Day 3: Pretty Much The Same

I can't sit down at my desktop, where I download my photos, so these are from a few days ago. 

I still don't know the color of the mystery bloom. It is taking forever to fully bloom out!

And anyway, I don't much feel like standing out in the heat and taking photos. But I know if I see something new blooming in my container gardens, I'll do it anyway.

I get some subscriptions in my email, and I got one this morning from a prominent pro blogger. The headline, which did not mean what it meant to me, I should say right now, still took my breath away.

 Content Theft is illegal. Here's How to Steal Traffic Instead!

Now this ended up being about SEO (which to me is complicated and I kind of avoid thinking about it altogether) and all kinds of marketing strategies. 


After what just happened to me in having my URL hijacked, this really hit me where it hurts. 

I was writing this big long email to the writer explaining that he might want to word his title differently next time, when naturally my internet connection went zap and I had to restart the computer. I surely wasn't writing that long comment again. 

I just think it's in poor taste to put STEAL as a verb in a title pertaining to business. It just gives off bad vibes.

What happened to me just about devastated my blog income. I have been making strides to climb back, but it will take time. How someone could have done something so devilish, I just can't say. But the repercussions really put me in a bad spot. 

When you work hard to build something from nothing, only to have someone come along and steal it from you, it's a hard pill to swallow. 

I'd much rather they scraped my content than stolen my URL. At least I'd still have my traffic which equals income. Which is necessary to live.

No it wasn't enough to pay all the bills or make me feel real comfortable about my income. But now looking back, it was pretty good, and something I very much depended on. 

All I can say is: I hope karma catches up with them. And that it never happens to any bloggers I know. Or anyone period!

I managed to climb back up out of the hole when I lost all my posts from April 2009 - August 1, 2013, due to a technical glitch with my domain. It wasn't easy. I lost about 1500 posts. 

But the way I looked at it, either toss the whole blogging thing. Or get up the next day and start over with Post #1. Obviously I chose the latter. 

I'm still in quite a bit of pain. Last night I started bleeding, which scared me for a minute. But I imagine when you have pieces snipped out of you, this may happen as a result. So I slept with a towel underneath.

The infection I have is making it worse, I imagine. I can take the generic Diflucan every three days. I took my second this morning. Hopefully soon it will be under control.

I haven't heard anything out of the guy named Tony who lives behind me (and has been giving me grief for the past year) after having taped my letter to his door on Sunday. 

I don't know where he's hearing dogs barking, and he's just absolutely certain it's my dogs, but he's wrong. The times in the middle of the night he says they're keeping him awake, they are asleep right here in this bed with me.

I do watch the pupsters closely when I let them out for a few minutes. 

I don't think he'd retaliate. But who knows what anyone would do these days? Better safe than sorry.

So right now, I entertain myself reading blogs, scrolling Pinterest, redesigning my blog. (Blues just seemed soothing right now. When I think of blue, I think of sky and areas of water. Oh, what I'd give to be able to sit in some nice tepid water!)

Of course when I get into that, if it's getting late in the day, I'm more prone to errors in the HTML department. Which meant I had to re-download my Simple template and start all over. After having tweaked and tweaked and tweaked. The luck of the draw.

Note to self: I am a morning person. If it's after 3 p.m., wait until the next day to deal with code.

Self to note: I seldom listen to my own advice...

I put together a garden party tour of 10 bloggers for June 18. So that kept me busy for awhile. 

I'm not the type to turn on the TV during the day, so that's out. There's rarely anything worth watching at night.

So it's then that I read a book.

During the daytime hours, I just feel like I should be working on what I work on, which is my blog. I have always felt this way about endeavors. I'm all in or all out.

So this is my world right now. Not very different from my regular day really, except I'm not moving around a lot and I'm lying in bed propped up by pillows. 

I'm a homebody and always will be. I just want to be a homebody who can sit.


