What Color Will You Be?

Do you watch your plants begin to bloom, and wonder what color the flowers will be? The perennials you plant that graciously come up year after year. I often forget which plants were which color. 

Such is the case with this one...

Every day, several times a day, I walk out here and try to discern what color the flower will be. It will be a nice surprise!

I've long since stopped trying to clip away the plants around the fairy garden creatures in the galvanized gardens. 

It rains so much that as soon as I clip them back, the poor fairy garden creatures are covered again in just a few days.

The morning glories that I moved from the rental house, seem determined to come up en masse so that I do not forget how brightly they bloomed for me that summer of 2012 when I fell. 

They come up in the cement cracks. They come up in the oddest places. These are the most tenacious morning glories I've ever seen!

I could not bring  myself to cut back the mums. Now I see what color this one will be.

Can you see the different sedums I've planted in the driftwood? Wherever I can find a little "pocket" I pinch off a bit from a plant and situate it here in the driftwood. 

My flowers and vines and herbs live companionably together in all my pots. I enjoy the brightly colored blooms of flowers coupled with the wonderful aroma of the herbs. It makes for a delightful walk around the patio.

The thyme is blooming its tiny white flowers. I see a bug up there checking it out. You'll find that the bugs don't bother herbs as much as flowers.

This sage was in the galvanized gardens, being covered up. It needed sun, so I moved it over in the dirt by the back fence.

I keep my camera at the ready over by the coffee bar, so this is just a gratuitous photo of my lunch yesterday. Nachos with black beans and veggies. 

Welcome to June! I'll see you later today for Tweak It.


  1. Mmmmm - your lunch looks delicious! I, too, wait anxiously to see the color of the blooms! I forget what I planted where and it is always a nice surprise. I have huge day lilies in front of my porch and when they all blossom - it is my favorite and fleeting time of the year. They have buds now, I can't wait until they pop and I can share!

  2. Very pretty, Brenda. Your garden is really amazing.

  3. Your garden looks like you've lived there for years and years. So lush and green.
    Your lunch looks especially good today..........I'm having pineapple jello and lots of juice and tea. I'll make up for it tomorrow though.
    I hear the rain has stopped at your house.. We need some because my backyard has cracks in the ground. BIG cracks.
    Have a great week...........I wonder if June will fly by like May did.

    1. So you haven't been getting the rains? Good luck on your test.

  4. Lunch looks yummy Brenda! And you are right about the bugs leaving the strong scented herbs alone. We have a boatload of sage in our backyard and no worries about visitors eating any of the flowers around it. I think I may transplant some into the garden. Great post with gorgeous pictures. Thanks you so much for sharing!
    XO Barbara

    1. I fell in love with herbs about 1990. I was a member of an Herb Society Club. I would love to do that again.

  5. Your garden is so pretty, Brenda...I'm inspired by it!

  6. Beautiful plants Brenda! Your lunch is making me hungry!!


  7. Good morning, Brenda :)

    Your garden looks beautiful! I didn't know that bugs didn't eat herbs as much as flowers. That's good to know :)

    You lunch looked taste too!


  8. Your flowers look so happy! We also have been getting some rain and everything is is really growing now. Something new each day!

  9. Yes I do wonder about the color some flowers will be..this is also true when I buy the mark-down flowers at Lowe's..sometimes they have buds on them but you can't tell what color they will be yet..that is part of the fun..seeing what gorgeous colors you get when they do start to bloom..I just love your galvanized tub gardens..I have been on the look-out for some cheap second hand ones but so far no luck..That is a lunch I would enjoy!..

  10. I love the surprise from some of my forgotten flowers. I'll think everything is too green and then the following day an explosion of colour comes along - beautiful! Your lunch looked delicious, as does your garden! Have a wonderful week xx

  11. Your garden is fantastic! I would curl up in a chair and just soak in all that beauty !

  12. Lovely !!!!!! You are the blogger I followed since 2010!!!! when I first started to peek at the blogging world. I started my blog in May. Love to read what you post always. Take care.

  13. It is exciting to see the colors that bloom from buds. That is as much fun as visiting your blog each day. Today when I popped over it is blue. So very pretty. I love watching you tweek your blog, it gives me ideas. You have probably shared, but how did you get round pictures in your header. Thank you for sharing and your lunch looks yummy!

  14. Your garden is so lush and green. It's a treat to behold. I love the driftwood and your succulent in the bright pot. Everything is so pretty.

  15. First... OMG, your morning glory color is a beautiful deep color. As tenacious as they are, how fortunate to have in your cozy gardens! Second, I wouldn't cut those mums either. (Hope you post the full blooms.) They are vigorous!

    My flowers are all in the spring stage here and just had to drop a line to say that I love your gardens! Thank you for sharing the beauty, Brenda. It was a breath of fresh air!

  16. You're patio is always such a gorgeous range of colours. It looks so peaceful. You really do have a green thumb. :)

  17. Everything looks so lush and gorgeous, Brenda. You definitely have a green thumb. I enjoyed seeing all of the pretties in your garden.

  18. Plants do so well for you, in all your gardens I've seen. I think they must know that you love them dearly and so they flourish.

  19. Your patio is beautiful beyond words. A wonderful oasis in what is sometimes an ugly world.
    We are just beginning to plant here in Wyoming.

  20. Beautiful patio garden, esp.the morning glory. It appears almost navy on my tablet. An idea for your little pot creatures is to raise them in the container by placing them on a chunk of wood or brick or a rock. It is amazing how fast a garden grows in the rain once the heat kicks in. Enjoy, and thank you for sharing!


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