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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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Sunshine & The Patio In Bloom

There is nowhere I'm happier than amid a bunch of  flowers and herbs growing. 

The patio is lush with greenery and color. So I'll just invite you in to see. 

Tomorrow we're going to have Java Talk. We haven't done that in a while. So please give me some ideas of what you'd like our discussion to focus on.

If you look closely at the piece of driftwood that first came from Dallas, then to Tyler, then to the little blue house in a moving van, and then to the apartment in the back of a pickup, you will see that I've planted two more plants in little pockets. 

Not sure how well they'll do with so little space, but we'll see.

The plants from indoors look pretty happy. They have a nice shaded area to spend the summer in.

See them arranged here and there at the back of the fence? They are the green backdrop for all my blooming flowers.

Being in a garden brings me serenity. I sit and listen to the various birds chirping. Once in a bit I'll get up and wander around the plant areas and see if there's something new I missed on a prior go round.

I of course don't have all the fancy things I had in Texas. No pond with surging waterfall. No pavilion with overhead fan. No gazebo out-fitted with lounging chairs.

But still I have plants and flowers. And a place to enjoy them. And that makes me happy. 

Seeing their stems reach up toward the sun, and open up into a gorgeous explosion of color, that makes me smile. 

It is a privilege to be able to enjoy these flowers. To walk past a plant and have the perfume released by my brushing against it. 

To look out the bedroom window as dusk falls, and see the birds flitting about from pot to pot. 

The windows don't even look like real glass to me. Somehow they look like plastic. But the important thing is, we have a roof over our heads, the pupsters and I.

The glass I drink from daily; it is half full. And that's good enough for me.

Brenda Pruitt
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  1. Your plants are gorgeous, Brenda. I love the space you've created -- I have such a brown thumb that even the succulents didn't make it!

  2. Your garden makes green of envy, Brenda! But in a good way, makes me work on mine ;)!

  3. Your small garden is absolutely beautiful.

  4. Looks so beautiful and serene . Enjoy .

  5. You have made a dreamy space to relax! I love your garden.... I agree - it doesn't take much to make me happy, and seeing beauty in what I have is enough. You're such a talented gardener AND decorator - you really have made it an extension of your home. Pretty, pretty. Have a wonderful evening!

  6. It looks gorgeous, Brenda. I can see why it brings you a feeling of serenity. xo Laura

  7. Your patio is beautiful! I, like you, am happiest when I am in my garden. We recently moved and we have a clean slate of a garden to work with. After our kitchen renovation is done in two weeks we will really go at the garden. Love the pupsters!

  8. Your garden looks so peaceful, private and pretty! I don't blame you for enjoying it so much. It's a "cozy" garden...

  9. You've created your own personal retreat! Gorgeous! ;)

  10. What a bonus having this area. You don't need all that other stuff to enjoy nature. The older I get the less I need. wow, you have quite an assortment of plants! I love the birdhouse so too.

  11. Brenda, You make me so happy every day,. Your blog makes me look at my life in a whole new way. Because of you my garden has become a source of wonder, and I now cherish it so much, and that is all down to you. So thank you once more. Blessings

  12. I agree with all the others. Your space provides an example of everything needed to provide one with a serene and beautiful place to sit and reflect on all the good things that are in our lives.

    I used to have a fabulously large and terraced outdoor living space. Unfortunately, as a full-time worker, I couldn't even properly manage to do all the upkeep of it. My free time was spent cutting grass, weeding, and pruning. Nary a spare minute to actually sit down and enjoy it or watch the deer wandering right behind me in the ravine.

    My new tiny house with a much smaller yard is exactly what I need right now. I arrived home from work and took my 'boys' out for a romp in the yard. Plants are beginning to grow and the leaves are starting to fill out the trees. Until warmer weather arrives here, I'm privileged to be able to come on here to enjoy your cozy secret garden.

    Your garden is indeed beautiful!

  13. Oh! I love the wee owl figurine guarding your Buddha head planter. He is so tiny and fierce. :-)

    Your patio is truly a sight for sore eyes. All your plants are so beautiful. Such a lovely spot.

    I remember that before you hurt your foot/ankle that you used to take walks about the neighborhood and take photos of your neighbors' flowers and such. I hope someday soon that you feel well enough to do that again.

    I hope I'd be able to find a apartment with an enclosed patio like yours if I ever have to leave this little house of mine. You really have such a perfect set-up for a single lady.

  14. I love your green garden. I often wonder how people that live in cities and look out their windows and see nothing but roofs and no green are happy. The older I get the more important it becomes. Is it true that city dwellers are more depressed as a whole compared to others? It would not surprise me. I stayed with my daughter some last summer and I can't tell you how much I missed my trees and yard. We live in an area that has rolling hills, pastures and I feel such a strong connection to it. It's hot as the devil but the view can be awe inspiring in the early morning when the dew is still out and there is a hint of fog still left from the night before. Fields just as green and it makes me want to pull over and take photos right there on the highway. I didn't realize any of this until nature whispered in my ear that I had passed forty more than a decade and a couple of years ago. I think we truly become appreciative the older we get.

