog also! I now have a "date" header! Yea!


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