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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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The Blacklist Season Finale: Masha Rostova

The secret we've been waiting for spills out in the season finale last night on The Blacklist. 

It was long awaited, and needed to happen. We needed to know what the secrecy was surrounding Elizabeth Keen.

However, what I still don't know: how exactly does Reddington fit into the life she came from? What do you think?

We have seen little peeks into what possibly might have happened to Lizzie as a child. We know that Red was protecting that from her at all costs.

We saw how it all came crumbling down for Liz last night in the season finale. Where Ressler, her comrade and friend, will end up being the person who will chase her as a "criminal."

Her boss learns that he was never sick at all. He was being used. The Harold we know, the hard-nosed, follow-by-the-book man, changes before our eyes. 

Tom and Liz have unfinished business. They still have love for one another. Part of her yearns to just go away with him on his boat and start a new life together.

But both Tom and she know that she can't do that. She would be running for the rest of her life. 

But maybe she will be anyway. If the Kabal has their way. 

She ends up with her wanted poster right next to Reddingtons. They are not so very different. 

Though, in the final emotional scenes, which I looked for hours for photos of and couldn't find, he told her he never wanted her to be like him. 

He tells Dembe goodbye, and that means Reddington is planning on going away. And taking Liz with him, to keep her out of the clutches of those who wish to blackmail her.

Instead of running away with Tom, she ends up running away with Reddington, who she realizes is not the monster she once thought he was.

Because she remembers. 

When she shoots Tom Connolly, a memory flashes in front of her. And the scene from her childhood plays out in front of her.

She remembers all of it. She knows why Reddington was protecting her. And she will never be the same.

I'm not going to tell what it is that she remembers. You can watch the season finale in the link below.

What do you think Season 3 holds for us?

You can watch the season finale here. I know I shall be watching it again. 

You can watch other episodes here.

Brenda Pruitt
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  1. I can't wait for season 3!! I still think she's related to Reddington it just hasn't come out yet??

    1. There's got to be some connection we don't know about yet.

  2. I still think he is her real father. She looks like him and he said last night he never wanted her to end up like him. :)

    1. I hope he is her father. I keep thinking about his ex-wife asking him if he'd told her yet. Told her what?

  3. I agree with Laura. I think he's her real father.

    I love this show, but I'm finding certain things to be more and more hard to swallow. Remember a few episodes ago when Reddington was lying in the makeshift hospital bed and the Kabal came in and pretty much blew everyone away? When they came into the room, he would have been history but the hit was called off. Where was Tom and Dembe? They weren't killed, so why didn't they help protect him? And last nights episode...Liz kills the attorney general and a few minutes later she's sitting on a park bench out in the open?

    But I still can't wait for season 3! lol

    1. I know. A lot just isn't clear. But that's TV!

  4. Reddington had an affair with Liz's mother and Liz is the offspring. After her father was shot, Reddington set fire to the house, and her mother remarried. Reddington kept tabs, as her stepdad was a friend of Reddington.

  5. I never finished the first season because I'm a die hard fan of Scandal but I loved it and I want to go back and watch on Netflix. I do have a question though. In the first season, it seems Reddington is protected her from Tom. Is Tom the enemy?

    1. That's the big question. You kind of have to watch the first season.

  6. I watched it this season, but for me it just hasn't been the same. It seems convoluted in so many ways. You knew the Atty General was a scum, but that didn't make sense to me at all. And of course if she's taken into custody, will they welcome her back into the fold with open arms? All I know is I'm ready to run off with Tom!

    1. No kidding! Have you seen that naked torso? Love him in those Mustang commercials. Never thought I'd like him, but now I do.

    2. Yes, that driving scene was pretty good last night! Should be doing great things for Ford.

  7. This is an excellent show and I'll be watching Season 3. I believe Redd is her real father. He had an affair with Liz's mother. Perhaps that's what they were arguing about the night Liz shot him. Redd had the house burned to the ground.
    Scandal is my other favorite. I DVR both of them so I can go back and watch them each a second time!

  8. Loved last night's episode. I too believe Reddington is her father, or at the least was in love with her mother. I'm rooting for Liz and Tom and love the mustang commercials too ;)

  9. I never thought, after what transpired, that I'd be rooting for Liz & Tom, but I am too.

  10. I'm totally Team Keen and hoping that Tom/Jacob and Liz work out somehow. I think that Red was Liz's mothers lover. Something hinky went down between the adults leading to Liz shooting her father and the infamous fire. What I'm not understanding is why Dembe didn't go on the run with them? I was SOOOOOOOOOO glad to see Conolly shot. Especially after the mind fuck he played on Harold. Can hardly wait for next season!!! September is so so very far away!!!!

    1. Connolly was especially annoying and narcissistic.

  11. I think I will watch it again as well. It is kinda of a crazy storyline, however isn't that just what makes it interesting. I'm almost on board with Tom being a nice guy, but not 100%. He is adorable though. Fun show to watch.

    1. Tom could turn on a dime and be a bad guy again. Oh, but he's sexy as a good guy!


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