End To End

I was a little late out watering the container gardens. It was already over 100 in the shade. 

There must be some place to live where the summers aren't so dreadfully hot and muggy.

Just looking at lemons makes me feel a bit cooler. Though I can't have any. Nothing citrusy due to reflux. Haven't had lemonade in over 20 years! Oh well, there are far worse things.

Like dreams that repeat themselves over and over in similar form, rotating through the weeks and months. Changing a bit here, adding a bit there.

I have been having the most vivid and complex dreams of late. Sometimes I wish I could take all the little bits and pieces of my dreams and put them on a table, then fit them together like a board puzzle. 

When I finally got it all figured it out and each piece snapped smartly into place, I would decoupage it, frame it, and hang it on the wall. Reminding me of how all the strange components of my dreams somehow come together and make sense. 

There it would be, hanging, glossy with Mod Podge, the meaning just clear as a bell.

But maybe that is the point. Maybe they're not supposed to make sense. Perhaps they are just disjointed segments of our lives that are snipped into little pieces and thrown up willy-nilly like confetti.

In my dream last night, I was lost. Well, imagine that! I was in some sort of maze and I would take one turn around a corner, only to discover that it was a dead end. 

So I would energetically turn around and head in another direction. Only to walk and walk and turn and turn and find myself at another dead end.

Finally the energy was gone, and I was becoming overwhelmed at all the twists and turns that went on and on but never took me anywhere. I was still locked in the maze. 

I think that reflects how I'm feeling right now. A bit scared and overwhelmed, and possibilities loom large out there in the great big world. But I can't find them. 

They are just shadows that beckon me toward them, hoping the dark nebulous forms will take shape. And there will be an answer for me. 

This morning when I woke up, the vestiges of the dream hung on. I felt lethargic and weary. East, west, north, south. Where do the answers lie? 

Perhaps there are no answers. Just questions that hover in the air and taunt. There isn't an answer for every problem, I've begun to think. 

Just questions that loop together like those old-fashioned garlands we made in grade school out of thick colorful paper. We'd glue the pieces into a circle of sorts, and then loop them all together. End to end. Then drape them on the Christmas tree. 

Questions milling about in my mind, looping end to end.

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Sunday Summer Thoughts

Summer has now settled in for the long haul. It will be October before we see a let up of the heat now. Unless something strange happens weather-wise.

I moved this white cone flower over here to the pot adjacent to the pot with the salmon orange cone flower. They're the only ones I have this year, that came back after winter. 

It's already grown taller and looks much better. It obviously needed more sun. 

That's what's so great about container gardens. You can move them around to get the best location.

When I went down to pay my rent the other day, I told the interim manager about the tree roots growing underneath my apartment. She said she'd tell her supervisor. We'll see.

Here's the tree pushing the fence segment into the strange guy's yard. It is a thick tree with lots of trunks. This is what it's doing...

Not a big problem. Just broken concrete. Until it gets to my apartment. Now look...

See the trunks growing underneath? It's that way all along the back. Little branches are pushing the wood away from the wall. 

I've been cutting them out, but I've kind of given up. I want them to see it if they ever send someone down.

I imagine there's mold behind this. The dogs have been coughing and choking ever since I moved in here April 2014. I've taken them to the vet. They just give me medicine. But this is a non-stop problem.

I imagine it looks like this all along the back wall from former termite damage. When I had one of their pest control guys look at it last fall, he just said: "I can spray if you want. I don't know if this is current or old."

I don't like chemicals, so I told him no, just to hold off. It's been like this for quite some time I imagine, long before I moved in. I don't own it. 

I told him it was ruined, the wood. He said they'd never fix cosmetic damage. 

Well, if this continues with the tree trunks, I imagine it will eventually come through the floor. Then they're probably looking at taking some of the apartment out and jack hammering. 

Like I said, I don't own it. I can't do anything. Seems a real shame to let this happen.

I leave you with something prettier to see. The blooms from my hostas.

And my pretty Ms. Sun. Isn't she lovely? Smiles rain or shine. Hard not to smile back.

Have a great Sunday.

More Vintage Campers

Owning one of these cute little pieces of vintage history would make you want to get the sewing machine out and doll it up.

A darling set up in red, white and black with a gingham and polka dot pattern.

This one is very cottage-inspired. And lots of natural light. Reminds me of Cath Kidston. 

Wouldn't you be surprised to see this one going down the highway?

A patriotic-themed vintage trailer in red, white and blue. Love the polka dot curtains.

Fido might want his or her own digs. Isn't this cute as can be?

This one might appeal to those of you who like the neutral shabby chic theme in decorating.

This little cutie is cheerful with all its color and patterns.

This one is about as slick as they come in blue with black and white checkered floors.

Another vintage trailer with the red, white and black theme going on.

This one is adorable in red and aqua, two colors that just naturally seem to go together.

I like the kitschy element in this one, and the blue floor with the cute red rug.

Now this is a novel idea to use a bucket as your sink. Sure would be cheaper than a sink!

Classy with damask pattern and floral pillows. Look at the detail down toward the bottom.

This one exudes a cottage-y elegance. But I would still have painted that wood white. How about you?

Do you think this could be your happy place?