What's Going On In My Gardens

It went from cool to pretty hot here really fast. Such is the weather in Oklahoma. 

I go out at the end of the day to water, and do a little maintenance (I'm of the belief that doing a bit every day is better than letting things get out of control).

So summer is upon us and will be here for the next oh, four months, I'd say. 

I'm still lying in bed because I still cannot sit, so the pupsters and I have the big window to enjoy right next to the bed. 

Abi really doesn't care what's outside. But Charlie does. He is the sentinel that constantly watches for outside activity. 

I've had to move my house plants over to the other side of the patio. As summer progresses, the sun alters where and for how long it hovers over a space. And that space was getting a wee bit too hot for them.

Here is my mason jar of daisies. The tight blooms will open soon. Of course I'm not enjoying them too much from bed, so next time I get up I'll move them in here. 

What's blooming wonderfully for me now are the plants that like heat: Purslane is a great one for heat. Plus you can snip off the ends and plant them around the garden. 

Speaking of planting, I've been using the cinnamon as rooting hormone and it seems to be working for me. 

I just lay out a paper towel, pour cinnamon (not too much) on it, then roll the stem of the plant till it's covered all the way around.

Then I plant and water. Sure is cheaper than plant hormone!

You can use cinnamon for various things in the garden. Ant control for one. 

I've got over 200 garden tips on my Pinterest board Garden Tips should you want to check it out.

Some of you told me if I'd cut back the mums that were budding, I'd have a bigger show come fall. 

But I'm such a flower glutton that I could not bear to cut the buds! So if I don't a big showing in the fall, so be it. I'll take blooms whenever I can get them.

The maniacal morning glories are still sprouting between cracks in the sidewalk. Never seen a morning glory be so tenacious. But I love them. Even though I wish they were the lighter blue color I so love.

I am hosting a cottage garden party on June 18, so you can view gardens from all over the country and Canada. Here is our roster...

What's happening at this time in your gardens? Are you still having late spring flowers bloom, or are you well into the summer flowers now?


  1. Irises are just finishing,hosta is just about to bloom and rhododendron is just about done. Your flowers look beautiful. Hope you can enjoy them again soon.

  2. Hi Brenda,
    Your flowers are lovely! Never knew cinnamon could be used as a rooting hormone. I was late planting my summer vegetable garden; however, everything looks happy and healthy. I have tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, oregano, mint, and curly parsley. I decided to just purchase my butter beans and peas from the local farmers market instead of planting this late. The magnolias have finished blooming. I planted vinca (one of my favorites) and two pots of a lovely red flower...the name escapes me. Stop by Still Woods Farmhouse and there is a picture of them near my front porch swing.
    Blessings from Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse

  3. Your flowers look so pretty! I'm excited for your garden party and added it to my sidebar. :)

  4. I did not know that about cinnamon! ) Lovely blooms, Brenda :)

  5. I have giant orange day lilies planted in front of my porch. The stalks are up and the buds are there. I am just waiting for them to burst open! It is my favorite garden "look" of the year! They are so tall they almost touch the bottom of my hanging baskets. Sitting on my porch I feel like it is a flower wall. I will be posting pictures!

  6. What a great tip! Never in my wildest would I have thought of cinnamon, that is just awesome! Your flowers are lovely and what a gorgeous Morning Glory!

  7. This past Sunday, I took all my plants and put them under my patio (all 40 pots). I snipped all the uglies from each plant. I fertilized and watered them and dusted every single pot. I bug sprayed each of them. I then sprayed spider spray around the areas in which they sit. (For some horrific reason, this has been a horrible season for spiders). I sprayed off my patio and then re-positioned all the plants. Some were getting way too much sun. It took me four hours in 97 degree heat. I was in the shade the whole time, but boy was I pooped out and I was very happy with myself. We do not have enough of that humidity, or any of it for that matter, we have to fertilize in California!

  8. I don't have a garden as yet...and the few pot plants I have aren't doing well at all...so hot...I am going to container plant some flowers that can take heat...
    Sorry you are still staying in bed a lot...you do have a daughter that lives in the same town, right ? I know she helps you a lot...and grands are there, too. The older ones can help out a lot...So nice.
    Take care and try to stay cool. :)

  9. Brenda, I did not know that about cinnamon. Thank you for that hint. You have always had great little gardens. I hope you get better soon. xoxo,Susie

  10. Oh my goodness! I love your new blog design... it is beautiful! ((I'm a red fan!)) Those flowers are pretty. I love to cut them and bring them in, too. It is too hot in Texas, also, to go out for long periods of time. I'm worried about my vegetables. They are starting to brown a bit. I think it is from the heat. I'm off to water everything, now! Hope you get some relief from the pain, soon.. I can't imagine... :(

  11. I am with you. A little garden maintenance EVERY day rather than letting it go!

  12. I'm going to try cinnamon--great tip!

  13. I do a little garden maintenance every day, too. It's amazing how many weeds pop up every day, despite layers of mulch! I love puttering in the yard and gardens though. It is hot here now, too. 87 today, maybe even warmer tomorrow.

  14. Thank you for the tip about using cinnamon for rooting purposes. Wow! Double Wow!

  15. It is summer heat here so the flowers are doing OK, but need watering daily! I enjoy seeing your gardens. Hope you feel better soon!


  16. I don't have anything growing yet, as we cannot seem to stay off the road! But, as soon as I get home for a month straight, I'm going to try one more time with hydrangeas..if it isn't too late. I will also be planting some herbs! Your flowers are just gorgeous Brenda!! Feel better soon!!

  17. Brenda,
    Couldn't get the link to your Pinterest garden page to work. What flowers have you had success with rooting with cinnamon?

  18. Your plants look great,, always do! For the person that said weeds sprout, even with mulch...try putting down Preen. Put it down before and after the mulch, the rate is on the package. It blocks weed seeds from germinating. It saves a TON of work. I would be lost without it.
    Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Oh, and my Daylilies are starting to bloom. So are a lot of other perennials. All my stuff is late this year, due to our wet cool Spring...I don't mind...that was better than today's 90's!

  19. Hi Brenda, I hope you feel some relief very soon! I think the new look of your blog is so pleasing--It is very easy to read through. I've got a funny-looking garden with herbs, tomatoes, squash, peppers, cucumbers and flowers, all sheet-mulched with cardboard and hay to keep the weeds down. No rows, just little islands of garden :) I love it, though.

  20. Brenda, what is that pretty pink flowered plant in the yellow pot (your first photo)? I live on the west coast of Canada (just above the state of Washington). We have had a very early spring and now an early summer with temperatures around 80 degrees. The lilies are out, the petunias spreading, the annuals all looking good. Some of the clematis have come and gone. Just have to remember to keep watering the baskets and pots as they are drying out so fast with great weather.

  21. Does the purslane come back or is it an annual? My daughter planted some for me in the front yard flower bed, and I love it. I'll try the cutting and cinnamon. I do love my Shasta daisies, too. Do you have coneflowers?

  22. Gorgeous flower pictures, Brenda! I love the pink flowers in the top one especially. The cottage garden party sounds fun!
    Helen xox


  23. Just wanted to ask if the pink blooming plant in your first photo is portulaca. I haven't grown them in years and yours looked familiar and beautiful.
    Can't wait for the garden posts this week!!! Excited to see what you've done!
    Hope you're feeling much better. :)


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