  1. So many things to comment on.

    I'm a bit out of the loop because I get to each person's blog about once a week - doing any one thing with my hand for too long makes it hurt. If I blog for just a little while, I don't have issues. I am so sorry that you are having health issues still/again. Take care - as an oldster, we just don't heal as fast as we did.

    Oh, I hate the bad neighbor issue. I hope you can work it out. And, how loud can your little ones bark anyway?

    The hacking and stealing is just so maddening. For us it has been identity theft and we are still dealing with the IRS and the FBI. The FBI one has been interesting because we know 3 of the 4 couples that were involved so we think it was an inside job at the bank. What are the odds that 4 accounts would be tampered with (to the tune of nearly $1 million) and the couples are connected in various ways.

    Looking forward to the party. I am headed out to find some fabric today to make new covers for our chaises in the garden - gotta look good for the party!

  2. I hope your medication starts working soon. How miserable not to be able to sit. I also hope this comment goes though. Many times I write one, only to have it disappear after I've finished.

  3. Oh Brenda I hope that you feel better soon!! Your party will be fun to see : ) I picked my first strawberries this morning, enough for a small bowl, and a first cutting of lettuce : )

  4. Unfortunately medicine isn't an instant cure (although if you watch drug company commercials, you might think so!) Hopefully it will kick in soon and rid that nasty yeast infection. Everyone who has experienced one knows how miserable you are! And by then, hopefully the incisions from the biopsy are better, too. Who would know with a yeast infection! Ick. Ooww. Ouch. Drink lots of water (sorry) and eat your yogurt faithfully. We are all wishing you well.

  5. I am a homebody, too, Brenda...and yes, it's much better when you can sit. I hope you are feeling better very soon. Pretty blue, I like it!

  6. Such lovely pictures this morning, Brenda! I'm looking forward to your garden party--I desperately need some inspiration in that department.

    I hope you start feeling better soon! I wondered how you felt, but it seemed rather rude to ask someone how their "hoo-ha" was feeling. ;-) I wonder if Hallmark makes a card...

    Love the blue! It's very soothing.

  7. I am too a homebody and prefer sitting and watching my TV and cuddling with my Rosie. I am wishing you well and that you are soon healed.

  8. Brenda, I just want you to know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I hate that you are having such a difficult time and I wish I could be there to help you! That's what friends do, right? So just know that I'm sorry I can't be there in person, but am in your corner from a distance, cheering you on! You've overcome so much with the theft of your URL and loss of your blog a couple of years ago. I'm so glad you decided to start over and keep on blogging so that I could find you. You are an inspiration and an encouragement for us all!! I'm really looking forward to the garden party...can't wait to see them all!! Take care Brenda

  9. Brenda, you are a survivor. Just keep saying to yourself "this too will pass".. Nothing lasts forever, however, I feel so badly for you having to experience such situations, including the "hacker" and Tony.
    I will look forward to your "Garden Party" pictures..
    Still hoping that the pain will subside very soon.......

  10. I enjoy reading your blog. Love your courage. Your stories have helped me along on my daily journey. Hugs and kisses to your sweet pets.

  11. YOu poor girl, I do hope that soon that pain will cease and you can sit again... cannot imagine how you are coping as well as you seem to be.. hugs from across the pond, coming your way**

  12. I hope the meds kick in soon and bring you relief so you can sit. I have days that I enjoy puttering around cleaning and working on projects. And then I have days I like to sit and read or crochet or something enjoyable. The key is, it's best when you have a choice. Having to stay down because of illness etc is no fun!

  13. I hope the meds kick in soon and bring you relief so you can sit. I have days that I enjoy puttering around cleaning and working on projects. And then I have days I like to sit and read or crochet or something enjoyable. The key is, it's best when you have a choice. Having to stay down because of illness etc is no fun!