  15. Lush and green, a respite. I love the little owl too. I hope you can get some type of shade cover over your patio furniture this summer. Kathleen in Az

  16. Brenda, I think your little patio area is a tiny bit of heaven. So gorgeous with all the plants and flowers. Hugs to you and the pupsters!


  17. Your garden looks lush and lovely. A wonderful place to sit and relax.

  18. Hi Brenda! Oh, your flowers look so pretty! I'm glad you get such happiness from being in your garden. You would be proud of me. Today I moved rocks and transplanted hostas! I got my fingernails and toenails dirty! Felt delicious!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. I feel calmer just looking at your flowers and reading your words. I love my plants, too. As much as I love my little dog.

  20. Your patio looks amazing Brenda! I love all your galvanized containers mixed in with the colorful ones... beautiful! ~julie

  21. I'm so jealous looking at that lush greenery. My yard is dry and beige! Weed clearance is being done this wknd for fire prevention. We've already lost so many trees due to the drought. It's just patio pots for me, too.

  22. Your garden are lovely Brenda, and I'd carry that driftwood whereever I went....what a great piece! You've got a great little piece of heaven in your backyard.

  23. Gorgeous. Your patio is lush and lovely. You have a very green thumb!

  24. Your patio is just gorgeous! I love all the containers full of lush green plants and flowers. I often wish I had a smaller place like yours. It seems so much easier to make pretty and then keep that way. I live on 5 acres and although most of them are woodsy, the yard is about an acre and I have never done much with it, I am always inspired though by lovely gardens such as yours. Someday...:) Have a lovely week!

  25. I love how your patio is so pretty and green. I garden also on a patio with concrete slabs, but I have to deal with a lot of direct heat from the afternoon sun in the summer, so it keeps me busy trying to keep everything watered. The summers vary in my part of the South .... Most are hot, sometimes very hot, with a lot of humidity, but last summer was hot, moderately humid and sometimes a lot of rain, so everything was lush and green for most of the summer. It's a toss-up every year in figuring out what to plant as annuals.

  26. What Lesley UK said above. I so agree. You said it well Brenda. We really don't need much to be content. And content is much more than many people have.

  27. Beautiful, beautiful patio.
    Regarding a JAVA TALK topic, I am curious to know what "tricks" others use to stay focused and get things/projects done from start to finish around the house. Thanks.

  28. I love it when you share photos of your patio. Had to scroll back up to find the little owl--I missed it on my first pass-through. Your plants look so healthy and vigorous--I can see why you enjoy being out there with them. Thanks for posting!

  29. Brenda....your garden is both my inspiration and peacefulness....two gifts in one!

  30. I love what you have created on your little patio!

  31. Your patio looks so cozy. I have a question. The window where your sweet little puppy is looking out . . .did you make those window grids? I love the look and wondered if you would tell your secret. I want to duplicate it. It's $25 a window if I want to buy the real thing but they don't actually fit anyway since they are a different company then my windows.

  32. Ooh, I didn't see the notify me button until now. I just clicked it. :)

  33. All your plants and flowers look gorgeous. What a beautiful patio! xxx Maria

  34. Brenda, everything looks so pretty and inviting! You have created such a visually interesting garden with different varieties of pots and flowers and with layering the heights so that you can see all of it. The vine with the white flower, is that white clematis? I envy your green thumb! :-)

  35. I enjoy seeing your patio and plants, looks so inviting to sit, read a book, and enjoy the plants. You have a green thumb, everything grows fast, looks healthy and green. I am happy when working with flowers, but mine don't look as healthy as your flower garden. I could use some tips on caring for plants. Hope you are having a good day, and thanks for sharing patio and plants with us.

  36. Brenda, your garden is lovely, it's so lush and green. You have created your own private, and personal oasis in a world that can be rather disruptive at times. I love the weathered fence, it's beautifully grey.


  37. I love the quote, Brenda. I think you've made your path and so many followers are inspired by that, or at least in admiration.

    It really is about the flowers, isn't it. We plant and nurture them and we want to set up a comfy space to be near them. Sometimes I wish my yard wasn't so's not the work, I just want things closer to enjoy.

    Enjoy that sunshine. We finally have some today but it's chilly.

    Jane x

  38. Brenda, you have left a trail with all of your moves.. In each place that you called home, you did your best to beautify the outdoor and indoor area..
    Your patio garden is interesting and lovely with all of the colors and variety of plants.
    I'm glad you have it to transform and enjoy..............I wish I had your privacy fence !

  39. Beautiful patio. You have a wonderful green thumb!

  40. The photography is absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing...

    Of course, good photography requires good subjects and your flora is excellent! Completely redefines Bungalow House Plans as I know it. ^_^

  41. Your patio looks so inviting, Brenda. I could sit out there for hours chatting with you :)


  42. Brenda, I could sit out on your patio for hours and just watch all the life going on out there. Your patio garden is absolutely gorgeous. I love coming to your site and looking at how creative you are.

  43. You inspire me to garden more and in so many other ways. Your blog has quickly become my favorite!


I always enjoy reading your comments and having you join the conversation here at Cozy Little House. It is like having a gathering of friends sitting in my cozy apartment. Enjoying coffee and dessert, chatting and having a good time. I appreciate each and every one of you!

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