  14. So sorry to read of your predicament, Brenda. Sending get well wishes and prayers aplenty.

  15. Oh Brenda I am so sorry to hear your suffering. That is so miserable. I am sending a warm good firm friendship hug to you. Its sounds like your taking good care of yourself and that will help your body heal. I wish I had good advice but after the year I had I can just say to you what I repeat to myself." I am only capable of so much, I shall deal with one problem each day, I shall not mire myself in worry or upset. " Then I curl up with my kitty on the couch and forget it all in the evening. I am so glad you have books to keep you busy. My thoughts, prayers to Buddha for healing for you and friendship is across the miles. You touch my heart every day with your sharing community here. I am so glad you are keeping the blog going after all that strife. I wish your daughter was closer to bring your groceries and help out. Perhaps home health care from the local senior center , its usually lower cost and you may turn out to have a good helper ? You may call they sometimes have volunteers. Blessings abound in your future .

  16. I usually enjoy just reading your blog, but I wanted to extend my sincere sorrow for what you are currently going through. Health issues, someone steals your URL, a rude neighbor, it's a lot but you will weather this storm. I was shocked to read that someone can simply take your URL and put you out of business. That is simply mean spirited. I am wishing you good health and continued success.

  17. Beautiful photographs, Brenda. From one homebody to another, I wish you a speedy recovery.

  18. Oh- I know how awful this all was for you to lose your URL and your income. That is just so very sad AND awful AND creepy that someone would even DO that!

    That being said- I hope the infection clears up quickly. When are you supposed to get a report back on the biopsy they did? Stay down and quiet so that all your bodily energy can be expended on healing.

    Hope your neighbor got your note and "got it"! Happy Friday night to you-xo Diana

  19. Hi Brenda,
    Are you using Triple Antibiotic cream? I started using it when I was a school nurse and saw how fast little fingers healed up when I used it. It is inexpensive, over the counter and generic works just as well as a name brand.
    I wanted to tell you a story to make you laugh. When I moved to a little town in northern Wisconsin in the 1970s, new telephone subscribers were given a recycle telephone number. My parents got Chucky's Crispy Chicken's disconnected telephone number and people were calling them constantly and trying to place orders. I got Tom's Bar's old telephone number. You can imagine what that was like. Women calling for their husbands, children looking for their parents, boyfriends looking for their was funny and then not very funny because they didn't believe me when I said I was not Tom's Bar. One of the people who called repeatedly was a woman yelling at me about (apparently) Tom's dog. She was so furious during one call that she said, "If you don't come over and get your dog, I'm going to shoot it!" I said, "Lady, I'm telling you, my dog is sleeping in his bed right now." She never called after that. I guess she finally believed me.

  20. And, I agree with you, it is in poor taste to use the word steal, although that may be what the person meant and, in that case, it is in terrible taste.

  21. Hang in there---we love you and want the best for you. Hard times indeed.

    Jane x

  22. Your pictures are beautiful as always. Thanks for continuing to blog in spite of trials. You lift the spirits of so many.

  23. That was a really bad post title, I agree. And the one who stole your URL? Outrageous. Looking forward to your garden party. Hoping you will be able to sit soon, Brenda!

  24. Brenda-a donut pillow could help you sit more comfortably. If you can't get out to buy one (medical supply store or maybe pharmacy), try rolling bath towels to form a ring to sit on.
    Re: "Tony"- To keep the pups safe, I'd check your patio for possible danger and stay out with them. What if this guy throws poisoned meat over the fence?

  25. Let's hope that second dose helps you to start feeling better Brenda..I am glad that you are the kind of lady that sticks to it and keeps on going even when things go bad..Looking forward to the garden party..

  26. I'm so sorry you're still not feeling better. I really hope the medicine kicks in quick. You've been through such a lot lately... it's just got to get better.

    I'll be working in the yard today, getting ready for the party and I'll be thinking of you.


  27. Hope you feel better soon Brenda! I am a homebody too!

  28. Hugs. Please feel better soon.

  29. I'm an occasional visitor, so must go read what happened to your blog. Hoping the world will right itself for you soon. Have faith.


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